Is it Shoulder Tendonitis at my collar bone/shoulder connection?

by Jeremy

Hi, I have a question.

I think I have shoulder tendonitis, at the end of my collarbone where it joins to the shoulder maybe top of the humerous? Not sure. Its tender.

I have to stretch it in many angles usually put my arm up to a wall and pull and stretch it. Usually feels tight and painful.

After stretching the area for 15-20 secs it gets really warm sensation like a rush of blood or something then the stretch makes it feel better for a little while.

I keep doing it all day. I believe I got this from doing heavy bench press, by jerking to much pushing the heavy weight up.

I was wondering by cutting down the load by half the weight it will start to heal. Will ice massage like you say on the site work?




Joshua Answers:

Hi Jeremy.

Interesting. I think that you're saying that you have pain at the top of the shoulder, but have to stretch your arm up over you head to get relief? True?

From what you describe, I'd say that the muscles in your armpit area are spastic (stuck tight) and too tight. This compresses your shoulder structure.

Check out
my Shoulder Impingement page and see if that sounds like what you have going on.

Could be from benching, put generally more from pull-up direction of activities. Benching can certainly add to the compression as the Pecs and all the related muscles get tight and stay tight.

And then the connective tissue starts shrink wrapping down.

That rush of blood feeling is, literally, a rush of blood. Your too tight muscles are like a half squeezed sponge. You stretch, it unsqueezes the sponge and lets new blood and nutrition in.

Keep doing that!

Let me know if the shoulder impingement thing sounds accurate or not, and we'll go from there.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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