Patellar Tendonitis with lump aggravating college footbal player

by Garry
(Kansas City, MO, USA)

I have had tendonitis at the bottom of my patellar tendon for a few months now.

I take an anti-inflammatory pill twice a day and work out four times a week. I work out my legs two days a week with squats, front squats and using a leg press along with doing lunges and jumping rope.

I am 18 almost 19 years old and am going to play football in college next year.

There is a bump on my knee and the pain usually comes during or after a workout but it is not very bad at all.

It's just annoying to know that it could get worse to me and I just want the bump to go away and make sure everything will be ok.


Joshua Answers:

Hey Garry.

You mean, there's a bump on your patellar tendon, I assume?

SO it's good you're motivated to do something about this now while it's still just 'annoying'. Maybe it will get better on it's own, maybe it won't.

I lean towards 'it won't'. Let's deal with it now and show you how to beat it and/or at least manage it.


1. Describe the bump to me.

2. Describe the pain in more detail.

3. How long does the pain stay, how bad is it, how long can your work out before it starts to hurt, or if it's already hurting how long can you work out before it starts to hurt more?

4. How's your diet, in general?

I'm going to tell
you how to ice and how to self massage.

From a different angle, you might want to get this Patellar Femoral Solutions ebook.

The guy that made it is an Athletic Trainer. He deals with muscle balance and such that I really don't deal with.

It could be that following his ebook's information and instructions will take the strain off your knee that is leading to the tendon pain and inflammation.

If nothing else, it will help what I have you do 'fix' you even faster.

Were I you, I'd get and follow the ebook, I'd answer the above questions, and then I'd do what I instruct you to do.

Said another way, I'd invest a month or so of effort into nipping this problem in the bud before it becomes really limiting.

Also, keep an eye on this other thread from a college ball player that I just started working with too. College Running back with sharp knee pain

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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