Severe tennis elbow pain in both elbows for 18 months

by Maxine
(Green Bay, Wisconsin)

I have tried everything to get rid of my pain.

Occupational therapy for 3 months, physical therapy for 2 months, wearing braces a lot, 4 incredibly painful cortisone shots, biofreeze gel, heating pads, stretching, rest, etc.- you name it I done everything the doctors and therapists told me to do and nothing has worked.

Now they are talking surgery. I am afraid. I bought your DVD on tennis elbow and will start it today. I am an extreme case.

I will follow your instructions to the letter.

If it works for me it will work for anybody.

Wish me luck-I need a miracle!


Joshua Answers:

Hi Maxine!

I'm excited for you to try what's on 'The Tennis Elbow Treatment That Works' DVD.

As much as I want to ask you questions and talk about your tennis elbow right now, let's have you do what the DVD suggests, exactly as it suggests that you do it, for 7 days.

Then let's check in, see what the results are, and go from there. If you really follow the recipe, I promise that you will be very pleased.

I do want to put a thought into your head.

That thought is, 'Maybe you don't have an extreme case of Tennis Elbow.'

Sure, maybe you do, BUT.

Splints and braces never work. Corticosteroid shots never cure it. Rest does not cure Tennis Elbow. Heat and Gels don't cure it. Stretching isn't likely to cure it, though it can help to some degree. Occupational Therapy and Physical therapy are more than iffy, it all depends on who you get.

So it's not necessarily that your Tennis Elbow has been tough or
resistant, it's that you have been told to use the wrong tools for the job.

It's kind of like someone telling you "Stab yourself with this fork once a week." It's just not going to help.

I have never figured out the mentality behind multiple corticosteroid shots. I mean, if the first one or two didn't work, HOW are 2 more going to work?

Plus, they caused you pain, which makes the nervous system make the Tennis Elbow dynamic even worse.

And surgery....well....I share your fear of you getting surgery.

A couple things with the DVD.

If you continue to use your hands a lot, you may want to up the suggested numbers some.

And you may want to increase your intake of protein and good fats (omega 3s and coconut oil).

Omega 3's are good for all sorts of fatty reasons, plus they are anti-inflammatory.

Do what the DVD says for 7 days, then check in, update me on your experience, and ask any questions.

I promise, the only reason you might not get satisfactory results or better is if you don't follow the recipe.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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