Achilles Tendonosis Surgery and Bone Spur Debridement, happy and ready to do it again

by Diane

I suffered pain for years from achilles tendonosis and haglund's deformity. (reactive bone growth in my heal from all the inflammation in my tendon) Plus heel spurs added to the pain.

I had seen several orthopedic surgeons and 2 podiatrists who all recommended stretching, physical therapy and anti-inflammatories.

I've tried orthotics in my shoes until the bone growth didn't allow me to wear tennis shoes.

Walking barefoot or on uneven surfaces was literally impossible from the stabbing pain. I could only wear slip on shoes with a 1 to 2" heel to take the pressure off my heel pain. The pain was never-ending. i used to be an active tennis player and walker and now I could barely walk the dog.

I finally found a board certified foot and ankle orthopedic surgeon who gave me hope. January 2010 I had heel debridement surgery along with an achilles tendon transfer and lengthening. The surgery was outpatient -- it lasted 1 1/2 hours.

I can honestly say I have had NO pain since the my calf muscle feels a little tight, and I'm still working on single toe raises to build up the muscle. The surgeon removed a golf ball sized bone from me heel and described my achilles tendon as "mush." He said my tendon was basically shredded and that he was shocked by all the inflammation and the size of the heel growth.

He took a tendon from my foot and reattached it to the achilles tendon and then further up my calf he put a small notch in the tendon to help lengthen it. Yes, rehab was long -- 8 weeks no weight bearing. A life saver was using a roll-about knee walker that gave me mobility and kept my hands free...crutches are so limiting.

1 week in a splint, 7 weeks in a cast, then I progressed to a boot. Once I was in the boot I started physical therapy -- stretching and re-learning the correct way to walk.

I am getting ready to have surgery on the other leg in a few weeks. While I don't relish crawling up the stairs at home and being dependent on others to drive me places, I am anxious to be pain free. I will never be a basketball player or marathon runner, but I anticipate being able to walk long distances and be able to wear shoes with backs in them again.


Joshua Answers:

Hi Diane.

Thanks for sharing!

I'm glad the surgery's helped so far, so fast.

I'm curious how the new tendon grows/strengthens Achilles tendon. Definitely do keep stretching the muscle and connective tissue of the lower legs.

Did the doctors say anything about Achilles Tendonitis, or was it a specifically a case of Tendonosis?

It sounds like your structures, and the ecology of your structures, was pretty far along. Golf ball sized bone bone growth? Wow!

If you have the time and energy and inclination, please keep us updated as this goes along, I think that would be helpful and informative for a lot of people.

See: What Is Tendonitis?

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
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Comments for Achilles Tendonosis Surgery and Bone Spur Debridement, happy and ready to do it again

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Jul 08, 2016
Round 2
by: Tish

Well a year ago had bone spurs shaved off and achilles reconstructed.

Now i had 2 tears in my achilles and had to have surgery again on 07/6. Had the knee block again...but now wore off and the pain is unreal. I am keeping it elevated and under the calf.

2 percocets every 4 hours. Achiles hurts toes and bottom of foot hurt. I am hoping this pain goes away at this level soon. I barely move my big toe and causes a lot of pain. Any insight ...

Jul 06, 2016
5 days post op
by: Raquel

I've been dealing with insertional Achilles tendonitis in my left heel and a Haglunds deformity since March of 2015. I went through several stints in a walking boot, 3 rounds of physical therapy (going to bad PT really shows what great PT is!), and even tried Tenex to deal with the problem.

I had Tenex on March 2, 2016, and it felt okay at first, however the bone growth on the back of my heel was still there and quite prominent.

About 10 days after having the procedure, I stood up awkwardly in the walking boot and over compensated on my right leg. When I did that, I tore the meniscus and dislocated my knee cap in my right knee.

I was unable to bear weight or even fully extend or bend my right leg for about a week and was on crutches. Because of this, I think I put more stress on my recently treated left Achilles.

I started PT for both my left foot and right knee with a great physical therapist.

My knee has not given me any more trouble but toward the middle of April, it became apparent that my left heel wasn't improving and was actually far worse off than it was pre-Tenex. I went back to my ortho and he thought I should try Tenex again. If that didn't work, then he wanted to do an Achilles lengthening procedure and if that didn't work, he thought I should do the full spur removal and debridement.

As Tenex is minimally invasive, I was willing to try it again before a major surgery. If it didn't work, however, I was unwilling to do a tendon lengthening procedure as I have heard many horror stories about people completely losing strength in their calf.

I'm only 30 and wasn't willing to take the risk.

My doctor submitted orders for Tenex, but we soon found out that you have to wait 6 months between Tenex procedures as that is how long it can take for full healing.

