Stretches For Base Of Foot

by paul
(wales london )

hi again Joshua

as you are aware I have peroneal tendon pain

aside from the ice and self massage I get a lot of lack of mobility and general stiffness in my ankle and under my foot where the peroneals attach

can you suggest stretches to open up my the underneath of my feet , the arches etc

I am aware of the basic range of movement exercises such as ankle circles and doing the alphabet with my toes

might some of the plantar fascitis ones help, where you grab the towel with your toes ?

sometimes I feel I really need to get some movement into that outer arch area under the foot


Joshua Answers:

Hi Paul.

Tightness is a big factor in pain and Tendonitis issues.

All the usual stretches you'll find are fine, but I'm a big fan of assisted stretching, meaning, using objects/tools.

For the foot/arch, I like something like a tennis ball, or a hard rubber pet toy (I have a green one with knobs smaller than a tennis ball), anything relatively solid with a curve your foot can bend around.

In the hot tub at my gym, the far seat is just far enough away I
put the bottom of by foot against the seat edge and slide my foot over it, from ball of foot to heel. I can control the pressure and speed.

You could use the edge of something solid too, like a step.


1. Be careful.

2. Be gentle at first, the push it.

3. LENGTHEN, don't overstretch.

4. Don't force anything. Tease it, push it, but don't overdo it.

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Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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