Wrist tendonitis, both wrists, which DVD would be best?

by Josh
(Beverly, MA)


Just found your site and am hoping it can help me.

I am a writer and have been suffering from debilitating wrist pain (pinky side of hand, on bottom/palm side of hand) in both wrists after working too long on a laptop computer about 4 months ago. Sometimes I also feel pain in my elbows, also ulnar side, while typing.

The wrist pain is like a constant ache that hurts every waking moment. It gets worse with movement of my wrists -- typing, obviously, but also things like turning doorknobs, buttoning my shirt, etc -- and then it takes a long time to calm down to even that general achy feeling again.

The pain has lasted for 4 months and hasn't gotten better after two long periods of rest away from a computer (1 month and 10 days of rest, respectively) over this time. I have also tried occupational therapy, ultrasound, stretching, trigger point needling, and NSAIDs. Also a new keyboard tray, ergonomic keyboard, and splints.

Literally no relief whatsoever. My orthopedic specialist wants to try cortisone next.

I am desperate. Which DVD should I try? Also, would you recommend the ice dipping?

Please... HELP!



Joshua Answers:

Hi Josh (great name, by the way:)

First off, let's cross rest, splints, nsaids, ultrasound, and ergonomics of the list of things that can help Tendonitis dynamic issues like yours get better.

And trigger point needling just sounds like a bad idea.

I'm not surprised that your specialist now wants to do the next thing on the checklist of things that don't work. How is your
orthopedist's track record on this?

As a start, I absolutely do suggest Ice Dipping, as described on the How To Reduce Inflammation page.

Maybe you have actual Tendonitis damage. It sounds like you have all the dyanmic of wrist tendonitis though, meaning muscles that are chronically WAY too tight, connective tissue that has shrunk down and now constricts everything, and a Process of Inflammation and pain.

Rest just isn't going to do what you want it to do at this point, because your structure has been changing, and it's progressed to a painful design.

To answer your question, were I you I would get The Tennis Elbow Treatment That Works.

It has the bulk of what you need, and depending on the results you get, we can fine tune what you'll find on the DVD a little bit if necessary.

I would also make sure that your Vitamin D levels are up where they are supposed to be, and I would supplement with Magnesium and see if mag deficiency is playing a role.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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