Is Heat Good To Put On Your Wrists For Wrist Tendinitis?

by Mike K
(Pittsburgh PA)

I have had Wrist Tendinitis for almost 2 years now.

When I take long resting breaks, it helps, but I go to high school online (this is my senior year, thank god).

Then I can go back to "normal school". Until then, I am stuck for the next year doing a lot of work online (2-3 hours an day, 5 days an week).

Any advice?

Also, Is sticking heat (like thermal liniment) good to stick on your wrists?


Mike K.


Joshua Answers:

Hey Mike.

Heat is a great thing to put on your wrists. It helps alleviate wrist tendonitis pain. Temporarily.

Heat brings blood and nutrition to the area. That's a good thing.

But you have had wrist tendinitis for 2 years. This indicates that you have a chronic state of inflammation happening.

Inflammation is part of what allows Tendonitis of all sorts to continue to cause problems, and to get worse, as time passes. Decades and a life time.

Inflammation traps fluid in the area. So heat brings new blood to the area and makes it feel good for a bit, but then the pain comes back. And some of that new blood gets trapped in the area. This can cause it's own problems.

Were I you, I would learn How To Reduce Inflammation.

You're at home, so you can Ice Dip all day long. I would hit it HARD for a week, dipping as much as you possibly can.

And then start to Ice Massage the painful hot spots on the tendons.

More questions, more answers.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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