Pigs feet, called Trotters, are healing my Achilles Tendonitis

by JMario
(Palmira, Columbia)

Hello Dear Friends

I got a testimony about the healing process of my right Achilles tendon by eating “manitas de cerdo” or “Trotters” which are very rich in Type I collagen.

Fifteen years ago I’m an amateur mountain biker and since two years ( 2008) I began to feel a pain in my right heel and ankle, and later, it placed just into the mid-section of Achilles tendon.

From then, that pain was turning into a persistent, discomfort and chronic injury that made me worry about and, of course, lower my performance and the intensity at the pedaling cadence.

Besides to change the position on my bicycle, also I tried rest, Ice, AIDS, massages, bandages, analgesic creams and gels on this zone but all those methods did not worked.

Of a casual manner, during the two lost months of this year (2010), without any knowledge about, I began to cooking and eat black beans (“caraotas”) mixed with Trotters for our lunch because is a savor very traditional of the typical food from this south American region.

After three weeks, no realize myself of what was happening inside my body, “miraculously” and of the unnoticeably manner, the pain in my Aquiles tendon began to disappear in spite of keep going riding daily and intensely in my bike. Almost of a spontaneously manner, the severity of pain was lowering dramatically and I did very very very surprised !!! . THE PAIN WAS RELIEVING BUT I DO NOT KNOW WHY !!!

Then I began to investigate what was that could be happening. Searching by Internet I began to read about the collagen content in the Trotters and then I visit a web sites where deepen into relationships between the Achilles tendinitis and the collagen.

So I did approaching to the problem’s origin and I found the gradual lost of collagen into the joints, bones and cartilages by the aging and the overuse were all very closely linked.

Since then, I have been very interested to inquire all about collagen, its nature, the easiest ways of absorption so as the edibles main sources and others ways to obtain of.

In this moment I’m very happy for to be enjoying my favorite sport without pain and of course preparing and tasting many recipes with Trotters.

After all, I would like to know if you have some information about inflammation of Achilles tendon by decreasing of collagen into its tissues. I want to know also how it
occurs, how the collagen goes losing by aging, what is that occur into the structure tendon and why the pain and the whole set of symptoms is onset.

Also, I would like how and when the pain go away and how the tendon’s tissues are repaired.

Thanks for your attention,

Very sincerely

J. Mario Gonzalez

Palmira – Valle del Cauca- Colombia


Joshua Answers:

Hi JMario.

Those are some might big questions, but I'll answer as I can.

1. We are what we eat. If we don't eat enough of the building blocks required to make and maintain our tendons, ligaments, connective tissue, etc, then those structures get weaker.

Then, Tendonitis can start because as the structure weakens, it's easier to get microtrauma, little -tiny- rips and tears.

And of course, a Process of Inflammation comes with that.

And then you don't have enough building blocks to repair optimally...

So it totally makes sense that you increased your intake of building blocks by eating pigs feet, which basically is pure collagen.

2. As we get older, our structures can get weaker partly due to...we eat less.

For a variety of reasons, as we age, we're less hungry and we eat less. So we get less vital nutrition. So our bodies don't work as well. So we get less hungry. So we eat less. So we get less vital nutrition. Etc. Repeat.

3. Essentially, the body heals by converting food into the appropriate construction materials, and then lays them down where and as needed.

Our entire body replaces itself, cell by cell, every year.

Pretty amazing.

So eat good, healthy, vital, nutrient filled food, and plenty of it!

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Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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