Plantar Fasciitis Surgery for torn tendon went good now 3 years later pain is back

by Ben
(San Diego)

I had Plantar Fasciitis surgery 3 years ago at age 35. I was a college athlete so very active my whole life.

I was playing in adult basketball league when it snapped, felt like someone stabbed me with a knife on the bottom of my foot. I got the run around from many doctors. One told me i was crazy, I didn't fell anything snap and it was just a bone spur so deal with it.

Next doctor put me in the cast and said nothing else we can do. Finally found a great doctor with the most updated tools and xray machines.

Right off the back he saw that i had ripped the tendon. He did not want to do surgery said it was the last resort. So spent 6 months getting shots and therapy. Finally he agreed i needed surgery. It was quick and easy, really didn't start feeling better for over a month then took huge strides every month.

It took a better part of a year and would say i was back to about 80% of what i felt before the injury. I couldn't do the same things but was not living in pain. for the last 3 months the pain has come back, just as bad as before. Ice every day, stretching, blah blah..same old stuff. Going back to the Dr. today to see what's up...


Joshua Answers:

Hey Ben.

You didn't check the notifications box so I hope you find this response.

Mmmm, doctors, gotta love em. Car crash or gun shot would, I absolutely want a doctor. Tendonitis and tendon injury? Not so much.

You say the Plantar Fasciitis Surgery went good but it took you a year to get back to 80% ? That doesn't sound good
to me....

All complaint about doctors aside, you're still in pain because you still have the same problem that caused the tear in the first place.

Not sure why doctors can't seem to comprehend that, but it seems they can't/won't.

So. I'm curious what your doctor said on this last visit.

Tendonitis follows a VERY predictable pattern. Same with Plantar Fasciitis.

You have to find the SOURCE of the problem. And the source of your problem is NOT the torn tendon. That's a symptom.

You have to deal with too tight structures, the Pain Causing Dynamic and the Process of Inflammation.

If you want to fix yourself on the cheap I suggest you get 'The Plantar Fasciitis Treatment That Works'.

If you want to go to a whole other level, I HIGHLY recommend The ARPwave System.

If you find this response, let me know how the doctor's appointment went, as far as follow up to the foot surgery.

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Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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