The Toe Tumor Operation's Been Done & Now I Have Numb & Getting Phantom Pains

by Slade Yuille
(Point Cook Victoria Australia)

Woke Up After Toe Tumor Surgery & Could Not feel My Foot

Woke Up After Toe Tumor Surgery & Could Not feel My Foot

Hi my name is Slade Yuille from Point Cook in Victoria Australia, I am 6 foot 4 inches tall, weigh around 118kg and do a lot of walking with the company that am employed with here in Melbourne Australia delivering seafood.

I have just recently returned back from the USA in March of 2015 after staying with my friend in Corona California and noticed while I was over in the USA as I did a lot of walking and I noticed that I was getting serve pain under my left toe.

After walking around various parts of California and Yuma Arizona my left toe pain was becoming a real pain in the butt, and being the traveler that I am I always carry tiger balm and pain killers, so I just placed some tiger balm under my toe on my left foot and took 2 Panamx pain killers every 2 to 4 hours and the pain was just getting worse.

So I put up with it as I was only in the USA for a couple of weeks and on my return back to Melbourne Australia I made an appointment to see my local doctor and at this point in time I could hardly walk properly on my left foot.

I was limping quite badly and my doctor had a look at the problem on my left toe and was not at all happy with what he saw and ordered me to have and X-ray, Ultra Sound and a MRI and the report came back showing that I had a Tumour the size of around 8cm diameter and ordered that I go and see a foot specialist / surgeon.

He had a look and was not very impressed with what he saw and felt and arrange for me to have surgery on Friday 24th July 2015 and he operated and removed this Tumour which apparently took 2 hours to operate on me to remove this thing and he saw me the next day in my ward and said that the Tumour was a nasty cancerous type and it was under investigation.

Since that operation being Friday 24th July 2015 to now being Monday 3rd August 2015 I am getting pain slitting pain from under my left toe and my lower foot across all toes are numb and my foot feels like an ice burg and in fact I have fallen over quite a few times because of this and I feel like a right gitt for doing so and when I lie in bed it feels like I do not have a foot on my left side and I find it quite hard to stand up without getting the feeling that I am going to fall over again.

In saying this I have had to make an appointment to see the surgeon and I informed him of my problems and he wants to see me urgently as he thinks that as the Tumour was so large and it had been under my left toe for quite a few months it might have damaged major nerves, so I will be waiting
on the out come of his investigations.

I never ever want to go through this type of surgery again, but as I have so much cancer throughout my body I just keep bouncing back and try to get on with my life the best way I can, although that has been a challenge as I often get thoughts of ending my life as I get so depressed with the pain and I dare tell my doctor this as he will give me anti depressant pills and I don't really want to go there and I have had pain therapy and that only worked for a few days and I was back to where I was.

I am sorry that I have raved on so much but writing how I feel about this has made me feel a bit better although I have a pain in my neck looking at the key board and looking up at the screen to make sure I have not make any typing mistakes as I am a one finger typist.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Slade.

I'm sorry to hear about all that.

It sounds like there's an overall cancer issue in place, but specifically the toe.

As far as the pain and numbness, it sounds like when the surgeon cut out the tumor there was damage to the nerves as well. Which makes sense, if he took out a big chunk and there were nerves passing through it.

Which toe was it? If it's the Big Toe, that makes sense as far as the loss of balance. The big toe is a major contributor to balance, etc.

Getting over that is/should be just a matter or retraining/relearning how to walk.

Having said that, how extensive was the surgery? Incisions just on the toe? Or up into the ball of the foot?

Do you know if the surgery cut into/removed any bone at all? See: Bone Bruise

Magnesium For Tendonitis will help your body deal with the stress (the body burns up magnesium to deal with mental/emotional/physical stress, as a mechanical function).

Tendonitis is the least of your worries at the moment, but it's good to be aware of. THe pain from the toe etc will have an effect and progress a Pain Causing Dynamic.

See: What Is Tendonitis

Something to consider: Look into high dose Vitamin C via I.V. treatment for cancer/tumores. It's pretty effective at killing tumors.

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Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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