Tendonitis gluteus - can't stop using my glutes - so what to do?

by Claudia
(Berlin, Germany)

Hi Joshua,

After my usual disappointment about the mainstream medicine websites (educated ignorance, treating symptoms instead of adressing causes) and my usual visit of Dr. Mercola's website which was not helpful in this case, Google found your website. I am a lucky person - your site is very helpful!

Joshua: Great!

I can't visit you personally, I live in Europe. A DVD would be nice but my problems are in the hip and maybe shoulder.

I had an MRI of the pelvis recently : Left hip is fine with minimal hip dysplasia, right hip joint a bit more dysplasia, Coxarthrosis Grade 1, Tendonitis of gluteus minimus and medius (at trocanter major). Mild bursitis of trochanter major bursa . Beginning ligamentopathy iliofemoral ligament.

I have only mild pain in the glutes and only when I do leg abduction (exercise, joint mobility routine etc).

I have tight muscles (and a problem with abduction in the right hip, not in the left, but only the left hip hurts sometimes when I lie in bed).

Can I use your ice treatment or are the tendons too deep? My Hanna Somatics practitioner may help me finding the right spots:-). Probably the tendonitis is also in the left hip (same symptoms) but I have no MRI.

Joshua: Yes, Ice and deep ice massage is ALWAYS good.

I thought the glutes are only sore and achy because the glutes , quads, calfs, hamstrings, adductors, pes anserinus became more and more tight in the last years. Maybe because of the tendonitis?

Joshua: Usually it's a slow progression of tightness that leads to Tendonitis.

My Iliosacral joint is almost immobile, sometimes it hurts a bit (when my bodyworker brings relaxation to it).

Joshua: Super tight Psoas (IlioPsoas, really) muscles.

I will try to get an MRI on the left hip and the shoulder girdle because after reading your website I suppose my ache and hypertonus in traps and shoulder girdle and neck muscle may be tendonitis too. Should I stop exercise? I would like to join the Kettlebell Training Group because I am terribly deconditioned (I really hate being in bad shape it but I had so much fear to injure myself). Or is it kettlebell training bad for the trochanter bursitis?

Maybe Scott Sonnon's Prasara Yoga is good. I definitely like his joint mobility program for joint nutrition and restoring ROM.

Joshua: Movement is GOOD! Yoga is good. Lengthening is good. You should keep moving. Maybe not hard core, but keep moving.

I already stopped climbing, Running, Martial Arts because my body feels not right and connective tissue feels weak (injury prone). This really scares the hell out of me. I always felt strong, but since about 6 years ago it's the downward spiral.

Joshua: That's great you're aware of the Downward Spiral.

Should I give my tendons rest? But it's impossible to not use the glutes - if you don't lie in bed all day. :-)

Same as 'movement'. Keep moving. There's a difference between Rest and Relaxation.

I work as a dance instructor. Can't stop moving.

I want to be active and pain free again. I would like to get a certification as kettlebell trainer and CST Fitness instructor, but right now I feel like a tin man or a 90 year old women with arthritis.

Ultrasound collagen testing was in the lower range of "normal". We all know what that means.....Blood test: Free radicals much more than they should be. Tight muscles overall: Stress reflexes, residual tension, sensomotoric amnesia according to Thomas Hanna, Adrenal fatigue with hormonal imbalances and all the nasty symptoms).

How can I get out of the vicious circle ? Muscle tightness leads to inflammation and the inflammation leads to muscle tightness as a protecting reflex right?

Joshua: We'll get to that.

So how can I stop the muscle hypertonus. Probably not as long as there is inflammation? I am in Adrenal Fatigue a long time (I know all of Paul Chek's stuff about this and read Dr. Wilson's book. Mike Mahler's lectures about hormone optimization are also good ). Why AF?

The main source of stress and anger in the last years is the medical system that doesn't help me and good therapists are hard to find and when I find them the insurance won't pay because they pay only for treating symptoms with drugs and surgery.

