Wrist Tendonitis pain for 6 months leave for military training in 6 more months

Hi, I have had an ongoing tendonitis problem in my right wrist since june, and it doesn't seem to be getting better.

I hurt it while working out at the gym, doing onearm dumbbell preacher curls.

I am very resiliant to pain and continued to workout of a month, until i could barely curl a dumbbell without pain.

in july i start seeing a sport physical therapist for the wrist who has used stim treatment for it. the stim treatments have gone on since july, and seem to help, but since july i have been off and on working out which seems to aggravate the tendon even more.

5 weeks ago i stopped working out, and haven't touched a weight since. About a week and a half ago i started administering home ultrasound treatments with a 1MHz ultrasound machine for about 5 minutes.

I have stopped since it seems to be making it worse.

yesterday i started trying the ice dipping and ice massage. There also seems to be inflammation on the end of the ulna. There seems to be a great deal of inflammation on the underside of my wrist on the pinkie side. It hurts when i face my palm upward and twist outwards. It is more of a stiff pain then a sharp pain.

it also hurts on the side of my wrist when i grip something vertically and rotate my wrist. that is a sharp/shooting pain. the problem is i leave for training in 6 months, but i am getting worried because its not getting better and i only have 6 months left before i ship. I am considering purchasing wrist tendonitis ebook if the ice dipping and ice massages don't show improvement.


Joshua Answers:

Hello there.

Well, do you know if you have Wrist Tendonitis, an actual rip or tear in the tendon, or just a huge Pain Causing Dynamic?

2. Did this pain just show up out of the blue or did it slowly come on over time and then you started to really pay attention to it?

3. Say more about the ultrasound irritating it more.

4. How much have you iced dipped so far? And, is the water arctic cold?

5. Describe your average daily food intake.

6. Any history of injury?

7. Overall health?

8. Anything else that would be of interest to me?

Thanks for all the details, btw.

I'm curious what your answers look like. And yes, I suggest that you get the Reversing Wrist Tendonitis ebook and MEMORIZE it.

Looking at a career of the military and working out, you're going to need to know how to get yourself out of pain, and keep yourself out of pain.

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Comments for Wrist Tendonitis pain for 6 months leave for military training in 6 more months

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Nov 30, 2010
reply to questions - Wrist Tendonitis pain for 6 months leave for military training in 6 more months
by: Anonymous

1. I went to a doctor that confirmed tendonitis, but never got an MRI.

I think there could have been rips and tears AND pain causing dynamic because (which brings me to question

2) I am pretty sure that i hurt is once during preacher curls, but ignored it until i could not grip the weight, so initally a rip/tear, now probably more of a giant pain causing dynamic.

3. I read a great deal of articles that say ultrasound is good for treating tendonitis, so i purchased a 1MHz machine and gel to start doing self treatments 3x a day at 5min each. at first i think it helped, i noticed a lot less stiffness, though there was still some sharp pain, but as i progressed my wrist (the tendon, the "side of the tip of the ulna" and the "top of the ulna") seem to be swollen and bigger then on my left wrist

4. I have been ice dipping tons since my last post, at least 20x a day and the water is very arctic (4 gallons of cold water, one large bag of ice from safeway, 2 frozen water bottles and what ever ice is in the freezer form the ice machine).

It has helped with pain, but there is no improvement with inflamation.

5. My daily intake is high in calories and protein. I eat at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight, and about 2500 calories a day i used to supplement with creatine, nitirc oxide formulas, beta alanine and all sorts of stuff, but now its just protein powder since i can't workout.

I have no history of injury like this, though a couple broken bones here and there from sports/snowboarding, and i am in excelant overall health, with a sub 6min mile.

Since writing i have purchased the ebook, and have been doing [edited out]. I also got some magnesium oil, and have been applying 3-4x a day which seems to help, although it is very swollen.

The only magnesium pills i could find are magnesium oxide, so i got some glucosamine and chondroitin. is it possible to attach a picture?

I am considering accupuncture, although i have heard that it works great or doesn't work at all.


Joshua Comments:

Hey there.

That's my experience with Acupuncture too.

So it makes me curious if you do actually have some rip/tear in there.

Pain goes down with icing, good. But there's still a lot of inflammation, meaning swelling?

And does the swelling go down or not with the ice dipping?

