PUZZLED by chronic wrist and elbow tendonitis after multiple surgeries

by Trisha
(Milwaukee, WI)

I'll start back 21 years ago...

I woke up one morning with severe pain and heat in my right wrist.

Went in to see my family doc, she sent me to a bone & joint specialist. Needless to say, it took about a month to get in to see him.

By that time the pain had worked it's way up into my elbow. He did a nerve conduction test, IT WAS EXTREMELY PAINFUL, & it came back fine. He swore 100% that I had to have ulnar nerve release. Had the surgery, started physical therapy & it got worse.

He sceduled me for another nerve test & that came back normal but this time he said I had tennis elbow & needed another ulnar release. Had that surgery done, started physical therapy & it got even worse. The pain moved up into my shoulder.

Now we're looking at the entire arm in severe pain, limited mobility & severe muscle & joint weekness. He didn't know what else to do so, he sent me to a neurologist. I saw him on & off for 12 years.

Throughout that time he did nerve tests, had a tens unit attatched to me for a few months, numerous cortisone shots, thermal x-rays, x-rays etc... needless to say nothing had worked. He diagnosed me as having reflex sympathetic dystrophy. I stopped seeing him when my ins. co. refused to pay because they considered it a pre-existing condition & there was nothing more he could do for me nor anyone else he knew of to send me to. I've learned to live with it as best I can.

My dilema now is... 2 years ago I woke up one morning with severe pain in my left elbow. Felt like it was broke. Couldn't move it & the pain was excrusiating! Saw my family doc & she sent me to a sport doc. He didn't want to hear anything I had to say. Only wanted his questions answered direct & that was it. He told me I have tennis elbow & surgery's my ONLY option. He fitted me with a hand brace ( because the pain had moved into my wrist & hand ) and a brace for the tennis elbow. As soon as he put the brace on my forearm, right below the elbow, I almost passed out from the pain.

I never wore that but the hand one I did. After wearing it 2 hours my pinky & 3rd finger went numb. After 3 hours my thumb went numb. Was told, when I called, I could take it off for 10 min. every hour & that when the brace was no longer needed the feeling would come back. It never has.

I've never went back to see him either. My fam doc sent me to physical therapy and, needless to say, everything got worse. The pain started in the elbow, went to the wrist, to my shoulder.

I have complete numbness in my right hand, can not extend my R arm fully at the elbow, muscle spasms that feel like charlie horses, tingling,
cold weather & air conditioning do a real number on my arms too, joint & muscle pain & weekness. Have a hard time holding a coffee cup without dropping it. My left feels the same as my right but the pain is not as severe... YET.

I saw another neurologist today. He want's to do a nerve test on both arms next week. I know what to expect & I remember the pain being severe in my muscles. I told him surgury is NOT an option.

Unless he can ensure me 100% that it will make my arm better than it is right now & not worse. I'm left handed & there's no way I can live without using that arm. I'm having a hard enough time the way it is now.

My question is... has this happened to anyone else.? What else could this be?


Joshua Answers:

Hi Tricia.

You didn't leave your email nor check the notification box, so I hope you find this response.

What could it be? Well, it's certainly a case of unnecessary surgery and doctors that have no idea how to fix the kind of Symptoms of Tendonitis you have been and are experiencing.

Plus, you've had multiple surgeries. Those are INJURIES. The body couldn't recover from your original pain dynamic and clearly surgery made those patterns even worse.

And NO doctor will guarantee that their surgery is going to fix you. Because they have no way of knowing whether it will or not.

And when a doctor is confident that surgery will work when he's been wrong about all the other methods he's prescribed to you.....why would he be confident?

Tendonitis shows up for a lot of reasons. Pain shows up due to certain predictable factors.

Nutritional deficiency (for instance, see Magnesium for Tendonitis. Process of Inflammation. Pain Causing Dynamic.

You have to get your Vitamin D level up to between 50-80 ng/ml. You have to get your body full of Magnesium so it can operate properly. You have to learn How To Reduce Inflammation.

It would be a good idea to get my The Carpal Tunnel Treatment That Works DVD and Quick Start Companion ebook that comes with it. You need a complete plan to follow to REVERSE your pain dynamic.

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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