Jujitsu practitioner takes a punch, legs won't work, hand and finger pain for days. Neck injury?

by Bennett
(Altamonte, Florida)

I train in jujistu and Mau Tai and I can take a punch. BUT when I get hit by a good jab a strong jab, not a fantastic jab.

My neck seems to go back too far and then my legs don't work it's like i'm knocked out but everything else works prefect with me my eyes my speech it's just my legs.

NOW HERES THE BAD PART LATER THAT DAY MY HANDS WILL HURT REAL BAD but my fingers and knuckles KILL me with throbing pain for days and weeks.

Please help!!!! I'm in fantastic condition but I am 55 years old theres a lot of normal wear and tear on my neck to begin with!


Joshua Answers:

Hi Bennett.

Well....my first thought is that you should make it a point to avoid any straight jab that comes at you....(said with humor, but true)

Technically, you are knocked out, just not -all- your function.

Your neck structure and musculature may be such that you can take a punch...unless it's a straight on jab. Glass chin, at a specific angle only.

I'm a bit worried about the neurologic aspects of this, in the sense of getting hit more. If, when your head/neck goes straight back a nerve get's tweaked and sends a signal through your system that leaves you with finger pain etc, you either want to 'fix' your neck structure or avoid that happening as much as possible.

Pain in the arms/hands point to the nerve that feeds the arms getting/staying stepped on/pinched to some degree. Or at least, your bell gets rung (literally) and the vibration resonates down the nerve to the fingers. Basically.

1. A GOOD skilled massage therapist can work on the
neck and the front of the neck. I bet you have what feels like a whiplash neck, meaning tight, dense, crunchy.

Have them, (or you) work your scalene muscles and connective tissue, primarily, and open you your chest/pecs fascia.

If structure is TOO tight, you have no range deep in there, and when the head/neck whips back, it all clamps down even though it has nowhere to go, squeezing nerve and joints etc.

2. Cover your bases by increasing your protein intake, take Magnesium, and B6 and B12 (deficiency causes nerve and muscle pain/issues).

3. Strengthen your neck. Neck lifts, etc, such that the front of your neck is strengthened through it's range. Lift your NECK, not just bring your chin to your chest (by nodding your head) like most people do when doing warm up exercises.

4. Personally, I'd adjust your training, such that anybody you spar with DOES NOT GET TO throw jabs. Don't break your toys, as they say.

I'm guessing that you EITHER have a glass chin kind of dynamic, or just that your tight/crunchy neck structure is too tight/crunchy, and with good work that can be reversed.

More questions, more answers.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Jan 10, 2010
PART 2 - Hate it if I really do have a glass chin - Jujitsu practitioner takes a punch, legs won't work, hand and finger pain for days. Neck injury?
by: Bennett

My chest is giant for my size and I am the tightest person I have ever met.

I will strengthen my neck through weight training exercises, and stretch my neck a lot more.

Thanks for you reply. Any another ideas please inform me because I'm sure the guys in my class will be CHIN HUNTING for me!! LOL

Thanks again


Joshua Comments:

Well, I'm sure they'll think it's funny until that one last chin shot takes you out of the game for good.

I would make sure NO chin shots happen for, say, 30 days of strengthening the neck in all four directions, and stretching the neck in all four directions.

Put your palm on the skin just under/on your collar bone on one side. Put your other hand on top of that and push in. Then hold that pressure, and look up and over and away from that side of the neck. You'll feel the skin, fascia, and deeper muscle/connectivite tissue stretch.

Do that a little bit over an over all day long.

Stick a finger in the neck muscles and do the same. Pin and stretch.

That's a more effective way to stretch, and you can target where you need it.

Start feeling around/experiement, and you'll find out where you need it. Right now, all over. Soon, deeper structures on the front and front/side.

If nothing else, this is your opportunity to MASTER the art of slipping a jab! :)

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