Tennis Elbow Surgery
Is Like Removing a Splinter
With a Chainsaw

Are you considering Tennis Elbow Surgery for your Elbow Tendonitis?

On the tiny list of Tennis Elbow Cures, this surgery is NOT one of them.

Personally and professionally, I think it's a bad idea.

A very bad idea. For several reasons which I will expand on.

1. When you understand what Elbow Tendonitis actually is you will discover that cutting into your flesh will ultimately create more of the same. Tendonitis can't be 'fixed' nor 'healed' by surgery.

2. Tennis Elbow Surgery in no way deals with the dynamic that got you into pain in the first place.

3. The side effects and outright dangers of the surgery.

4. It is overkill. And there are options that are non-invasive and effective.

Tendonitis and Tennis Elbow Surgery

First off, if you haven't read the pages on Tendonitis, Inflammation, and the Pain Causing Dynamic, you will definitely want to do that.

Second off, if you want to avoid , it makes sense to get 'The Tennis Elbow Treatment That Works'.
Tendonitis is a wear and tear microtrauma that builds on itself and gets worse and worse.

Fibers on the tendon and connective tissue tear off, scar tissue fibers lay down and later rip and tear off, muscles get tight which puts more tension on the tendons, which makes it more likely for more wear and tear to happen. Add in Inflammation and pain. Repeat cycle.

So the theory is that your surgeon wants to cut in there and:

A. 'clean up'/shave off all the scar tissue, and/or

B. 'trim' the tendon sheath, and/or

C. sever the tendon completely.

A. 'clean up'/shave off all the scar tissue, and/or

If there is a bunch of scar tissue on the tendon, there is also scar tissue attaching itself to other connective tissue structures, like the tendon sheath. There is scar tissue because there is injury, and the body is healing itself.

If you go in for surgery and then cut your skin, your connective tissue, and shave the tendon and other structures, your body is getting injured.

The body will lay down more scar tissue as it tries to heal itself.

Scar tissue was the problem the Tennis Elbow Surgery was supposed to ‘fix’ in the first place yet it creates more of it....

B. 'trim' the tendon sheath, and/or

The tendon sheath is there for a reason. It makes little sense to me how it is beneficial to cut parts of it away.

The surgeon believes that this will help the structure work better.

Hoever, the surgeon and surgery does not deal with what actually caused Tennis Elbow in the first place. Surgery only attempts to deal with the symptoms.

Unfortunately, surgery usually attempts that by causing more damage to the body.

If you truly have Tennis Elbow, there is nothing broken or wrong with your tendon or tendon sheath. It’s just very, very unhappy.

C. sever the tendon completely.

What I want to say here is “ARE YOU CRAZY??”

But I’m a medical professional so I won’t;)

Let’s think about this. Through no fault of its own, your tendon is irritated, inflamed, has too much tension on it because of the tight muscle attached to it, isn’t getting enough movement or circulation, and Somebody Wants To Cut It In Half?

Completely sever the tendon?


If you get a black eye, do you cut your head off?

If you stub your toe, do you cut your toe off?

Please please please don’t let anybody intentionally completely sever your tendon just because you have Elbow Tendonitis.

Tennis Elbow Surgery and Developing Tendonitis

How did you get Tennis Elbow in the first place?

Elbow Tendonitis doesn't just magically appear.

You performed certain activities over a period of time. Your muscles got tight. You got some wear and tear injury, Repetitive Motion Injury.

Even if your pain appeared suddenly, the structure in your forearm had been building up to it for quite a while.

Your muscles got tighter, you got inflammation, and the Pain Causing Dynamic set in, and then you felt pain.

How does Tennis Elbow Surgery deal with that?

It doesn’t. Not even a little bit.

So let’s say you get the surgery and after a month of healing (from surgery, not from Tennis Elbow), and the up to a year of not being able to do anything truly strenuous with your hand, what then?

You’ll likely go right back to doing whatever it was you were doing that got your structure unhappy in the first place and it will happen all over again, only worse because you have all the physical damage/disruption from the surgery.

The Side Effects and Dangers of Tennis Elbow Surgery

In no particular order:


Once the anesthesia wears off, you get to enjoy the pain of having your skin sliced open and pulled apart, several layers of connective tissue slices through and pulled apart, and whatever scraping, shaving, lopping off of whatever chunks of you they deem necessary, and (god forbid) possibly the total severance of the main tendon.

Plus pain from the possible side effects below.


Not only visible scarring, but you have a scar as deep as the scalpel went. Scarring is how the body knits itself back together. This prevents mobility internally and could even limit the ability to fully straighten your arm.

Also, the scar can be painful.


As with all surgery, there is the chance of infection. Even if it is a small chance, it’s more of a chance than if you didn’t get cut into.

Nerve Damage:

Anytime you get surgery there is a chance for a nerve to be nicked or severed. You also have to take into account the skill of the surgeon.

I bet you’d feel dumb if you walked in with a painful elbow and walked out with some amount of permanent nerve damage.

Weakened structure:

Your body has been physically invaded and, in essence, restructured. For a variety of reasons, this can leave you with structural weakness, muscle weakness, more sensitivity to pain from using your muscles, and weird, ‘unexplainable’ symptoms.

Surgery failure:

This is the possibility (the likelihood, really), of the Tennis Elbow surgery not working. Meaning, it doesn't fix your problem, but leaves you with all the problems from actually -getting- the surgery.

Just How Overkill isTennis Elbow Surgery?

I don't know how you think about it, but to me is seems like a horribly misguided idea to cause a lot of major damage to 'cure' a little bit of minor damage.

There are safe, effective alternatives to Tennis Elbow Surgery.

Like I asked before, if you had a black eye, would you cut off your head?

Would you cut off half your head? Would you have your eye removed?

Of course you wouldn’t.

All those measures would obviously create more problems than you started with.

Tennis Elbow Surgery is like that.

• It does more damage to you than you had when you started.

• The long healing times are to heal from the damage the surgery did.

• It puts you at risk for infection, nerve damage, scarring, and structural and muscular weakness.

Why would you put yourself at risk for all that when there are some simple, easy, and highly effective methods you can use to make the pain go away, and even to reverse Tennis Elbow Tendonitis?

I will be adding more resources soon, but for now, start with this free, incredibly effective way to make your pain vanish.

Learn How To Reduce Inflammation and do what it says to do.

You will be pleasantly amazed at how well it works.

And, if want want a complete protocol to eliminate your Tennis Elbow.....

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