Joshua: Too much exercise messes with cortisol levels, fatigue adrenals, and affect healing.

The way that the medical systems treats patients makes me angry.

Joshua: Me too. :(

It's the same way that the Agro Business treats animals. What they do with me is denial of assistance. That's the fact of the case, but it's "normal". So I am busy doing the doctor's job by myself and research about my problems and solutions by myself. At least I found a good physiotherapist and a good bodyworker.

I started Paleo style eating more or less, cutting out grains and sugar. I will double my Magnesium intake. I use fish oil, cocos oil, Vitamins and Glucosamine/Chondroitin and Vitamin D anyway. And for recovery and healing connective tissues I use Mark Warnecke's AM Sport Aminos Acids. Dara Torres swears by it. :-) Protein Powder is not so good because I have malabsorption of proteins and fats (I know from lab test and symptoms).

Keep up the good work!

Best regards

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Comments for Tendonitis gluteus - can't stop using my glutes - so what to do?

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Dec 29, 2009
PART 2 - Joshua Answers - Tendonitis gluteus - can't stop using my glutes - so what to do?
by: The Tendonitis Expert

Joshua Answers:

Hi Claudia. Thanks for all the details!

The first thing that pops to mind is that we need to deal with your Adrenal Fatigue. I'm going to have Kerri comment on here re: that. She's the gal to talk to about Adrenal Fatigue, hormone imbalances, etc.

If you Adrenals are not working as optimally as you should, then your body will not heal. If your hormones are off, that is likely playing a role too.

This makes sense....high activity level, not absorbing nutrients, Adrenal Fatigue, hormonal imbalance, body not healing, muscle pain, inflammation, more tightness.

Repeat over and over.

I'm glad that you switched to the Paleo Diet. I bet that you are Gluten Intolerant. Which gives you Leaky Gut, which has you not absorb nutrients. (It's not the only explanation of course.)

Go off gluten -entirely- for two months. That's what Kerri will say.

You have a lot of questions. Let's start first with some of mine.


1. How exactly do you know you aren't absorbing proteins and fats?

2. Who told you that, and did they give an explanation as to why?

3. How much Vitamin D are you taking?

4. What is your Vitamin D level?

5. How much Magnesium were you taking before you just started to double it? What kind of Magnesium are you taking?

6. It sounds like you have tightness, pain, and Tendonitis symptoms all over, not just the hips. True?

All over tightness and stiffness? Joint pain all over too, or just the pelvic area?

I assert that you need to deal with the underlying systemic health issues -before- you can effectively deal with 'injury' and tendonitis.

I suspect that all the massage in the world won't fix you, and it may or may not relieve symptoms in the short term. Worth doing, but you have to deal with the SOURCE of your problems.

And it's at a deeper level than muscle/tendon/soft tissue.

I personally wouldn't worry about the MRI's. What they find isn't really the problem. That's why doctors are so ineffective at helping issues like yours. As you said, they are just looking at the symptoms. MRI's only show symptoms.

Answer the above questions so Kerri and I can see them, and we'll go from there.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

Dec 29, 2009
PART 3 - Your questions - Tendonitis gluteus - can't stop using my glutes - so what to do?
by: Claudia

Thanks a lot for your help Joshua. I appreciate it. I wrote a lot to give you information but my question was actually only one: how can I break the cycle: tight muscles - inflammation-more tightness- more tendonitis.

OK I understand. Tightness won't dissappear as long as there is injury, inflammation and too much stress. And if I could reduce stress and stop inflammation tightness could go away - right?

No the problem is not too much exercise. Because of my burn out and not enough help from therapists I had an unhealthy sedentary lifestyle the last two years. And before I did only moderate amounts of exercise. Actually not enough to stay heathy. That?s why I want to do kettlebells, clubbells, high intensity interval training.

I did a stool test that showed maldigestion of proteins and fats. And a healer did another test and said there is a problem in protein digestion. My orthopedic doctor thought of leaky gut. I will have lab tests for gut, stress hormones, sex hormones in January.

