Methods To Relieve Tendonitis

by Martyn Lawrenson

i have tendonitis of the wrist,forearm and hand, not sure exactly which one because it feels like it is in all those places. dr has confirmed that it is tendonitis.

please describe the methods you use in the dvd. are they a series of stretches? or ice treatment? because i have tried these methods.




Joshua Answers:

Hi Martyn.

So you have Tendonitis somewhere in the hand, forearm, and wrist, but you and your doctor don't know where exactly?

What EXACTLY did your doctor 'comfirm'?

How exactly did your doctor come to the conclusion of Tendonitis?

How exactly have you stretched?

How exactly have you iced?

What were the specific results you got from that?

There are A LOT of methods out there to help with tendonitis. Some work better than others. It's safe to say that you've tried what you've tried, and that you've gotten the results that you have gotten.

That doesn't mean that you used the RIGHT tools for your needs.

If you read through my site, you'll see that the usual methods generally don't work, and you'll see why.

So answer the above questions, and let's see how they compare and/or differ from what I suggest.

And to answer your specific question,
no, there is no stretching, and yes, there is particular ice treatment.

I would for you suggest The Tennis Elbow Treatment That Works as that will be more targeted to what you describe, and with a small adjustment will take care of wrist tendonitis, if that is indeed what you have.

On the DVD is some discussion of what exactly is going on that causes your pain, why the usual methods don't work to reverse the CAUSE of the pain and problem, and an easy protocol to deal with the MULTIPLE factors that are working together to cause your pain.

There could be some nutritional factors for you too, but those aren't in the DVD.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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