Pins and Needles in Hands & Feet, shocks in hand joints, cold hands and feet

by Ania
(Ontario, Canada)


I have been suffering from pins and needles in my feet for over a year now. It started after I gave birth to my second child. The doctors have no idea what it is.

Also, just over a week ago I started getting a "shock" in my hands every time I use the scissors or pick something up. As soon as the object touches my joints in my hands I get a shock that goes through my whole hand. As well as my hands and feet are always cold.

Again, the doctors don't know what it is.

I have been sent to do the Nerve Conduction Test and my appointment is next month.

Any info that you may have would be appreciated.



Joshua Answers:

Hello Ania.

Skipping the part where we talk about -how- you got where you're at, my first thoughts are:

1. Vitamin D deficiency

2. Some amount of Vitamin B deficiency. B12, B6, B1....

3. Cold feet and cold hands is B1 and/or Niacin deficiency.

It may not be THE truth or total truth, but it's a GOOD place to start.

Between the western lifestyle and food habits, your northern latitude, and two pregnancies (that take a lot out of you), I'm not at all surprised that your are/could be deficient in a variety of nutrients.

And yes, nutritional deficiency can cause the symptoms you describe. I just answered another question today from a woman with severe tendon pain and joint pain, that she has even had surgeries for.

Here is
a link to the conversation. I think all her symptoms are from nutritional deficiency.

You can have severe pain and severe symptoms without anything being broken, injured, or 'wrong', but there's always SOMETHING going on. And doctor's don't much believe in nutrition as a factor to health. Mind boggling, but true.

Read this page Causes of Peripheral Neuropathy. I'm going to have you talk to Kerri for specifics on how much etc. I'm knowledgeable, but she's the expert on this area of how the body works.

It sounds like you are essentially suffering from neurpathy. It's possible that there is structural issue pressing on the nerves that feed the feet, but with the other clues/symptoms you described, it creates more a picture of nutritional deficiency.

So read the neuropathy page and any other pages you find interesting on Kerri's site. I'll have Kerri keep an eye on this conversation. Then let me know what thoughts and/or questions you have, and we'll go from there.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Jan 04, 2010
PART 2 - thanks - Pins and Needles in Hands & Feet, shocks in hand joints, cold hands and feet
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your reply Joshua.

My doctor did say that I am low in Vit D. He told me to start taking a suplement of 1000 per day.

I think I will try and find a good naturopath in my area and seek other opinion then just my GP...


Joshua Comments:

I would run to another source of health care, personally.

Telling you to take 1,000i.u.'s a day is....incredibly underinformed.

1,000i.u.'s a day is a maintenance dose for an infant. It's INCREDIBLY unlikely that it will bring your levels up.

What was your level?

I highly recommend that you check out the Vitamin D pages on Lots of up to date research information included in all the content.

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