Partial Achilles tear and bone spur removal, incision not closing

by Stacey

I partially tore my Achilles about 6 months ago. Of course, I waited till January 2012 to go to the doctor. X-rays showed I also had a bone spur on the back of my heel that was probably causing more irritation to the tear in my Achilles.

Had surgery in Feb 2012. They detached about 25% of my tendon to remove the bone spur. Then they inserted a Mitek to re-enforce the torn Achilles.
Post op was fairly painless. I was in a cast, elevated and iced for the first 3 wks of recovery. I had little to no swelling and was really happy with my progress Went back to work on wk 4 and reality set in. Had some swelling but that went away by the evening when I elevated it.

They also removed my cast at wk 4 and put me in an air cast. Minor setback after the cast removal- had a small part of my incision that was not closing.

So, they slowed down the start of therapy. Was really looking forward to taking a full shower without covering my foot!!

At wk 5, we checked the incision and it is not progressing. On to plan B-band aid and betadine to cover the incision. Still cannot submerse in water :-(

I am still NO weight bearing for another week or two. Hoping this weeks visit will give some good news. Will be at wk 6 this Friday! Wish me luck!!!

Doc says I
might be in a shoe by wk 12!


Joshua Answers:

Hi Stacey.

That's kind of weird...that the surgery was so easy but the incision isn't closing.....

If the whole thing was not healing, that would make sense (I'm just assuming it's healing deeper in), but just the skin isn't closing?


Makes me wonder what your Vitamin D level is, how you're sleeping, if you could benefit from a bunch of Vitamin D, you could definitely benefit from a bunch of Magnesium for Tendonitis.

All the above play a role in healing in their own way.

How curious how much that Bone Spur had to do with things, too.

Aside from that though, sounds like things are going quite well, comparatively.

What were you doing that caused the tear?

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Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
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Jun 28, 2012
Follow up after achilles tendon surgery now have plantar fasciitis
by: Stacey

Well, I am 5 months post op and finally in physical therapy. We have determined that my constant limp and pain is due to plantar fasciitis! What the heck.

So, now we are focusing on that in order to get full movement when I walk. On a VERY positive note, I have no pain and full mobility with my Achilles tendon. So that's a good sign. Surgery was a complete success despite the CONSTANT pain that I am in from plantar fasciitis. I will be really happy to walk normal again.

On a side note, we are still combating the swelling. Doesn't seem to go down-almost like water retention in the lower leg. So we are doing a lot of elevating and icing, not much better. Any suggestions???


Joshua Comments:

Hi Stacey.

Maybe your limp is from plantar fasciitis, (but it's really from your lower leg) but the question is, why do you have the plantar fasciitis?

(Hint: it's from your lower leg.)

Yes, I have lots of comments, including something around the fact that Plantar Fasciitis and all scenarios of Achilles Tendonitis are very related.

Meaning, the foot pain is not an isolated event from the lower leg issue.

I suspect that you have full range with the ankle, but the lower left muscles aren't firing optimally and therefore aren't supporting the foot etc.

And -something- is continually firing off the Process of Inflammation that is creating the swelling.

Aside from elevation and ice packing (as opposed to ice dipping, which I highly suggest, see: How To Reduce Inflammation) what exactly are you doing for self care/rehab?

Mar 22, 2012
Reply - Partial Achilles tear and bone spur removal, incision not closing
by: Stacey


I don't even have a good story on how I tore the tendon. We were having a water fight in the yard, and found out you can't jump off a patio onto a sidewalk barefooted and flat footed.

Went for a follow up today and therapy has been out on hold for at least 2 wks. Doc wants to get the healing under control first with the incision. I only have a very small part of the incision that has not "sealed up" completely so that's where the focus is.

Doc is reminding me that it's only a minor setback and there could be worse things I could be contending with. Thank you for the suggestion of vitamin D. I will be looking into that tomorrow.

All in all, I am VERY pleased, as is my Doc, with my progress. Will be starting minor weight bearing in the air-cast with crutches, this week as well. Yay!!!


Joshua Comments:

Oh I don't know, that makes for a pretty good story....

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