Wrist Tendonitis - Teenager

by Ella
(United States)


I currently do gymnastics (at a low level) and aerial silks recreationally. 2-ish weeks ago, on a Saturday, I practiced gymnastics on a trampoline for several hours (relevant because it may have contributed to overuse). Afterward, I felt fine. However, after gymnastics class on Monday, I started to feel pain in my left wrist on the back side near my palm. A few days later, I got x-rays, which confirmed that I have wrist tendonitis. I believe the injury is due to overuse, as there was no specific incident that caused the injury.

Anyway, I skipped silks class on Thursday and Saturday that week, but I performed in a show that day (allowed by my doctor). The following Monday, I still experienced wrist pain, so I skipped gymnastics class. The rest of that week and this week (so far) I have been attending class as usual (I am taking it easy in gymnastics though). I also play piano.

At first, I treated the pain with a brace (wore it at home and to sleep). I also iced my wrist. The pain is almost gone (I have not experienced any pain doing my athletic activities), but I still feel some stiffness and an occasional bout of dull pain (outside of activities). Also, the pain is no longer present in the original area...I feel like it has spread a bit. However, this new pain is very light (1-2/10).

I have just been scared that I am going back to normal too fast and so am causing my wrist to take longer to heal. I would like some advice on what to do to heal my wrist (and if the spreading of pain is normal).

I read some of the information on your website - I am going to look into taking magnesium. I am also vegetarian and find it difficult to get enough protein. However, I would like you to focus on my other questions before discussing my diet/supplements.

Thank you.


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