I knew that the first Tenex procedure had not worked and really didn't want to wait another 3 months to have it and then still have the waiting period to see if it would work. After discussing all of this with my PT and family, I felt like it was time to get a second opinion, this time with an ortho that specializes in the foot.

He ordered another MRI, and basically told me he thought that I would need Haglunds removal and debridement surgery based on his physical exam and my description of the symptoms. He thought that my previous doctor had done everything reasonably, but he did say that he didn't think Tenex has turned out to be what they all hoped it would be. A

fter seeing the results of an updated MRI and new x-rays and comparing them to my first sets, surgery was the best option. We scheduled the surgery for 2 weeks later (on June 30).

I had my Haglunds deformity removed and my Achilles tendon debrided 5 days ago. My orthopedic surgeon had to fully detach my tendon and then anchor it back down with 4 anchors in the heel bone. It hasn't been too terrible so far.

My chief complaint is that I can feel some of the staples and it is an uncomfortable feeling. I'm in a plaster splint until next Tuesday. They will take the staples out then and put me in a cast for 3-4 more weeks at that point. The walking boot will come after that.

It has been a saga, but I hope this is the beginning of the end. I'm definitely moving my toes as much as possible and trying to be kind to my "good" leg. It is difficult to find a comfortable position because I feel like no matter how I place my leg, I can feel the plaster pushing on the staples and it makes me very uncomfortable. I'll be glad to have them out!

I go back to work next Thursday. It makes me a little nervous though, because I work in a high rise building and God forbid something happens, it would be many, many flights of stairs on crutches with a lot of people trying to get down quickly.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Raquel.

Thanks for the story/details.

Back to work...what..less than 10 days post surgery? Ouch. You must have a desk job....

But, yeah, thumbs up for elevators! :)

In general, keep your toes moving, and spend a little time throughout the day GENTLY pushing your foot up/down/left/right in the constraints of the cast.

That keeps neurons/muscles firing and active. Good for many reasons including better healing. The body doesn't do well with immobilization, so keep some/what movement going as you can.

Jul 01, 2016
bone spur and calcium deposit removal surgery
by: Kimberly

I had bone spur removal with a partial Achilles tendon detach/attach on 5/24/16.

During the surgery, they found a calcium deposit in the tendon. Doc says the tendon was in good shape otherwise. NWB (non weight bearing) splint for first week, NWB cast for a week at 65 degree bend.

Stitches were removed at 2.5 weeks and now in NWB cast for 4 weeks with about a 70 degree bend. Supposed to go to PWB (partial weight bearing) walking boot in another week for 6-8 weeks. I'm unsure if PT is going to be during the PWB or after.

Doc is happy; I am happy. Less pain and easier to move around than I expected. I still haven't conquered getting to sleep, but I do ok once I get there. It's not from pain, some discomfort, but that has more to do with my preferred sleeping position than anything I think.

I've been pretty much pain free after the first week. 3rd night was the worse, but even that was at the 3-4 level. It was calf muscles spasms that did it.

A couple of things I've learned so far both before and after.

Before: I realized I had the tendency to drag my right heel before lifting to push off the toes. I spent a few months working on reworking my gait that (harder than it sounds and tiring to the calf) and I had the best pain relief for a few years out of anything I tried.

Before: did some diet experiments leading up to the surgery and I discovered that added sugar and gluten has a big effect on swelling/water retention for me. If you have time before the surgery, try eliminating things (2 weeks) then slowly add them in and see how you do. I could see it just by watching my fingers.

After: I have a full flight of stairs to get in and out of my house. Fortunately, my living area is all one level and I had time to plan before surgery, so I'm not having to do it all the time. I'm also working from home (just need a laptop), so I'm home for 3 months during this.

I did a lot of hunting around and found something called a which has been a life saver for stairs. I also have a knee scooter, which is good for speed and distance and takes less effort. I hook the knee crutch to the basket hanger on the knee scooter and use the knee crutch for transitions, standing, and tight places. I also found this cool walker on Amazon that has two levels - a lower one for getting up/down and a higher one for moving. It just sits at the door of the bathroom. I also think I'll use it when I go to PWB more rather than crutches. So far no falls, and only 2 light touch downs on the toes in the first week. Ask for a cast with a toe extention. It's the bending of the toes up that causes all the problems (pulls on the plantar tendon which then pulls on the Achilles)

After: Keep your good leg straight and your bad leg bent. After the first 2 weeks, what pain or discomfort seemed to stem from having the bad leg straight while getting up/down, moving positions, elevating the leg, etc. Your thigh muscle contracts and pulls on things. Also, be very kind to your good leg because it is getting a work out. I've been icing mine and keeping it in a night split during the day when I'm elevating the bad leg.

