Wrist Tendonitis and Tennis Elbow from typing essays and playing guitar

by Peter


Two months ago I developed tennis elbow and wrist tendonitis from doing an excessive amount of typing for essays and also playing guitar at the same time.

The pain isn't massive and I still maintain strength in both my arms. I've had anti- inflammatorys and it went away, but came back when I lifted something very heavy, obviously the tendon was still weak.

I have been doing the ice dipping and its been helping a great deal.

My question is which dvd should I get? The Tennis Elbow one or the Carpal Tunnel one? Unfortunately I cant afford both at this appointing time.

I need help though as I have a lot of assignments due and a vast amount of typing to do and I don't want to make it worse. So which one?

BTW I am also a vegetarian relatively active, not so much for a little while since university has taken over my life.



Joshua Answers:

Hi Peter.

Keep with the icing. Up the numbers. If you have to, keep typing as much as you want, but you need to very much increase the number of dips to counter ongoing irritation and the body's protective response.

I suggest that of the two, you get 'The Tennis Elbow Treatment That Works'.

It will directly help the entire
dynamic in the lower arm and wrist/hand, and we will use it as a base to work from.

Playing guitar sets up a certain mechanism in the forearm/wrist/hand.
Typing excessively sets up a very very almost identical mechanism.

The 'Tennis Elbow Treatment That Works' DVD has the bulk of what what you need to reverse the mechanism, and definitely has what you need to drop the pain levels and help support the body to keep itself happy and pain free.

And, it will take some time and effort, fair warning. And, it works if you do it, as you are seeing with the icing. And, I'm available for fine tuning and what not until you are as pain free and as able to use your hands as you want to be.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Comments for Wrist Tendonitis and Tennis Elbow from typing essays and playing guitar

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Sep 14, 2009
PART 2 - Postage Time - Wrist Tendonitis and Tennis Elbow from typing essays and playing guitar
by: Peter

Hey Josh. I was wondering how long it takes for the dvd to reach australia. I am quite eager to get this tendonitis sorted and i have been ice dipping every 5 mins for 2 hours every day as well as occasionally doing the ice massage. Is their anything else i can do while i wait?



Joshua Comments:

Great. You're ahead of the game. Keep Ice Dipping. As things start to feel better, Ice Dip a bit less (if you want to) and Ice Massage a bit more, and deeper.

What have you noticed so far, and how many days have you been icing like that?

Officially, estimated time is 13-21 days shipping time. But if you're in a major population area, should be 7-10, is how it's been going.

Sep 30, 2009
PART 3 - Wrist Tendonitis and Tennis Elbow from typing essays and playing guitar
by: Peter

Gday Joshua

I have received the dvd, very nice and informative.

At the moment I am noticing that my arms are getting better, when I wake up and at least for a little while I have no pain but after sometime I do.

This becomes apparent especially whilst driving (i drive a manual) when I start out I'm normal but as I go I get pain etc. Ive also severely limtited most of my activities that antagonize it, but I am working in a ktichen which involves quite significant use of my hands. I do end up quite sore from that and I do take anti inflammatories on those days.

I am tending to get sore about 2 inches up from the wrist and on the inner side as well. The other sore spot is on the inside of the elbow towards the top of the arm. I notice that quite significanly when I do the knuckle drag.

With the knuckle drag how hard show I be pressing? Can I resume normal activities? And how do I strengthen that whole area?

Sorry about the distance between replies I haven't been near a comp for a week or so



Joshua Comments:

Hey Peter, no prob on the timing.

You may want to increase the number of dips. The more you hurt and the faster you want it gone, the more you dip.

Pressure on the ice drag...you should feel it, but not the sensation of pain. There's good pain, and bad pain. Don't push it to bad pain, but the deeper you can get the cold in, the better. That's more a function of the guitar playing.

Can you resume normal activites? The answer is a loose yes. Yes, if you do the activities enough to counter and negative response.

Usually, you do activities a lot at first, then taper down as your hand use slowly increases.

How to strengthen? Get out of pain first, then you can do any variety of stretches, squeezes, weights, isometrics...the options are unlimited, and I don't believe tht there is any 'right' way.

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