Update on Tendonitis treatment, but question for Joshua..

by Don
(Brisbane Australia)

I have now been on Joshua's program the last two months, and after a fair bit of effort, achieved very good results. Thank you for that!.

Every couple of weeks I still see my physiotherapist, who has me doing an eccentric weight training program.

From here stems my question.

After reading this site top to bottom, and going through my program material, nowhere, does Joshua refer to "re-strengthening/retraining/exercising" to try and regain back lost strength and ability?

My physio has hinted I will never return to anything close to normal, if I do not partake in painful exercises, the end result is ALWAYS a lot of pain afterwards, and leaving me dreading my next visit.

She expects me to do the exercises every second day, and too only not do them if the pain becomes extreme... naturally, I feel I'm doing more harm than good, even though I have read positive articles on the Internet about eccentric training.

And because Joshua has been the only person to show me a real way of dealing with pain, is rather important to me to hear your views on this? To me, the theory seems sound, but what in effect is actually happening, I am really re-injuring areas I am trying to heal!

What do you think? thank you


Joshua Answers:

Hey Don.

Long belated answer, but here goes.

1. You said "My physio has hinted I will never return to anything close to normal, if I do not partake in painful exercises".

Yuck. What a horrible thing to say.

Why is the exercise painful?? How is exercise going to fix whatever is causing the pain?

"Just work through it!" is most often a VERY poor strategy.

2. I don't talk about stretching/strengthening/re-training for a couple reasons.

Primarily, because I'm a 'fix the problem' and then go exercise/stretch/strengthen.

Also, because I don't think that actually fixes anything. Having said that, a small percentage of pain is from weak muscles where strengthening will actually help. But mostly, by the time people find me/get to me, they're way past that

But also, because the way I go about it/think about Tendonitis, if there is an injury/scar tissue issue, traditional stretching and strengthening just puts more strain and tension on the structurally impaired structure(s).

If a bridge has a cracked pillar, do they put more cars on the bridge? No, they fix the pillar.

So, in general, if you are doing an exercise and feel pain, 1 or both of 2 things are happening.

* Movement triggers a pain sensation for a variety of reasons including Pain Enhancing Chemical.

* Contraction of muscle pulls on connective tissue, which if there is actual wear and tear injury and scar tissue, pulls on said scar tissue and causes more micro wear and tear (technically an injury).

Point being, you can have pain without any actual injury. But if you do have actual injury, then depending on the exercise and what's happening in there, yes you can be causing continual injury.

3. I don't talk about stretching/strengthening/re-training because I focus first on fixing the structure and having things work right.

I'm pretty sure you bought one of my products, but don't remember which one. If you have the one that includes 'Specific Massage', that, technically is stretching, but it's highly targeted and focused, and goes after those little areas of brittle scar tissue build up.

More questions, more answers. And less wait time this time.

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Comments for Update on Tendonitis treatment, but question for Joshua..

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Feb 18, 2011
Response from Joshua - Gold Star For Don!
by: The Tendonitis Expert

Hey Don.

Kudo's to you for doing the work!

I'm more than happy to work with motivated people, people committed to getting their bodies (and thus their lives) back in working order.

One can only go alone so far.

Teamwork baby!

You have gotten the point/concept that I try to get across: That it's a process and a skill. Once you understand the process and have the skill to cause the results you want, it's no longer a mystery.

It's certainly not rocket science.

Go Don!

Feb 11, 2011
Update - It is STILL working!
by: Don

Hi Joshua,
just want to give you further feedback, as you seem to THRIVE on information..ha ha..

it has been a long time now since I first made contact with you with my original complaint being tendinitis in my wrists and forearms from excessive guitar playing.

I bought your Reversing Guitar Tendonitis ebook, plus you gave me regular guidance on how to help myself. thanks to you and your lovely partner Kerri gave me exceptional advice on how to help myself.

Of course the doctors had no clue, as apparently, if you believe the 'medical' statistics, only 1% of people have any kind of serious reaction, yet, you only had to go to Google or the injury forums, and find out that the figure is more like 39%! anyway, the medical profession will never believe this,because it is not 'scientifically proven'..sigh..

Anyway, the GOOD news here is I have been religiously applying the recommendations and protocols both yourself and Kerri have shared with me.

I have tried to shortcut and modify your protocol, learning some lessons the hard way along the way..(Don't!)

Do my tendinitis symptoms return? Absolutely! what I've learned from yourself, I had been setting myself up for this situation, many years ago when I first took up practicing music.
Long before my doctor injected me with a toxic poison.

