wrist tendonitis-no more pain-but large lump

by Sue
(San Ramon, ca )

I saw a doctor for Wrist Tendonitis pain and lump several months age.

She said I needed surgery to remove the tissue that was squashing my tendon.

I did nothing and the pain has completely gone.

However my thumb has lost a tremendous amount of strength.

The lump is growing and is on the inside of my wrist below my thumb. I can not use a key to open a locked door because my thumb is so weak.

Should I have the tissue removed now?




Joshua Answers

Hi Sue.

One out of two ain't bad...lump stayed but the pain is gone....

I was going to let this one go till tomorrow till I saw you said the lump was growing.

So I definitely need some more information for this one.

1. Did you have wrist tendonitis, or was the lump pushing on the tendon? Or both?

2. How big is the lump now? How big was it then? (as best you can describe.

3. Can you take and attach a picture of the lump?

4. Is the lump hard, or squishy? Is if fluid filled, or solid. Does it feel like there's a ball in there you can more around, or is it solid?

5. What did your doctor say about the lump in your wrist, other than that "it should be removed"?

6. Did your doctor say what type of lump it was?

7. Is your wrist tendonitis pain totally gone? Did you do anything for it? (It's not surprising that it's gone. We need to make sure it doesn't come back.)

Answer those questions, let's deal with the lump issue, and then we'll move on to loss of strength in the thumb and the wrist tendonitis.

Let's see if and how it all relates. First thing first, the 'lump'.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Sep 09, 2013
I also have a lump in the wrist
by: Lisa

I have had wrist tendonitis for the 3rd time (after renovating our home, lots and lots of painting, lifting ect.I had cortizone injections to deal with the last 2.I put of doing that this time (maybe 4 months), untill 5 days ago, because it had been a problem for so and bracing still wasnt fixing it, but Im sure has helped rest it.

There is still some swelling at times,(just looks like a puffy vien)I suspect if I was using my hand in normal situations it would still be giving me problems like before,(hotter, more pain).

But at this stage my main problem is moving my thumb out sideways and my wrist side ways.It catches and hurts alot if done suddenly.I also have a hard small lump near the puffiness.

And I dont want to be using a brace, to prevent any further aggrivation.

Any Ideas??? Thank you for your attention Lisa


Joshua Comments:

Hi Lisa.

1. You haven't had wrist tendonitis 3 times. It's just that the pain has come and gone. The mechanism gets entrenced and remains.

2. The 'catching' is either becaue the tendon sheath is inflammed and therefore grabbing the tendon as it slides through.

So the lump is either than inflammed tendon sheath, or it's scar tissue build up on a tendon, or it's a small lipoma (benign fatty tumor) or it's a Ganglion Cyst.

Which of those four do you think it is?

Sep 11, 2013
I also have a lump in the wrist II
by: Lisa

Thanks for that Joshua.

Funny you should ask me which i think it is, Ha!
When I use it or it, it doesnt seem to take much for it to get a bit warm and stingy and puffy, so I guess there's still inflamation in it, but yes I do wonder about the tissue build up. Because it still does that catching thing, even when Ive rested it well and it doesnt look puffy ect..

Im having another cortazone injection in it on mon (under ultra sound, so they can get right into the sheath) maybe they'll be able to tell then?

Is an operation the only way to fix the build up problem?

Thanks Joshua


Joshua Comments:

Hi Lisa.

I'm not so worried about the build up as the cause of the build up. And the question is, is the build up on the tendon, or is it just an inflammed/swolled tendon sheath.

The problem with surgery to remove scar tissue is that it causes injury to the tissue, which causes scar tissue formation....

Rest doesn't fix anything, all it does is reduce new irritation to an already irritated dynamic. Point being, resting it does change what scar tissue is doing or make it go away.

You need to specifically work the area of scar tissue build up, more importantly, you need to work the muscle structure(s) connected to that tendon. Muscle and connective tissue is too tight and is putting constant tension on the area of scar tissue, which is causing it to 'pull apart' to some degree, which causes more scar tissue to lay down.

Sep 15, 2013
wrist tendonitis
by: Lisa

Thanks Joshua,

I havn't been wearing the splint as much and not at night for a while. I have cancelled apointment for another cortazone injection (Dr also agrees), because I have more movement in it, its not locking anymore.

Ive been taking a formular with Chondroitin and Glucosamine (found suggestion on another website)
Do you agree it can help?

Ive bought one off your dvd,s( I thought it was one Id down load???)But havnt recieved it yet, or maybe its a hard copy?? Didnt get any advise as to proccess.

Anyway as far as not resting, and strenthening it (which I was under the impression strenthening muscles isnt what improves it and can agrivate it??)what is the best thing to do?

Thanks Lisa

Ps I really apreciate the time you spend.


Joshhua Commments:

Hi Lisa.

Yes, glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate can help, depending.

Use the contact form (link over to the left) and give me your last name and/or email address so I can look up your order and see what's what.

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