Rest Your Injury?
Why Stop Doing What You Love? (or what you have to do?)

Will Rest cure you? Or even help a tendonitis problem?

Is Tendonitis pain stopping you from doing what you love or keeping you from work?

Due to how the dynamic of pain and injury works, 'time off' will neither cure you, fix you, nor make you injury free.

'Taking It Easy' is often first prescribed by doctors as a common sense, 'if it hurts, stop doing it' method of reducing your pain.

Everyone hopes that this will work.

It does not.

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You may temporarily experience a reduction in pain, in that you are lessening the activities that irritate your structure and your symptoms, but....

Pain is present for a variety of reasons.

If you have Tendonitis there is a Pain Causing Dynamic that Tendonitis is a symptom of, that includes tightness, lack of circulation, a healing process that leaves you structurally weaker than before, Inflammation, and mental fear of more pain.

See:  What Is Tendonitis?

Once that dynamic is firmly in place, it is impossible for lack of activity to heal you.

Tendonitis will not be 'healed' by time. Left to it's own devices, it gets slowly worse and worse, and begins to effect the rest of your body in subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

Why Do Doctors Prescribe Rest?

It seems like common sense. If you stop doing what causes you pain, the pain will lessen or go away.

It's not bad advice, but it's not going to solve your problem.

It is a "Let's try this and hope it works" prescription.

Even if taking time off work or stopping that activity that you love does make the pain go away, which it is likely to do, what happens when you go back to work, or re-start that hobby?

You start to hurt again.

As you use your body, even after a period of no activity, you start hurting again, and hurting more? Does that sound familiar?

Tendonitis is a simple but persistent issue. Avoiding the problem does not deal with the problem.

With the RIGHT information, Tendonitis symptoms can be eliminated even while you continue to work and/or play as much as you want to!

Why Rest Does Not Fix Your Tendonitis Pain

It can't. Pure and simple.

On the positive side, Rest reduces the variables that irritate your structure and increase pain.

Everything else is a negative:

  • Shortens and weakens your muscular structure.
  • In essence immobilizes your muscles, then your connective tissue starts shrink wrapping the muscle.
  • Every time you use your muscle it squeezes like a sponge. No squeeze, and waste product gets trapped in, and new blood and nutrition is kept out.

This irritates the pain dynamic and makes everything tighter, more painful, and more reactive, even if you are not feeling it at the moment. It is gathering like a storm waiting for you to again use your structure.

For a more complete explanation, check out the Pain Causing Dynamic page. 

Do you want to know the difference between Rest and Relaxation?  There's a HUGE difference.

Doctors also prescribe:

Corticosteroid Injections, Splints and Braces like wrist splints , Anti-Inflammatories and Pain Killers, and Proper Ergonomics to reduce your pain.

Just like resting, these 'methods' can't and won't fix a tendonitis's like trying to fix a broken vehicle transmission with nothign but a screwdriver.  Screwdrivers are great for removing screws and such, but horrible for any job that requires a wrench.

Click the above links to find out why those options are ineffective in the long run.

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