I take 1000 IU D3 per day. Read Mercola and had a test last year. D3 level was about 20, after my self treatment with 4000 IU D3 it was 50.
I took 300 mg. Magnesium, now 600 mg Magnesiumcitrate. Last test was 0,88 mmmol.

I feel stiff and muscles ache in back, shoulder girdle, sometimes left hip and legs. Feels like muscles and fascia are all crap. Joint pain sometimes a little bit in knees, sometimes right elbow (golfer elbow).

Yes it is a systemic problem. Had eczema last winter (I never had this), allergy test negative. Chlorella, Fish Oil, cocos oil, calendula cream. Eczema disssapeared. Thought of leaky gut.

Rest or relax: In 2003 my life was messed up because MRI found Chondropathia patellae in my knees. Discovered it too late because the MD was an idiot. The worst trauma in my life. I'd prefer cancer. And recently the hip (dysplacia lead to osteoarthritis). No, mainstream medicine is wrong about this problems, so I had to research and look for help on my own. Fear, anger, despair - no relaxation, always tight. I learned everything about what (and who) is the cause for the breakdown of my system. I didn't like what I saw. Tightness!

All massage won't help me? It works, my muscles get better. Connective tissue massage, pandiculations and trigger point therapy work.

Maybe getting help per se is relieving stress. Of course I have to eliminate the cause: stress, trauma and bad biomechanics/coordination. If not I can't heal right?

Dec 29, 2009
PART 3 - Tendonitis gluteus - can't stop using my glutes - so what to do?
by: Claudia

What can I do about leaky gut? No grains, sugar, no junk. Probiotics? Maybe egggs are also bad?

Fish, meat and fruits and vegetables, olive oil, cocos oil should be ok.
Or do I stay with amino acids because of protein maldigestion.

MRIs ? well if the symptoms are reversible I don?t worry too much but irreversible degeneration scare the hell out of me. Not good for self esteem and positive attitude.

I know biological terrain therapy. I had darkfield microscope blood tests. Looked bad. I know Bechamp vs. Pasteur. I never have vaccines and I never had the flu.


Joshua Comments:

When I say 'massage won't help', I mean, it's not going to deal with the source of the problem. It can't heal or fix you.

It will likely relieve symptoms temporarily, and that's great. But you want to deal with the CAUSE of your symptoms, right?

And yes, if you reduce stress, inflammation, and the adrenal fatigue issue that prevents you from healing/working right, then it can/should/will go away. Then you can deal with any actual rip and tear damage, if any.

I'll let Kerri address your other questions, malabsoption and such, and point you to information on her site that more fully addresses questions around leaky gut, adrenal fatigue, etc.

Jan 03, 2010
PART 4 - tendonitis & adrenal fatigue - Tendonitis gluteus - can't stop using my glutes - so what to do?
by: Claudia

Thanks a lot Joshua. :-)

Now I will wait for Kerri's comment.

Jan 03, 2010
It's all part of the same problem..
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Claudia,

So, I have lots of thoughts here and I may be wrong about this, but it seems like you are REALLY stressed out. I understand your stress over your medical issues and the frustration about the medical system, but I believe that is worsening your stress and it seems that that may be at the 'heart' of your problem.

You say that you have malabsorption of fats and proteins and that is also a stress issue. People who do not have celiac disease as a child, but have the 'Genes' for it can trigger it with stress- and it sure seems like stress is REALLY a big part of your downward spiral.

So, what to do. First, lets address your Leaky Gut. As Joshua said- completely gluten free for 2 months. If you have malabsorption of fats and proteins, then you HAVE Celiac Disease despite whether you have had any testing or not.

Dairy Intolerance almost always goes along with Gluten Intolerance, so it would be a good idea to get rid of dairy for a month or two to see how that works for you.

The amino acids are great. Whey protein is excellent (even when you are dairy free) because it contains substances that can heal leaky gut.