After: when you feel yourself doing the automatic morning stretch, pull your bad leg up to your chest while doing that stretch.

After: You are going to be exhausted doing the littlest thing, especially the first 2 weeks. Plan accordingly (baby wipes instead of showers is a good compromise)

After: Do move the bad leg, wiggle the toes (gently -- remember when you work the plantar tendon, your Achilles gets worked too), reposition in the cast, etc. It seems to relieve the pressure points (like your foot pressing against the bottom of the cast) and also gives you an idea of swelling or numbness (my 2nd/current cast was put on REALLY tight with no extra padding on the sides of the heel bone and lower tendon).

After: I've been slowly straightening the bad leg for longer periods and relatively higher elevations starting at week 4 post-op, as well as using the knee crutch more than the scooter because it works more of the upper leg (walking motion at the hip). I stop when things start to twitch, but I haven't had any particular issues with swelling and basically no pain. If things start to itch or twitch, you're leaning towards too much. That being said, I am spending 90% of my waking time with an elevated leg and I split tasks up with rest periods and icing in between.

After: try to elevate your bad leg without putting a lot of pressure on the back of the thigh. Once I figured that out, things got a lot more comfortable.

After: ice the back of the knee regularly, like after every time you've had to get up and move.

I'm curious about the PT. The last weeks has taught me that my only (relatively speaking) bad days are when I have to leave the house for doctors appt. After 6-8 hours of getting ready and running around, I haven't been in pain, but the only serious swelling since the first week. I'm wondering if I'll be able to do most of it at home.

I am sooooo looking forward to wearing a full shoe again and hanging around a coffee shop reading.

Any tips on the PWB period besides slow and steady, I would appreciate it. I'm wondering if I can sleep in a night splint instead of the walking boot. Would that be with or without compression socks?

I'm also wondering if one of the ROM air walking boots would be a good investment. I like the idea being able to fine tune to the foot angle based on how things are going. I'm leaning towards a MaxTrax Air Walker ROM boot.

Has anyone found positive or negative experience changing walking boots and which kind? Doc gave me a walking boot before we decided on surgery, and that thing is awful.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Kimberly.

Thanks for the run down! Pretty good stuff.

1. Compression socks keep swelling down. Use them if you need them, don't if not.

2. Sleeping in a night splint should be fine. The boot is probably smart at first for PROTECTION if injured tissue. Once some healing happens and things are less acute, should be fine.

You've got to make the call there, of course, of when it's safe to switch to the splint.

3. As far as walking boots, the air boots/force absorbing softness they provide seems like a really good idea.

And the ability to change angle of the ankle, that's super smart.

May 23, 2016
Shock wave therapy
by: Anonymous

I have osteoarthritis of the right knee and will be going in for a knee replacement next week.

As a result of all the knee problems and two surgeries (arthroscopies)which worsened my condition, I was limping quite badly and the Achilles Tendon also became very painful. There is a bone spur at the insertional point.

The surgeon injected cortisone into the area and, when that didn't help, he put me into a cast for three weeks. That made no difference and, in fact, when the cast came off the tendon had shortened and it tore!

I was then given other options - being in a boot 24/7 for 6 weeks or surgery which would put me out of commission for 6 months!

Thankfully my physiotherapist recommended shock wave therapy on the heel - he said that the results of this therapy are quite phenomenal!

It breaks down and reduces the size of the spurs.

I've had three sessions so far and the improvement is already quite dramatic. I am so grateful to have finally found a non-surgical method that really helps! The physiotherapist feels I should be pain-free after about 6 treatments.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

That's great to hear!

I'm excited about the prospect of something that can break down the bone spur formation. Though you're the first person on the site so far to report such.

Please keep us updated!

Apr 26, 2016
Waiting for insertional achilles tendonosis surgery!
by: Karen Cook

I was recently diagnosed with insertional achilles tendonosis and have been scheduled for surgery May 20, 2016.

I am so happy to read all these encouraging accounts of great recoveries. If I ever doubted the benefits of surgery I definitely do not now.

I am curious as to what aides helped with post surgery time. Crutches? Scooter? Knee crutch? Did anyone purchase knee wedges or blanket lifters or such? Any other tips?

Mar 28, 2016
Stretching & Strength exercises
by: Mike


My surgery was Aug 11, 2015. I was NWB (non-weight-bearing) for 6 weeks. Started simple at-home green thera-band exercises for the operative foot after the cast was removed at 6 weeks.

