Lipitor Prescription Side Effects

You are suffering from Lipitor Prescription Side Effects if you take Lipitor.

While there are some upsides (debatable) to taking Lipitor and other Statins, there are also serious side effects from Statin drugs.

There is even much debate over whether Statins are effective at reducing heart attacks.  When looking at the research and statistical analysis of that research, the evidence is clear that Lipitor does not actually save lives/prevent heart attacks.

But even if Lipitor does reduce one's chances of having a heart attack, one might want to start weighing Lipitor's negative side effects against the possible benefit, especially when there are natural alternatives to Lipitor that are just as effective at lowering cholesterol and have no negative side effects.

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Lipitor Prescription Side Effects
The Good

Lipitor, officially names atorvastatin calcium, is a member of a class of drugs called Statins.

The benefit of Statins are that they lower cholesterol.

So the positive side effects of Lipitor is that it lowers cholesterol.

There is debate over whether cholesterol is actually responsible for heart attacks, but I'm going to stay out of that.

Due to new research there is also debate over whether having low cholesterol actually decreases one's chances, but I'm going to stay out of that one too.

Let's just say that if you want lower cholesterol, Lipitor is just one of several ways to do that.

Lipitor Prescription Side Effects
The Bad

Lipitor Prescription Side Effects:

Does Lipitor have any side effects that can harm you? Absolutely yes.

Lipitor Serious Side Effects include:

Like all pharma drugs, there is a big list of possible side effects.

The main Lipitor negative side effects are muscle and joint pain, nerve damage, and memory loss.

Side effects on muscle, nerve and memory functions are not some extremely rare, almost unique, problem. They are all but inevitable with the use of mevalonate inhibitors. The mevalonate pathway is critical to Lipitor's inhibition of cholesterol and is the pathway used by many other vital body functions, like CoQ10 production.

Lipitor Side Effects Include (but not limited to):

  • Arthritis
  • Muscle Pain And Weakeness
  • Tendonitis
  • Nerve Damage, Memory Loss, Heart Disease


Statins like Lipitor can cause arthritis symptoms and/or arthritis damage, but indirectly.

Statins directly cause the below side effects of muscle pain and tendonitis.  That tightness and pain causes compression of and inflammation of joints.

See:  What Is Arthritis?

See:  What Causes Arthritis?

Muscle Pain and Weakness

Muscle pain and weakness is caused by the body's inability to create CoQ10. CoQ10 is vital to cells' ability to create energy. Your cells literally get tired, and die.

If enough muscle cells start to die, you get Rhabdomyolysis, which can be fatal due to so much toxins from dying cells being released into the blood stream. Not so good for the kidney's.

Lipitor also causes muscle pain and weakness (and twitch/spasm/cramp) by depleting the body magnesium.  Magnesium is a critical factor for muscle function (and, interestingly enough, cardiac function).

See:  Magnesium For Tendonitis

If the medical community really was 'science based', as they claim, they would know that magnesium deficiency is a more accurate measure of heart attack risk than cholesterol.

My father is on Lipitor, and has muscle pain and weakness. He thinks it's due to his heart and age, and, bless his sweet heart, will never even consider that the possibility that the drugs his doctors prescribe him could possibly be harming him.

See:  Lipitor and Muscle Pain


Lipitor doesn't cause Tendonitis per se, but it can set you up with pain that mimics Tendonitis, and that pain dynamic could then result in Tendonitis.

When your muscles are tired and weak and not functioning optimally due to the function of Lipitor in the body, the nervous system and the muscldes themselves do NOT like that. When the body perceives pain or problem, it kicks in a Process of Inflammation and a Pain Causing Dynamic

Nerve Damage and Memory Loss and Heart Disease

Nerve damage and memory loss are essentially caused by the same process. As Lipitor stops the body's ability to produce cholesterol, it also stops the body's ability to produce other necessary aspects of normal, proper function.

And it starts to go downhill from there, either quickly or slowly. The body is amazing, it will keep on going, even as it slowly works less well, and less well, and less well.

Just like running out of oil in your car. The car will keep on going, as long as it can....until it just -can't- go anymore. Nothing wrong with the car...except it was no longer able to work efficiently because a necessary property was removed.

Lipitor (ironically) causes Heart disease via magneisum depletion and loss of CoQ10, both necessary for a healthy heart.

Lipitor Prescription Side Effects
The Bad News

Side effects from Lipitor can be bad news.

For most people, the are mild, maybe even noticeable. But even a little bit of bad side effects from Lipitor will add up, become cumulative over time.

And that's the good scenario.

Some people react badly to Lipitor, and quickly come down with significant memory loss, nerve damage issues, muscle pain and Rhabdomyolysis.

Even if it's only one percent of people suffering -significant- Lipitor side effects, there are upwards of 80 million Lipitor prescriptions filled each year.

That's a lot of people with serious side effects from Lipitor. And A LOT more people with mild Lipitor Side Effects.

Lipitor Prescription Side Effects,
Are They Worth It?

Does Lipitor have any side effects?    Yes

Does Lipitor have any SERIOUS side effects?  Yes

Are the negative side effects of Lipitor worth the possible side effects?

That's up to you to decide.  There's a lot of information out there.

The medical and pharmaceutical side of things claim that it's totally worth it, that Lipitor and Statins are safe and effective.

There are many other health professionals and individuals suffering from side effects from Lipitor that say otherwise.

The Big Question Is....Why have the side effects of Lipitor when there are safe, effective alternatives?

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