No needle for my nerve conduction test

by Marcie
(Dallas, Texas)

I had this test done last week, there were no needles at all.

The fingers on my right hand were going numb, and I have pain in the whole arm, wrist, elbow and shoulder. I had seen a Dr. that has giving me cortisone shots in my wrist (just below my thumb) and my elbow.

The test was done in about 15 minute, the tech put sticky things on my hand and arm in different places, to read the electric shock and the velocity in which it took to register in my brain, etc. (that is a very basic description, there's more info. on the internet).

One reading the tech shocked me eight times in the same place, that was the only thing that really kind of hurt.

Basically it is well worth the time to figure out exactly what the problem is, apparently I do have mild carpal tunnel syndrome, and they are referring me to a neurologist. I am not sure what they will do, but I will go see them. I am 41 and do not consider myself old, or a hypochondriac. I think icing was helping, but then I got busy, I will definitely go back to that.


Joshua Answers:

Hi Marcie. Thanks for sharing.

Some tests use needles, some don't.

I'm curious, did the test show if any nerve conduction loss is coming from up at the front of neck/shoulder/chest?

I'm also curious to see what the neurologist says.

I'm guessing, Carpal Tunnel surgery will be on the table, since rest and corticosteroids have 'failed' to fix the problem.

Let me know how that conversation goes, will you?

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Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
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