For extra collagen and what Joshua calls a 'Tendon Supplement', we suggest eating Bone Broth regularly- like nearly every day. It can help replace collagen and trace minerals as well as being VERY anti-inflammatory and soothing for leaky gut.

You also said that you have high levels of free-radicals. Are you taking a Selenium Supplement at all in a multivitamin? Selenium is required to produce Glutathione- a master antioxidant. I also recommend Lipoic Acid as a powerful antioxidant.

Now, this addresses your DIETARY stress, but you MUST address and reduce the emotional stress that you are experiencing if you want to heal. Your anger is understandable, but it's NOT useful or helpful to you. If you believe in the law of attraction, then your focus is attracting more medical incompetence- not healing.

So, do whatever you need to do to get rid of the emotional stress. Since you already know Mercola, you could either try his Emotional Freedom Technique Clinic (Joshua LOVES EFT).
Also, I HIGHLY recommend that you read the book "The Divided Mind" by Dr. John Sarno. He has a perspective on illness that could change your ENTIRE thought about illness and pain.

It really works, and if you want proof of that, ask Joshua to tell you the story of going from being scheduled for emergency back surgery to being almost completely pain free for the past 2 years- simply by reading that one book, and being willing to believe what Dr. Sarno has to say!!

Jan 04, 2010
Adrenal Gland Fatigue - Tendonitis gluteus - can't stop using my glutes - so what to do?
by: Claudia

Hi Kerri,

thanks a lot for your advice, I really appreciate your help.Yes I am really stressed out. Had lots of very serious problems to face. Business, family, health, professional development. Frustration about the medical system system was one part, not the whole icture. You are right, the stress and resulting adrenal fatigue is cause of the downward spiral.

Your website is a great ressource for gluten, leaky gut, supplements. I will have a lab test for gluten antibodies. Actually I had a test with IgA not ok.
I will have one of this expensive lab test about gut health after another expensive test for cortisol and stress hormones. I figured out that stress messed up my hormones because of my symptoms.
You believe that my protein and fat absorption is a sign of celiac disease? Wow! I didn't know that. I will avoid all gluten and will take whey protein if this helps nmy leaky gut. Eating salmon, eggs or beef everyday gets boring anyway. I will try bone broth will help. I know beef broth, but bone broth? Oops. OK, will do.

I didn't now about Selenium. I will take this supplement too. I knew about gluthanione but this is very expensive. And I will take Lipoic Acid. It is in linseed oil and grassfed red meat, right?
No problem to get this. I used Q 10 which is also very expensive.

Law of attraction? Don't think so. I have a good bullshit filter most of the time and found good therapists, doctors, trainers. Some in my area and lots of them on the internet. Google, google, google.......But my insurance company doesn't pay for them. So I learned a lot from competent professionals in books, blogs, on websites and videos but could not afford the amount of emotional support, good diagnosis and treatment that was necessary in my case of advanced dysfunctions. This lack of help and support was the real stressor, not the stupid MDs I met. I avoided the bad guys which meant no wasted time but also no help. But chances are good that this situation will change this year. But after 10 years of deterioration it may be too late.

I checked Dr. Sarno's book an Amazon. Yes psychosomatic medicine. I know a lot about this stuff. Everything from psychoanalysis to body therapy to somatic education. I forgot more about this topic than most MDs have ever learned. :-) Actually I underestimated my physical problems a long time because I thought they were psychosomatic. My problem right now is lack of resources for healing and reaching my goals in my professional development.

Thanks again and best wishes for your health and success


Jan 05, 2010
PART 7 - Tendonitis gluteus - can't stop using my glutes - so what to do?
by: The Tendonitis Expert

Joshua Comments:

From what I've seen watching Kerri work, it's AMAZING the health problems that go away when gluten intolerant/celiac people go totally off of Gluten. I'm curious what 2 months completely off it will result in. (Feel free to get tested, but the most accurate [and cheapest] test is to go completely off gluten (and possibly dairy) for 2 months, then eat a pizza or something)

I don't want to abandon your glutes tendonitis, but I really think it would serve you best to deal with the systemic stuff first, and then -if- you still have glutes pain, let's take care of it.

