The Fear That Tendonitis Is Actually More Than That ?

Joshua is it a regular thing for us guys to worry that what we have is more than the simple pain dynamic?

Do you get a lot of folks thinking the sprain is a tear and the burning pain is a snapped ligament?

We human beings tend to be gloomy about such things.

Lets hear some success stories from your work with patients.

Go Joshua !!!


Funnily enough, I find we humans more often go the opposite direction.

We think it's just a temporary thing and that the pain wil just go away, sooner or later.

Years later, the thought process is still 'It can't last -that- much longer....'.

Tendonitis symptoms and pain, and the mechanical process keeping the dynamic alive, can last a lifeltime.

There is a certain point of pain, or limitation, where we go "Hey, this is a -problem-!"

And then, as you say, it seems that we do shift to a "I'm -injured-!" thought process.

When it may just be that we have a lot of pain, even limitation, but no actual injury per se. There is more to pain than just injury.

But yes, we do get gloomy. Pain takes a lot out of us.

And at a certain point, I think we naturally just give up. That's when willpower, motivation, determination, and general outlook on health and life comes into play.

Some people give up and minimize their lives accordingly. Some people keep looking for answers,
keep trying different methods, keep an ear out for new ideas.

Success stories? You can see them scattered throughout these Ask The Tendonitis Expert questions and answers.

Some people ask and never reply to their answer. Some people stay in contact, try out what I suggest, And some of them keep in communication.

Lots of people, and I see this in my hands on practice too, get better and then I never see or hear from them again.

Which I think is great. People just want their pain to go away so they can get on with their lives. Once the pain is gone, they do indeed get right on in their lives.

I like it when I don't hear back from people. To me, that means they got 'better' enough to put their focus on living, instead of getting out of pain.

Does that count as a succes story?


Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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