Peroneal Tendonitis maybe acute tear, nothing working.

by Jonny W

Hi there, basically over a year ago i decided i want to join the royal marines, so as u would i started running a lot. and when i did run i got horrible pains in the side of my leg.

it turns out (thanks to pro direct running putting asics gel kayanos in the structured category) that id been running in shoes designed for people with flat feet.

i stopped training and worked for the summer and got in a few short runs occasionally and had no pain when i ran,

then when i started training properly again the pain came back. (still in flat feet running shoes)

so i went to see a podiatrist and she said its an overuse injury of my peroneal tendon's because i'm not absorbing shock properly on my 1st metatarsal, and my peroneal is trying to flatten my foot out to absorb shock and said custom orthotics should sort it out, so i rested for 3 weeks, got them, wore them in for a week or so (in a new pair or running shoes)

and waited a few weeks to get used to them then started training again (only short runs), and same problem, if i walk my dogs for an hour i can feel the pain towards the end.

after doing some research myself i decided to try again with a pair of neutral running shoes (my arches are fairly high)and when i went for a run the other day it was the same problem again, and now my right leg is very painful (my left hurts but not as bad) from just that single 1 mile run when i move my foot atall, and now i dont know what to do.

when i stopped training for a few months i didn't feel it when walking at all or when up on my
toes at Thai boxing, (when its apparent in walking i can feel it when i go up on the balls of my feet)

now its back even tho my footwear is correct.

any advice or anything would be great

cheers x


Joshua Answers:

Hi Jonny.

1. Where exactly in the sides of your legs did you feel pain when you ran?

2. Did your podiatrist have any suggestions other than inserts?

3. Is the pain all the same, when it hurts? Or does it vary?

4. Does it only hurt when you are actively running?

5. How long does it hurt once you stop running?

6. Do your feet hurt? Or just the leg?

7. Describe the pain. Sharp, burning, dull, aching, etc

8. It doesn't hurt up on your toes, does it hurt when you take you foot the opposite direction, like if you walk on your heels with your foot/toes off the ground?

9. Just one leg? Or pain in both?

10. You said tear. Do you think there's a tear? Why?

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Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
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