Tennis Elbow Pain
Why Does It Hurt?
Why Won't It Go Away?

What Causes Tennis Elbow Pain?

A common symptom of Tennis Elbow is pain.

Whether it’s a dull ache, or sharp pain, or a burning sensation, if you have Lateral Epicondylitis, you are going to have pain.

What causes the pain of Tennis Elbow? What makes it hurt? Why won’t it just go away for good?

These are all very good questions. As much as we just learn to live with the chronic pain, we really don’t need to. A sore elbow is one thing. It will generally take care of itself.

Tennis Elbow is a progressive dynamic of increasing shortness, tightness, and pain.

Most people really only start getting concerned when the pain and other symptoms are so bad that they can’t use their arm, or the pain is so intense that they HAVE to do something about it.

A good first step is finding out WHY it hurts. Then you can do something about it.

What Causes Tennis Elbow Pain?

We usually think about this kind of pain as coming from an injury.

Sometimes it does.

Tendonitis pain can either come from actual wear and tear damage to a tendon, or it can feel exactly as bad and can be just as debilitating without any actual damage.

How can you have pain without tendon damage?

When the body is injured or even just -thinks- that it is injured, it kicks in a Process of Inflammation.

Inflammation traps fluid in the area, and it releases chemicals that enhance your sensitivity to pain. This chemical gets trapped in the tissue in the area.

This pain enhancing chemical, aka the chemical, sets your neuro-receptors on edge, such that if there were enough chemical in the area, you could lightly poke your skin with your finger and it would HURT.

The more you hurt, the more your nervous system tries to protect you by tightening everything up guessed... it.. .increasing the Inflammation Response that dumps more chemical. Not a very smart system, but that’s what it does.

Even Without Injury, Pain Creates More Pain

So you use your hands and arms for months and years at work or at play, muscles get tight, wear and tear damage and/or irritation happens, and inflammation slowly builds up.

Your body compensates until it can’t compensate anymore, and that’s when you start to hurt.

Your body is always fighting against the tide of tightness and pain that is a natural byproduct of living in a human body. You are always winning, or losing.

Left to it's own devices, eventually, Tennis Elbow pain is going to win.

But you can help your body help you. You can reverse the Tennis Elbow dynamic and live pain free again.

Why Won't Tennis Elbow Pain Go Away?

You have chronic pain from Tennis Elbow because tight muscles and connective tissue have turned into a dry, crunchy, half-squeezed sponge. A sponge full of pain enhancing chemical and metabolic waste product that is just stuck in the tissue.

This -constantly- tells the nervous system that there is a problem, so it constantly keeps things tight and full of chemical.

Maybe you have an elbow injury. Maybe you just have a dynamic of tightness and resulting pain. Maybe you have both.

It really doesn't matter.

If you don't reverse the Tendonitis dynamic, if you don't successfully kick out the Inflammation Process, then your chronic Tennis Elbow Symptoms will continue to haunt you either a little or a lot.

All the usual treatments for Tennis Elbow Pain that you will get from your doctor and the internet fail to -successfully- deal with Inflammation. They may help some, but if you want a Tennis Elbow cure, it is necessary to effectively deal with each and every factor of the Tennis Elbow injury, including but not limited to Inflammation and too tight muscles.

If you want everything you need to make your elbow structure happy and healthy and pain free again, there is a complete, concise and easy to follow plan on 'The Tennis Elbow Treatment That Works'.

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