Marathon Runner With Sudden Onset Right Foot Pain

by Desperate Runner, Yuzeth

Hi! I have been training for the houston half marathon (on jan 17th)!

Went to denver for 7 days and did not run due to snow :-( this past sunday I returned home and after a long run of 10miles i came home. did ice bath and stretched, went to bed.

next morning i couldn't walk on right foot! extremely painful.

I know i'm dumb. but do you think i can still run in the half in 10 days?? what should i do, i must say pain is pretty bad when i walk on right foot, on the bottom center and outer part.

no toe, ankle, heel or ball of foot pain at all.

Any suggestions GREATLY APPRECIATED! Let me know in your opinion if i can run through the pain on jan17th, cause if i can i will!

ps. i have flat feet.


Joshua Answers:

Hi Yuzeth.

Yep, you're dumb! :)

Today's the 10th. It's been a few days since you wrote in. You want to run on the 17th.

I predict your foot pain is about the same, maybe a little better.

Can we make it a doable thing to run a half marathon in 7 days?

Probably not (safely), but let's see what we can do for the next 6 days and then re-evaluate.

You certainly -could- run through the pain, but I wouldn't.

You were slowly developing a Tendonitis dyanamic, specifically on the planter fasciitis (so technically Plantar Fasciitis).

It sounds like you took a week up, your plantar fascia across the center of your foot tightened up (without your daily running to keep it stretched out/mobile),
various negative factors that you kept out with circulation caused by running settle in there, and then you went out for a run on a not-very-flexible foot structure.

The question is, did you INJURE the tissue, or is it just VERRY UNHAPPY?

If you injured it, meaning ripped or tore the plantar fascia, then I wouldn't run a marathon yet.

If it's just unhappy, we can rehab it half way quickly, maybe or maybe not in time for the run.

1. Increase your protein intake. A lot.

2. Cover your bases with Magnesium for Tendonitis.

3. Ice Dipp and Ice Massage as described on the How To Reduce Inflammation.

4. To keep your feet happy the rest of your running career, you may want to get 'The Plantar Fasciitis Treatment That Works' DVD.

Primarily to get yourself out of pain, ICE ICE ICE. All day long over and over. As the above page describes, but with more repetitions.

The more motivated you are, the more you'll do, the faster your pain will go away.

Start that, and update me.

More questions, more answers.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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