Is This Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome and is treatment similar to Carpal Tunnel?

by Shawnda
(Waco, Texas)

Is this tarsal tunnel syndrome &, if so, would your advice be similar to your carpal tunnel treatment? I've had posterior tibial tendinitis in both feet for 5.5 months.

Tried a podiatrist first to no avail. Went to a chiropractor about 3 weeks ago. He's massaged my feet twice & given me cold laser therapy 5-6 times. (What do you think of cold laser?)

I'm still recovering from his last massage a week & a half ago! They are sore, but have new symptoms, especially prickling/needles feeling in my heels (more with pressure or steps).

In the middle of last night, I woke up with my calf feeling a bit tight & then warm inside. Next the warmth quickly went into my foot & up my thigh! This was followed by tingling & numbness in my foot, with my middle toes seemingly affected more than my pinky toe. Finally, the foot felt warm inside.

BTW, I'm on day 5 of a Dixie cup/ice dipping combo throughout the day. Some symptoms have decreased to this point ( no more burning on te bottom of my feet at night, but still have trouble finding a comfortable sleeping position.)

I would appreciate any help.



Joshua Answers:

Hi Shawnda.

It could be Tarsal Tunnel syndrome. The numbness and tingling is a good clue there.

Personally I wouldn't worry so much about the name of a thing, so much as the dynamic of the thing.

You have symptoms for various predictable reasons. Tendonitis happens for various predictable reasons.

So. See:

Pain Causing Dynamic

What Is Tendonitis

Magnesium for Tendonitis

Your muscles are TOO TIGHT and your connective tissue TOO TIGHT. The tighter a muscle structure is,
the less able it is to perform work, and the less able it is to relax and lengthen and recover. Like a half squeezed sponge...not so great.

That's the very basic description of your posterior tibial tendonitis.

There Are Two Types Of Tendonitis: with damage and without. You most likely have the 'without' kind.

But muscles too tight for too long can cause ALL SORTS of pain and problem.

So do you treat tarsal tunnel like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Absolutely. The anatomy is a bit different, but ultimately, the path to relief is by loosening up too tight muscle and connective tissue structures so they can again work more optimally. There are other things to deal with like nutritional insufficiency/deficiency and the Process of Inflammation, but you need to deal with those anyway to help get the nervous system to relax the muscles and connective tissue.

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Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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