Dec 01, 2010
reply - Wrist Tendonitis pain for 6 months leave for military training in 6 more months
by: Anonymous

Swelling (yes inflamation) does not go down with icing. the only thing that i have noticed to reduce swelling is wearing a brace at night. im not sure if that is reducing the swelling or just "compressing" or restricting it as i sleep, because it is back once i take the brace off.

Would i know if i had a rip or tear based on how much it hurts? it hurts to flex and rotate, or just simply twist, but if i had to i could lift through it (which i did in the past, only made it worse).


Joshua Comments:

Technically the brace reduces inflammation because the compression prevents swelling. Which doesn't mean that there is no inflammation, just no swelling because it -can't- expand.

Pain isn't necesarily an indication or rip or tear. In that, you can have NO rip or tear and still have debilitating pain.

You can feel around with your fingers, and explore along the structure.

1. Tell me again, how long has it been swollen?

2. What happens when you Ice Dip? (Do that serious for a few days and tell me the results.)

Dec 13, 2010
Follow up from ice dip
by: Anonymous

I iced dipped a copious amount for 4-5 days and the swelling didn't go down. My wrist was constantly red and swollen. I went to the orthopedist who scheduled me for an MRI, He said that I should lay off the ice dipping for a few days because I could be giving my wrist "frost bite".

So i have stopped ice dipping for a few days and the reddness is gone but there is still lots of swelling, though not as much.

I am waiting for the results from the MRI and I will keep you updated. BTW sorry for the late reply.


Joshua Comments:


And for the record, doing 10 second ice dips, you are in -NO- danger of frost bite. That doctor is smoking crack. It's like saying 10 seconds of direct sunlight will give you 3rd degree (sun)burn.

Plus, one either has frost bite or not. There is no 'getting frost bite'.

Anyhoo. As I describe, sometimes you need to ice dip until you start to win, which can take several days depending on what's going on, and how much 'copius' means.

There's A LOT going on under the surface of your skin, and just because it doesn't look like it's working, doesn't mean that it isn't.

Keep us updated. Curious to see what the MRI shows.

Dec 16, 2010
MRI results - Wrist Tendonitis pain for 6 months leave for military training in 6 more months
by: Anonymous

I was ice dipping every 10min for two hours a day @ twenty sec. per dip followed by hand massage. should i ice massage as well or no?

I received the MRI results today. I was surprised to find out that they were negative for anything at all. With those results he set me up with a wrist therapist. I am curious, would tendonitis without a rip/tear, and just a pain causing dynamic show up on an mri?

It still hurts to clench my wrist and rotate and there is still some swelling. I guess I am then going to start ice dipping again. Should i keep my arm in for 10 or 20 seconds, and how much time should remain between ice dips?

Honestly i think the orthopedist was trying to save face with the "frost bite" issue, I've noticed how surgeons hate to be wrong about something.


Joshua Comments:

If you don't have a rip or tear on a tendon, and you don't have a spot of serious microtrauma and inflammation, then you're not likely to see anything on an MRI.

If you have pain symptoms from nutritional deficiencies, that won't show up on an MRI.

If you have pain symptoms from muscles and connective tissue that are just TOO TIGHT and irritable, that won't show up on an MRI.

Remember. We assume that if there's pain there's a physical problem. This is not always the case. Not even close.


Yes, 10-20 seconds. You want to give your body time to push new blood into the area before dipping again.

Sep 04, 2012
I have Same Symptoms, did you cure your pain?
by: Anonymous

I have the same EXACT SAME symptoms that you have. It hurts rotating both ways, the palm upwards and the pain is exactly how you described it. I believe that I got it also from preacher curls and curling with a straight bar. It pains especially on the sides of the wrists. I've had it for 9 months now and orthopedic surgeon, doctor, and physical therapists aren't working (made me do excersise that made the pain intollerable for 1 month). I was wondering if you're tendonitis is still there or if it got better.

For me ice massaging for about 2 weeks brought the swelling down to a manageable pain level (could work out with slight weights but it would hurt and get worst). Ice dipping has helped a lot too, but still not gotten rid of it.

If you haven't gotten rid of it and still have to train for the military, switch to hammer curls, do pushups (fist ones if wrist hurts), and work on core and legs. That's what I've done to keep somewhat in shape. Thinkng of getting wrist wraps.

BTW the Ice dipping is amazing and i've recomended your site to others.


Joshua Comments:


FYI, ice dipping just brings down pain and inflammation. It doesn't fix the overall cause (it just deals with the level of inflammation).

