Left wrist Tendonitis pain though I'm right handed

by Kat
(La Salle,Il)


I am 25 and having a lot of pain in my left wrist. (I'm right handed) The pain is on the top of my wrist and hand.

It started about a week ago and hasn't gotten any better. I don't remember injuring it or hitting it but it hurts to even touch the top of my wrist and I haven't been able to open things, hold a gallon of milk, or even carry a glass without intense shooting sharp pain.

I can't use it to push up on and have reduced range of motion. I have been wearing a wrist brace sometimes but it's still painful.

Hoping you can help and point me in the right direction to getting rid of this.


Joshua Answers:

Hi Kat.

Well, do you have Wrist Tendonitis or do you just have wrist pain?

1. Have you ever/never had any pain or problem on the left side?

2. History of accident or injury?

3. What do you do on a daily basis with your hands, work or hobby wise?

4. Overall energy levels?

5. Pain or problem in other areas of the body?

6. What does your daily food/fluid intake look like?

7. What have you done to help your wrist so
far other than Wrist splints and braces?

For the record, just because you have debilitating pain doesn't mean there's any injury. Even if the wrist pain came on suddenly, even though it hasn't gone away, doesn't mean there's injury.

Obviously SOMETHING is off, so you get to start figuring out the why and how of making wrist pain go away.


Process of Inflammation

Pain Causing Dynamic

Magnesium for Tendonitis

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Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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