Post surgery Plantar Fasciitis & Achilles tendonitis

by Aunnie
(Houston, TX)

Hi, Three spurs on both left and right foot, was told possibily related to bunion surgeries that occured between year 2000-2002. Podiatrist said the spurs on both feet are located in same area of bunion incision, which is on top of big toe, back of foot, and one on top of foot.

Was told that there is a studied remedy that has been successful in last four years and less down time. That the spurs would not have to be cut, but could be shaved down to release pressure from inflammation and possible arthritis.

In doing so, the Achilles tendonitis would also be stretched to release the tension. The recovery process , two weeks in a splint and two weeks in a boot and gradually move into a tennis shoes, which I am now in .

The surgery was this June 2018 it is now a month and I have noticed, no pain, no tingling, no numbness on the incision areas, which was on the right half of the left foot. The numbness and tingling is along the left half of the left foot, were no incision was made .

The Podiatrist thought that was odd and said if no incision was made there, that he could not see why I was having that problem and suggested therapy. Well, I was thinking to myself possibly a nerve nicked accidentally because seems to me that I would be having more of that issue on the areas where I was freshly cut.

I’m in therapy now, I’m sure not experienced with why or how to fix the numbness and tingling, they told me to use icepack that there’s possible inflammation in the area. The numbness and tingling is all day long and not too comfortable with or without a shoe on.

Plantar fasciitis still seem to be present, but the therapist has given me a few workout routines to work out post surgery kinks.

1)Was a nerve possibly nicked to cause issues in area where no incision was made.

2)How long after surgery should his last.

3)Can therapy fix this.

4)Will it subside over time?

Thanks for any feedback.


Joshua Answers:

Hi Aunnie.

1. Yes, it's possible a nerve was nicked. If not that, then the numbness is because swelling is causing internal pressure somewhere and is compressing the nerve(s).

I don't know. It just all depends on multiple factors specific to you and your specific scenario.

3. Possible but I doubt it. The therapy would have to effectively remove whatever cause(s) are producing the symptoms/problems.

4. Hopefully. I don't know. It just all depends. For instance, if your nerve was nicked...probably no it won't subside over time...not for a very long time depending on how damaged the nerve is.

Having said that, shaving down a Bone Spur is serious business, damaged bone is going to hurt for a long time, especially if you don't do anything effective to speed up the recovery time. And you had three (six?) bone spurs removed. Ouch.

And your achilles tendon was damaged to 'release tension', and that's a significant insult to your body...

"could be shaved down to release pressure from inflammation and possible arthritis."

That makes no sense. A doctor told you that?

What therapy was recommended to 'work out the kinks' in the plantar fasciitis symptoms that still exist post plantar fasciitis surgery?

See: Plantar Fasciitis Symptoms

See: Plantar Fasciitis Surgery

You had a lot going on:
- previous tendonitis dynamic that caused plantar fasciitis and bunions
- trauma from bunion surgery, that caused more tendonitis dynamic, plantar fasciitis progression, and bone spur formation
- trauma from this last surgery and ongoing progressive Tendonitis dynamic.

See: What Is Tendonitis?

So A. it's not surprising you have various symptoms that B. will last for anywhere from a short while to a very very long while.

See related: Plantar Fascia Release And Heel Spur Removal One Month Ago

See related: Still In Pain After Plantar Fasciitis Surgery

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Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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