As human beings, living our busy lifestyles, we all want a quick, easy, and instant resolution to any pain and problem which appears in our life, which unbeknown to us, has been many years in the making..(how many times have you said this??) the human body is such an amazing thing.

It constantly compensates and compensates to the point where it finally gives up, and finally believes that 'this must be normal'..how many times have you said THAT??..
..(did rest cure me?..not at all).. symptoms faded, but returned immediately on ANY activity..

Today, that monstrous mental depression and fear is long gone, I now realize, after a big day, if I've just been doing my usual routine, and not doing anything stupid that could actually hurt me, I simply laugh, acknowledging I have kicked off "The Process", and make sure a call into my local store, and pick up a big bag of ice... do what I have to do, then get to sleep all night uninterrupted, go to work the next day, and be able to do my job often with ZERO discomfort.. that in itself just blows my mind...

Joshua, you are the only person in the world I trust that knows exactly what we are talking about here... I am now living my life, when the medical profession wanted to label me 'Disabled with undetermined (ie: not PROVEN) etiology'..what the?

Joshua and Kerri, words fail me how you have helped me. People who come to you, HAVE to realize, you MUST put in the work to get the results...thank you for eternity.

Send me your address, you are at the top of my Christmas card list....love you both,
Don (Qld, Australia)

Jul 29, 2010
Update on Tendonitis treatment, but question for Joshua..
by: The Tendonitis Expert

Joshua Comments:

Yikes! That sounds horrible on a variety of levels.

It also sounds like Levaquin antibiotic. Did you have any antibiotics lately?

Aside from that, one possibility is, you already had high levels of mercury/heavy metals, and the amount in the swine flu vaccine took your body over the edge and it's now in a heavy metal poisoning response/dynamic.

Another possibility, the dangerous ingredients of the shot kicked your already stressed body into a state of 'oxidative stress'. Which is the physiologic process that damages our body when we experience stress. Some stress is fine. Too much stress kicks in a process that, essentially, damages/ages us.

Oxidative stress is part of the problem with Levaquin poisoning (and a lot of other things) as well.

Those are probably the top two options.

And, doctors (as a whole) just aren't going to admit that their holy grail has a flaw. Unfortunately, they trust the pharmaceutical company implicitly and have given over much of their....doctor ability(?) and just do what big pharma advises them. Yes, I have a soap box to get on about that.

So, a few options.

You can throw some supplements at a heavy metals problem:
* B12 (methylcobalamin), melatonin, vitamin c, selenium, etc
*or you can take the heavy metals test and find out exactly what's up there.

You can throw some supplements at an oxidative stress problem:
*B12 (methylcobalamin), melatonin, vitamin c, selenium
*or you can take the oxidative stress test and find out exactly what's up there.

See any similarities there?

So, I'm going to send you over to Kerri at www.easy-immune-health.com. She's the best expert I know of to help you deal with this.

She watched me type this, so she'll keep an eye out for you.

You'll still have to pay for any tests etc you do, but she and I are both curious to find a 'cure' for this kind of thing, so we'll be happy to spend time with you figuring it out.

The tough part is, we don't know what was in your swine flu vaccine.

Maybe not the most supportive words in the world, but at this point I think it's fair to say that all your attention is on how to get your body out of this significant and debilitating response.

Jul 29, 2010
Reply, swine flu shot poisoning, tendonitis
by: Don

Hi Joshua,
yes, I just assumed you were a little busy!

Thank you for your comments, as usual, very logical!

I have since stopped any physiotherapy.however I can see some kind of logic in their theories? Use it or lose it? They believe training an injury reminds the body about a failed healing? Making the body start the process again, which of course restarts the process of inflammation?? so confusing!

Anyway fast forward to today, I did a very foolish thing by listening to my doctor, and taking a swine flu shot... long story short, the shot poisoned my fragile system, has given me chemical tendinitis on top of my existing battle (can you imagine the pain I am in now?)

I've never had problems with my legs before, now I have Achilles, hip and shoulder tendinitis problems... rapid onset after shot... last month i was scuba-diving with friends, today I cannot walk more than 50 m without fear of some kind of tendon rupture... still my doctor denies any of my current problems could be related to the Vacc? Why do they do this?

This was my very first flu shot (and my last) I pray to God I just don't continue getting worse and worse, I have already lost my job, and fear I may even end up in a wheelchair, I have read on the site before, you mention nothing can be done for chemical tendinitis?

As you can imagine, I am now at a spectacular new low, any advice, or even just support is appreciated.. thank you

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