Peroneal Tendonitis, Ice Dipping Advice Please

by paul
(wales , england, uk)

now I have got the hang of the process and how it works

but a bit more detail please

I have a shallow bucket which I fill with plastic freezer bottles which cool down the water and keep it ice cold for 2 hours,at least

here I am ,watching the ball game in england

so...its place both feet over ankles in ice water....hold for 15 seconds

take em on a towel

how often should I repeat this process whilst ball game is on ?...the water keeps ice cold believe me !..these freezer packs really do keep the temperature down

every ten minutes ?.....feet in..out...let em warm up then back in ten minutes later ?

20 or 30 dips over a ball game period ?

and thats ok for the day and then before and after this back to ice cup massage ?

thanks joshua


Joshua Answers:

Yep, Paul, that sounds perfect.

If you can do 20-30 dips, that's rockin.

See, you -have- to watch a game! It's necessary for your rehabilitation! :)

Two Thoughts:

1. Make sure that the container is deep enough that the cold gets up to at least mid calf.

2. I also would add in something...

I would, between dips, fold a leg up so you can get your hands on your lower leg, and just idly, randomly, poke/prod/rub the area around and directly on the muscle and tendon.

This doesn't have to be high tech, just gently pester the area.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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