Jan 05, 2010
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Claudia,

I can't remember if I also mentioned magnesium. I would say magnesium is my number one choice of supplements to help deal with stress- and its a powerful adrenal repair mineralhow . I have a page on how much to take on my Magnesium Dosage page.

It is such a powerful muscle relaxant and neurologic system relaxant that they have successfully used in the hospital as the ONLY muscle relaxant and sedative for people with tetanus who are literally in such severe muscle spasms that the only parts of their body touching the bed are their heels and their head!

So, if it can work for them, it will be likely to help you out too!

And even though you have a big background in mind-body stuff, so does Joshua and when he read Dr. Sarno, it changed his entire relationship with his back pain and has kept him almost entirely pain free these past two years despite a severe ruptured disk and having been scheduled for emergency surgery!!

In your first post, you stated,

"How can I get out of the vicious circle? Muscle tightness leads to inflammation and the inflammation leads to muscle tightness as a protecting reflex right?"

And that one statement is exactly the entire concept that Dr. Sarno talks about. In fact, in your statement above, you literally 'defined' his concept of 'Tension Myositis Syndrome' and he gives you a practical way to get rid of the probable tension myositis syndrome that you are experiencing.

I hope that I don't sound like I'm being 'pushy' about it, but consider taking another look at Dr. Sarno's ideas even though you have a strong background in mind-body stuff- he has a really different 'take' on it that I've not heard from anyone else before.

Hope this helps.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Easy Immune Health.com

Joshua Comments:

Can't argue with that!

Off two months on the floor and onto my feet in two days. Sarno wasn't the 100% answer, but made/makes a huge difference for me.

I'm just happy my body handles gluten! (Not that it's a bad diet without it, just different.)

Jan 16, 2010
PART 9 - levels of healing - Tendonitis gluteus - can't stop using my glutes - so what to do?
by: Anonymous

Thanks again for your friendly support. It is balsam for the soul. I wish those stupid
orthopedic doctors would be like that. Then I wouldn't have to deal with "medical system induced post traumatic stress disorder " ;-)

I had a session with my Hanna Somatics practitioner.I told her about your comment regarding SI joint and tight psoas. I thought psoas was ok because psoas flexibility tests are ok. Not so. Deep inside beneath my guts she found trigger points. She released them and the achy feeling when I do extensive leg raising has gone!

More success: I couldn't do normal abduction with the right leg and it felt painful and strenuous to lift the leg laying on my side. After pandiculations and connective tisue massage everything was fine. Fasciae latae were terribly painful and tight. Three orthopedic doctors had no clue what to do so I lived 15 months with my abduction problem. Hypertonus is only a syptom I know but it reduces my stress level a good deal I see problems dissappear. I feel more in control of my life.

I guess I have found the reason why the right hip joint got injured: too much pressure from femur head on the hip socket (tight muscles make tight joints). Gluteus, fasciae latae, adductors and all the other hip and leg muscles are very tight .

I made my first bone broth today. It looks disgusting and it smells disgusting but I will see how my gut likes it. I am gluten free and I will buy the Healthy Urban Cookbook. I eat paleo style (no grains and sugar and no dairy). Well - applying the 90/10 rule. Some cheating with chocolate. :-) I have withdrawal sympoms with sweets, bread and dairy, but more in my mind, not in my body. My body feels much better without the drugs. Unfortunately the drugs help managing the anxiety, anger or exhaustion from Adrenal Fatigue.

It's hard to find a good quality whey protein like Dr. Mercola's here in Germany. It is more this junk from the body building stores. But I have my high quality Amino Acid powder. Taste is like wallpaper paste but better than the junk supplements with artificial colors, sweeteners and aromas which tastes like wallpaper paste with artificial aroma and sweeteners. Urrgghhh!

