Trigger Finger from Dengue Virus problem!!!! 17 and want to play guitar as a career.

by Daniel

hello, I don´t know what to do...

I used to play the guitar many hours per day, but then in 2008, I had dengue, and after that this trigger finger started in my thumbs, but now I have it in almost of the fingers of my hands.

I tried the cortisone injections, it worked for the right hand thumb, but it fails in the other fingers, i had two injections in some of the fingers but it doesn´t worked.

now, i´m 17 and I want to study electric guitar like a career, I have only this year to deal this trigger finger problem, I dont know if i have to do the surgery for all the fingers...

what do you recomend me?, my triger finger is not very painful, but it dificults a lot to play.

thank you very much...

God Bless you


Joshua Answers:

Hi Daniel.

You didn't leave your email address for notification, so I hope you find this.

It's possibly that you just have a repetitive strain issue with the trigger fingers, but I highly doubt it.

I would more look at the physical effects of the body responding to the dengue virus. It's common for the body to, in it's efforts to attack an invader, kick in an immune response that either attacks
or at least affects the body itself.

And the trigger finger as you describe it sounds like an auto-immune issue, like rheumatoid athritis, only it looks different.

Coritsone injections just aren't going to help if that's the problem.

My 2 cents is do find a doctor that will deal with your issue from an auto-immune aspect rather than a 'normal' Trigger Finger or Tendonitis

And even then, I'd still point you to my Kerri at as she deals with that kind of thing, in my opinion, effectively, gettting to the source of the issue instead of just treating the symptoms.

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Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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