TMJ, Dizzyness, after a car accident, mini stroke involvement as well

by wayne
(coq bc canada)

hi here gos i am 62 yrs old never really had any major health prob till aug 2008 it started when my truck got hit on the passenger side most impact i think was on the wheel it is a 4 wheel drive i was stoped making a left hand turn, one week later i was eating a potato chip and the right side of my jaw cracked went to emg they said i had tmj.

For about 1 week or so i had a hard time to eat and hurt a bit when i opened my mouth sometimes i got a headache and blurred vision got better it seemed after.

i am a carpet cleaner. nov 4 2008 i got out of bed feeling very dizzy spinning had to hold wall to go to bathroom went to dr he said bp very high give bp pill and betahistine pills nov6 went to diff dr he said take too bp pill pakage say only one, that night bp 230 /130 shaking from head to toe ambulance take me to hosp they think maybe a heart attack.

i spend 8 days in hospital they take 16 blood samples i stopped counting at that no had a angigram ok heart dr say i have a lot of pressure on my heart no heart attack i leave hospital still dizzy and headach on lots pill norvasic 10m metropolo 12m assp ramprill 10 m i take 2 times a day metrop 1 time a day i also had ct scan came out neg i was taking 8 pills in the morning and 8 pills at night in the hospital every day i still am dizzy headach head hurt when i touch it about 4 different times had to call ambulance i had the shakes and bp very high, they gh heart and after awhile bp goes down and they send me home.

Last time in emg dr sent me to neurologist he do another scan with dye of my head , he says i had a mini stroke and my left neck artery was 99% blocked so i agree to have the operation all cleaned out no stent dr say before operation my dizzy will stop

It did not stop that was april 2008 this is jan 2010 still have the dizzy and head spinning going on

this is very dishearting i can not work like this have not worked in over a year they say it was my ear problem inner ear just had a mri finally it came back neg says rule out acoustic schwannoma says cranial 7and 8 normal in appearance there is no end to
this they are all just quessing with this problem so i hope maybe you can give me some hope, i still think it all happend from my accident i had

thank you hoping and praying wayne


Joshua Answers:

Hi Wayne.


First off, let me say this is way out of my realm, what with the blocked carotid artery and stroke and such.

So I'll say what I see that I might be able to offer.

1. The car accident certainly didn't cause the blocked artery. That was a long time coming.

2. It's possible from the accident (and any previous factors) that the impact caused Whiplash that not only gave you TMJ but possibly also pulled your vertebral C1 (top vertebra) out.

Either the C1 is out, or another vertebra, is pressing on a nerve. This can cause dizzyness and inner ear stuff. Get thee to an Osteopath or chiropractor and get that checked out.

The stroke and the carotid blockage could cause the dizzyness....

The inner ear stuff, if it is inner ear stuff, can be vertebrae twisted around and pinching on something. It could also be a symptom of Magnesium Deficiency.

Were I you, I would also make sure that my Vitamin D level was up where it's supposed to be. You live in Canada and work(ed) indoors. I bet that you are VERY Vitamin D deficient.

Were I you, I would go to the Magnesium Dosage and get some magnesium and start taking it as described.

Both of those, as soon as possible. Maybe the stroke caused the inner ear problem, but I am VERY curious to see what happens if you get your Vitamin D and Magnesium up.

I -know- your doctors haven't looked at your nutritional levels.

That bad news is, you have a lot going on.

* Make sure your cervical spine is in good shape.

* Get your Vitamin D level tested. You may or may not have to make your doctor do this.

* Supplement with Magnesium (anything other than magnesium oxide)

* Might as well take a good multivitamin/multimineral while you're at it.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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