MRI Shows Common Extensor Tendon Tear Will DVD Help?

by Jo
(NSW, Australia)

I received your DVD in the mail the other day - thankyou - sure makes sense.

I have recently had an MRI to my right elbow as the so called tennis elbow was not improving with physiotherapy, anti-inflammatories and icing - it showed clear cut evidence of intrasubstance tearing of the common extensor tendon.

Have you had good results with your treatment for tears as well as just tendonitis?


Joshua Answers:

Hi Jo.

In short, the answer is 'yes'.

I imagine your particular case has consisted of:

1. increasing tightness and pain and inflammation

2. chronic and increasing tension on the tendon

3. some amount of wear and tear injury to the tendon

4. increasing wear and tear due to above factors, including some amount of Tendonosis degradation.

At a certain point, the tendon falls apart under pressure, literally.

Also, anti-inflammatory drugs really shouldn't be considered a 'treatment', and PT doing stetching and strengthening is, in my opinion, not the best thing to do because it puts more pull on a structurally comprimised tendon.

So, for the most part, the same things you will be doing for the Tendonitis dynamic, you will be doing for the tear.

Specifically, activity
#3. You will want to spend a little extra, careful, focused time on the tear site itself. Both with and without ice, depending on your mood. I would do ice primarily at first.

Also, For the first 7 days or so, I would put in as much time and effort as possible. You want to knock down the inflammation (activity #1), loosen the muscles and open up the connective tissue (Activity #3) as much as possible as fast as possible (to lower pain levels and take chronic tension off the tendon)

Make sense? I can always go into greater detail if you like.

More questions, more answers.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Aug 27, 2009
PART 2 - Reply back to comments on above - MRI Shows Common Extensor Tendon Tear Will DVD Help?
by: jo

Hi Joshua,

Can you please provide more detail on the paragraph starting 'SPECIFICALLY ACTIVITY THREE'.



Joshua Comments:

You bet.

Yes, circles etc on the muscles and connective tissue of the forearm, and the connective tissue right at the elbow connections.

Specifically for the tear, there is going to be, and has been, scar tissue laying down to seal up and patchup the tear/degradation.

You want to A. relax and open up the muscles and connective tissue so that there is more circulation and less tension on the tear/tendon, which circles will help do.

B. You want to ongoingly keep all that new scar tissue mobile and keep lots of circulation in and out. Circles, or any other movement, will do that.

The more you can pester the area of and around the tear, the better. Don't hurt yourself, of course, but keep working it every day and that will definitely not only help you heal faster, but it will help you heal correctly, such there will be less instance of irritaiton in the future.

More questions, more answers.

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