Nagging Problem In Neck And Ear Could It Be Tendonitis?

by Michael
(Searcy )

I have had pain in the left side of my neck under my ear and along left, right below base of skull for more than 6 mths.

I thought I had an ear obstruction for a while, but 5 doctor visits say no. I also have a feeling of slight fullness in my ear that won`t go away.

I am an ameteur flute player. I noticed once while practicing I was holding my head very rigidly down and left, squeezing the muscles on that side. Could this posture cause tendonitis?

I dont play transverse flutes all the time, but when I do I tend to practice for long periods of time.

Right now I am layed off so I have more time to practice. I play other wind instuments like sweet potato ocarinas where the positioning has similar positioning, but not as extreme.


Joshua Answers:

Holding your head contracted tightly for long periods of time, over time, in that position could certainly cause a Tendonitis dynamic.

Whether or not there's damage to the tendon, there is definitely a progressive dynamic of increasing muscle tightness, connective tissue constriction, and pain.

If connective tissue is getting pulled on the right way, you'll feel it
up into the ear. Connective tissue connects to everything.

It would be interesting to play for a week with your neck bent the reverse direction. It will feel weird, and don't hurt yourself by straining too much in the opposite direction, but if you can open up the shrunk down side with stretching, massage, playing with your head held in a different posture, etc, it's predictable that you can reverse the dynamic.

And if you do all that for 2-4 weeks and symptoms don't change, that's good information/clues too.

I would also supplement with Magnesium, that can help with muscle tension.

Keep me updated, and, more questions, more answers.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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