Not getting anywhere with Shoulder tendinits and pain

by Buffee
(Macomb, Illinois)

I had an mri done in june and have rotary cup tendinitis and arm tendinitis.

Have been off work for month and returned back to work still in pain nothing is working is there a surgery that I can do now to get rid of pain.


Joshua Answers:

Hi Buffee.

I definitely need some more information, as 'arm tendinitis' can mean Tennis Elbow, or Golfer's Elbow, or a few other options.

Same with Rotator Cuff issues. You said Rotary Cup. Did you mean 'cuff', or do you mean the socket part of the ball and socket joint of the shoulder?

If you meant cuff, do you know what tendons are involved, specicifically.

Shoulder Tendonitis is one of the tougher locations of Tendonitis to self-treat, due to the geography of the structures and because it's a bit tough to get to with your free hand.

Other questions:

1. What exactly did you do to hurt your arm and shoulder, if anything?

2. It's -only- been hurting a month? Did it come out of the blue, or has it been hurting for a while?

3. How 'bad' is the pain and limitation?

4. What have you tried for it that hasn't worked. What results did you get from those methods, if any?

To answer your last question, yes, there are a variety of shoulder surgeries that you can do for shoulder issues. Again, I need more details to have a better idea of what exactly you have going on.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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