No problem with "being pushy" Kerri. :-)
It is perfectly ok to be pushy. I will read Dr. Sarno.

The most important point is reducing the stress and solve the threatening problems that scare me.
Thanks to Joshua's website the tendonitis really doesn't bother me very much. You made my day! It will go away when the muscle hypertonus goes away. One more step in stress reduction. :-)


Joshua Comments:

More in the next response, but it's true that hypertonus is a symptom.

AND, it's a symptoms that feeds on itself to keep itself in place. So breaking the dynamic of tightness can make a huge impact on that symptom being either greatly reduced or gone entirely.

The body's just funny that way.

Jan 16, 2010
Supplements - Tendonitis gluteus - can't stop using my glutes - so what to do?
by: Anonymous

I take magnesium citrate (600 - 900 mg daily) and other stuff. But this is also treating the sympoms.

I should get enough Mg from nutrition. And William Wolcott (Metabolic typing) says: a diet which is good for one person is bad for another and supplements are helpful for one person but not for the other with the same sympoms. It would be better to find help and testing from a practitioner with experience in metabolic typing and testing.

I would have done it but it is expensive and I can't hire every professional that I need (part of the stress problem). But things can get better this year. Chances are good that I can pay more for help.

Best regards


Joshua Comments:

We -should- get enough magnesium from our diet, but with modern food production and other variables, it's likely we don't.

Coffee leaches minerals, for instance. If your water has flouride in it like most places here in the states, fluoride inhibits cell energy production and results in a MUCH higer vitamin/mineral requirements.

Your magnesium dose should be plenty good though. And true, it's treating symptoms, but deficiencies of various things can be the cause of symptoms, or at least playing a role.

For the most part I agree with Wolcott. One cheap way of testing is to try different supplements out and, assuming that one is taking enough, see what happens.

It's amazing what a good soft tissue therapist can do, and it's sad that medical doctors just seem to have no idea...which makes sense since the trainings and bodies of knowledge are very different.

I have to change my earlier comment from 'Massage won't help' to 'Massage won't help problems stepping from Leaky Gut/gluten intolerance/deeper systemic and nutritional issues'.

Make sure to strain the broth (we just pick stuff out with a little handheld scooper/strainer). And put it in the fridge so the fat layer settles/hardens at the top, then scoop all that off.

Treat it like a soup stock, it's good.

I'm so glad things are progressing in a good direction!

Jan 29, 2010
PART 11- Made up my rehab plan
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your comments Joshua. I will try the multidimensional way: nutrition, supplements, bodyworker, movement, reducing stress. Not easy to stick with the rehab plan in the state of burn out but it is the only way. I will see how the paleo diet works for me.

Now that I have all the information I feel a bit more in control. Massage and somatics therapy won't fix the hypertonus as long as the emotional causes are not changed, but it helps with detoxifiying my connective tissue and
getting rid of sensory motor amnesia. Some treatments bring lasting results, sometimes the symtoms come back (when fear triggers the muscle stress reflex again), but things are changing slowly.

Luckily we have no poisoned water in Germany (fluorides) and I had my neurotoxic amalgam fillings removed in 2008.

And for me it is a big relief in stress when I know what are the problems and what are the solutions (learned from Dr. Mercola, Dr. Eades, Paul Chek, from you and other helpful professionals). The mainstream MDs only shrug their shoulders and have no idea and what's worst: they don't really care. This really didn't help me to feel in control of my life! Welcome Tendonitis.

Every person that at least cares about me and offers some useful information and treatment is at least partially helpful for healing. But I know: If you want to get healthy you have to change your life. First step: getting out of my stuck state.

I will report back if there are real positive changes in the future happening.

Best regards



Joshua Comments:

You're welcome Claudia.

Massage etc can certainly help support the physical while one deals with the mental/emotional.

It's a little bit of the chicken or the egg, which one came first. It doesn't really matter in a lot of ways, one just gets to deal with it all.

Keep me updated and feel free to share along the way.

And any questions, send them my way and I'll do my best.

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