Perniosis and Tendonitis in a 71 year old (young) woman

by Claire

I have had an x-ray and MRI on my feet.

I have a small amount of swelling under my right ankle bone at times.

My feet get sore at times, especially when I sleep or when first get wake up in the morning.

After I get walking around it seems to let up.

I've had this since the end of Aug. 2009.

I've stood on my feet with my job as a hairdresser for years.

I wear sneakers most of the time. What would you recommend for shoes?

I'm starting physical therapy. They are the ones who told me this is what it is.

What is the outcome of this type of tendonitis?

What do you feel is the best thing to do for it?

I love to walk but haven't for a long time.

I am 71 yrs young!


Joshua Answers:

Hello Claire.

So....from what you have described I'm not exactly sure what you are saying you are suffering from.

Perniosis is 'Chillblains', an issue that can consist of purple spots, some swelling, and easily irritated by cold.

As there is no Perniosis Tendonitis, I think you mean that you have Perniosis and Tendonitis of the foot.

So let's start over.

1. What exatly did the Physcial Therapists say?

2. If you have Tendonitis, where exactly?

3. As the swelling could be from Chillblains, from the Process of Inflammation that can come with Tendonitis, or from circulatory issues of age, heart issues, diabetes, etc.

Do you have diabetes, heart issues, etc?

4. How bad does the swelling get? A little? A lot?

5. Does cold irritate your symptoms? If so, how exactly?

6. Sneakers are fine. I assume you aren't on your feet all day cutting hair nowadays.

7. Why don't you go for walks now?

Answer these questions in as great a detail as possible, and let's go from there.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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