Stabbing Pains Around Shoulder Blade, Traps Etc

by Paul
(Wales, Near London)

have had these for some time...been to see doctor and says its nothing serious...full range of nerve tests etc carried out

shoulder generally feels tight and sore even when I dont have these pains

I somtimes get these pains when doing push ups or when cycling .....?.....maybe its the tension of leaning down on handlebars that does it ?

suggested its tight muscles in shoulder, neck and shoulder blade area......leading to occasional pains from this constant tension

will ice massage of this area on a regular basis help dampen dpwn things a bit more ? ice likely to help with tightness ?

and what sort of stretches and general exercises for neck, shoulder and shoulder blade area do you suggest as a sort of rehab , mobility, range of movement etc ?

is maybe self massage aroound the area affected a good option ?

thanks joshua , near london...who is still using your advice and techniques for my peroneal problems


Joshua Answers:

Hi Paul.

Self massage, yes, Ice, yes.

Tell me this though. I'm sure I've metioned this but I don't recall what you've done with it.

Do you supplement with Magnesium? If so, what kind and how much.

Did you ever get your Vitamin D levels checked?

Overall tightness and pain, combined with your ongoing Peroneal Tendonitis issue, could have a lot
to do with not enough Magnesium. And, Vitamin D supplementation requires Magnesium to convert to it's active form in the blood.

One symptoms of Vit D deficiency is the shoulder/back pain you describe (which can also come from other directions.

1. Stretch out your pecs and front of shoulder and front of neck. Lay back over a ball, and/or a rolled up towel or foam roller.

Bad, forward hunched postuer to whatever degree overstretches and overworks your back, traps, etc. So we usually massage and stretch the back, but it's really the front that needs opening to take the constant load of the smaller, weaker muscles of the back.

So, tell me about Mag and Vit D, and start opening up the front, which includes rotating your arms outwards (medial rotation of the upper arm.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Jan 22, 2010
PART 2 - COLLAR BONE - Stabbing Pains Around Shoulder Blade, Traps Etc
by: Anonymous

I am taking magnesium 300mg

pain is also felt when I am on a bike ride and its more specific to collar bone area...around, above and below

are there any stretches to help loosen this area too ?


Joshua Comments:

Sure, there's stretches. Essentially, take your arm slowly through it's entire range of motion. I think you should focus on the front of your neck too.

Letting if fall back off the bed or couch, laying backwards on an exercise ball, just looking up at the ceiling and pulling your neck back. We're talking NECK here, not just tilting your skull back on the axis. The muscles on the front of the neck need to get lengthened. Likely a big reason for the collar bone and shoulder blade pain too.

A spastic scalene muscle causes pain in the back like you describe. I should have caught that the first time.

Also, get up to your tolerance level of Magnesium as described on this page. Magnesium Dosage.

How is the peroneal tendonitis, by the way. Have you been digging into the length of the muscle and surrounding tissue regularly?

Jan 23, 2010
PART 3 - thanks joshua - Stabbing Pains Around Shoulder Blade, Traps Etc
by: Anonymous

the pain along my collar bone is not along the back , you didnt miss anything out joshua buddy

its along the collar bone between neck and shoulder...sort of strange really.....but seems more present when I am cycling

so ......nice gentle lat raises , front lat raises , over head shoulder press ( all with very light weights !! ), arm swinging , shoulder shrugs etc

I will search out a scapula stretch ....I know one where you sit, tilt head to side whilst gently holding chair and gently pull head away ?

peroneals are still sore but less painful than they were...I still ice a lot

and self massage using a bit of oil...massaging calf muscles, peroneal muscles , then ankle area and also base of foot where I also get a lot of pain ( apparently this is where one tendon runs under foot )

one thing is for sure...anti inflammataries have done nothing and a lot less effective than ice

I will be looking into a skilled local acupunturist who I know who is clinically trained at the local hospital ...and he also does massage therapy...trying to cover all my bases


Joshua Comments:

I'm a big fan of covering all the bases!

On that scapula stretch, yes, and angle your head/neck such that you feel it on the front and front/side of the neck, to what attaches to the collar bone and first rib. You'll feel it.

Also, put your palm at the top of your sternum and press in to pin all the skin, maybe use your other hand too for more weight/pressue, then look up, look up and to the side, look up and back and to the side. You'll feel that in the front for sure.

Pay attention, don't hurt yourself. And it's very effective at opening all that up.

Jan 25, 2010
by: Anonymous

And ice is very helpful in my neck area too, its a shock at first , but after a while it soothes

I also ice when I have my head in that "to the side, and looking up " position

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