Make sure to massage the whole structure(s), not just where it hurts.

Nov 20, 2012
wrist hurts when start on hammer curls
by: Anonymous

HI, i was playing rugby with my friends one day and my knuckles hit some ones leg and i guess i bent my wrist outwards. The impact wasn't that big but since that day i have a wrist pain when i hammer curl, and when it hurts most when i try and turn my wrist clockwise.. oh and btw it's my right hand. Im guessing it is wrist tendonitis, right?


Joshua Comments:

Well, ultimately there is wrist tendonitis involved, as the factors of that can develop after an impact event (swelling, inflammation, muscles tightening and staying tight, etc.

Maybe you just have some irritation and inflammation of the joint, if the joint was impacted. If the wrist bent back, it could have strained the muscles and tendons, or basically crushed the wrist joint tissue a little bit, or both. It just all depends on what exactly happened.

I'd get busy ice dipping as described on the How To Reduce Inflammation page.

Feb 11, 2013
6-7 Months....Not Healed Yet
by: Richard

I have been diagnosed with wrist tendonitis by my doctor. Of course nothing showed up on X-ray or MRI.

I have had similar pain in the past mainly if I grabbed the seatbelt the wrong way or getting wallet out of my pocket. This is on my left hand, and I am left handed....so I think this making the healing process worse. I actually had it casted for 3 weeks. The pain seemed like it went away about 95-100%, but I would baby it trying to get to 100%. Little things aggravate it setting me back a week or two.

I sleep with the brace on, or wrapped with an ace bandage. The problem with the brace though, is that I have to wear it tight so there is no movement, but then the pressing against my wrist does not help with the inflamation.

I am starting to thing that it will never get back to 100% without surgury. Oh yeah, this was set off when I started getting into medium distance bike-riding. Then I grabbed my laptop with my left hand the wrong way, and the rest is history.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Richard.

It's a good thing nothing showed up on xray or MRI. For tendonitis, nothing would (maybe inflammation on an MRI). And xrays at best would only show a significant tear in a tendon, or a bone break/fracture.

So count that as a good thing that you don't have a tear or fracture.

You said "I am starting to think that it will never get back to 100% without surgery."

But, that's assuming that surgery would get it back to 100%. And, what exactly would the surgeon cut on? What would he fix?

Here are some questions to Quiz Your Doc

I'm not a fan of Wrist splints and braces or immobilization. Anybody that advised you do do that has no clue why you hurt nor what to do about it. Immobilization does decrease new irritation to an already irritated dynamic, but it also makes too tight and short tissue tighter and shorter, which is a big problem and ultimately creates more pain and problem for you.

Live and learn, as they say.

Make sure to read these two pages:

See: What Is Tendonitis

See: Pain Causing Dynamic

There's good reason why you hurt and continue to hurt. That's just how Tendonitis works. Expecting it to just heal over time is our default thought/belief, but it's not a match to how Tendonitis works.

Oct 29, 2017
What still causes swelling if not inflammation?
by: Anonymous

I'm kinda curious as to why swelling would still be there if the ice dipping helps reduce inflammation. I figured inflammation and swelling go hand in hand. What would cause just swelling without inflammation?


Joshua Comments:

1. Reducing inflammation doesn't equal 'no inflammation process'.

2. There can be a delay between reducing inflammation/reducing the swelling mechanism and the actual movement of excess fluid (swelling) out of the area.

Jan 20, 2018
Right wrist hurts
by: Paul

This started in March 2012 after sparring my friend. If I can remember, I did a straight jab but he came really close and that's when my right wrist started to bend. Ever since then and now, it still hurts.(gradually but I managed to keep stretching and icing it)

It hurts when I do push ups, bend it up-and-down, and side-to-side.

I've done some stretching where I grip a tennis ball and do a circular motion. This hurts a lot but as time goes(bout 5 mins) it doesn't hurt as much as before but it'll eventually hurt again.

I've done the ice dip for 10-30 seconds for at least 10-15 times daily but still the same result.

My ex is a physical therapist and massaged it daily for about a full year but still the same.(massaged the wrist area and forearm muscles)

Done heat compressions to cold and vice versa, but still the same.

Please help because I'm leaving to the military this April.

What else can I do?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Paul.

What does 'started to bend' mean?

Did you rip/tear something there in the wrist?

Do you have significant weakness in any particular direction?

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