Started formal physical therapy at 10 weeks post-op. The PT that I started with included achilles stretches on the slant board, which I continue to do now every day. Stretch both the soleus and gastroc muscles for 3 min. each.

The wobble board exercises began later, I think it wasn't until 3-4 months post-op the PT had me begin putting more weight on the foot and doing the wobble board exercises. I found them so helpful that I ordered a "Fitter First" wobble board for my home use, and do the exercises now at home almost every day. It really helps build up strength in all the foot/ankle tendons.

Good luck to everyone having this surgery, it takes patience and perseverence. I think the recovery is 1/3 surgeon, 1/3 physical therapist, and 1/3 patient.
thanks Joshua for this forum, I find it very informative and helpful for patients to share their experiences!


Joshua Comments:

Thanks for expanding on that.

One doesn't hear much about wobble boards, but I think they're a great idea for a lot of reasons (if one actually uses it, of course...).

Mar 27, 2016
Achilles debridement & bone spur surgery 7.5 months post op
by: Mike

Just an update on my progress, which has been excellent. Surgery Aug-11, 2015 at Andrews Orthopedic Institute, Gulf Breeze, FL.

I am now about 99% recovered. Walking without pain, now doing hiking and elliptical machine at gym. I bought a slant board and wobble board and am continuing all the stretching and strength exercises I was doing at Phys Therapy.

Recovery is slow and you have to be patient after this surgery. My foot and ankle Orthopedic specialist did a great job. Dr. Murawski at Andrews Institute. I highly recommend him.

I continue my stretching exercises, they are very very important to avoid relapse.


Joshua Commented:

Thanks for keeping us updated!

When did you start the slant/wobble boarding?

Mar 27, 2016
Four weeks post Achilles debridement and heel spur removal
by: Susan

My doctor chose to do a verticle incision through the achilles, rather than detach it. NWB for three weeks, boot for four more weeks.

I took the knee scooter back at three weeks six days. I will be allowed to work in the boot, but I worry that I won't be able to handle walking on lanolium covered concrete for twelve hour shifts.

I am a nurse and we don't get chances to sit very often.

Mar 26, 2016
by: Shannon

Just like you ive had problems with my Achllies tendon since 2004 with a large lump on back of my left heel...

And ive seen several orthopedic surgeons and podiatrist and all they wanna do is therapy and medication and heel lifts, and even though ive told them it hasn't help, I get "just give therapy time to work"..

Well ive given theory several times to work with no help. Know I'm to the point where my foot hurts all the time and its even started to go numb on me, I'm not sure what to do know.

I'm to the point where I think its because of my type of insurance or the surgeons just don't wanna help me... Not sure.. But I'm hepeing to find a surgeon that will help me my foot is killing me and the meds doc gave aren't helping anymore...

Sorry for ranting but I'm glad your surgery went well, and it helped....

Mar 26, 2016
Post surgery March 22 2016
by: Anonymousjeff

Had surgery on Tuesday with the left Achilles tendon being Grafted on.

I have had very little to no pain and it stayed off my feet 4 of the last 3 days.

Today I have no pain haven't taken pain meds in over two days by just keeping it elevated and off of my feet I'm expected to be in a cast for 6 to 8 weeks and then in a boot for the same amount of time and then begin rehab I had my condition for one year prior deciding to having surgery so I basically limped around for one year before I couldn't take it anymore and decided to have the surgery.

I'm glad I found this website it's been very helpful I plan on going to my son's soccer game today.


Joshua Comments:

Great, keep us updated!

Emjoy the game (and be careful walking/limping/getting around, pain might be low but it's an important time to NOT be putting undue strain/stress on the healing tissue)!

Mar 23, 2016
Achillea heal pain
by: Anonymouswillow

Nearly four years ago I had a bone spur removed and reatachment of Achilles tendon since then I've been pretty much pain free until recently where the pain has started I have a tennis ball swelling and walking again seems painful and hard work .

I now am going to have to see my GP again just dredding him saying nothing he can do now.

Mar 21, 2016
by: Krely

I had Achilles tendon debridement and bone spur removal on 01/13/2016. I was non weight bearing (nwb) for 2 weeks, walking boot and crutches for 2 weeks, walking boot without crutches 2 weeks.

I worked with physical therapy for the past few weeks, was released from care, began dry needling, to break up excess scar tissue.

I had a session of dry needling last Thursday and was carrying some furniture up the steps today and now at rest my calf has a charlie horse I can't get rid of and the both sides of my Achilles tendon are swollen, hot and intense pain.

When I squeeze the pain subdues for a second or two, but I feel like I am going to throw up.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Krely.

Ouch, indeed.

Get to ice dipping, pronto. You triggered a big spike in inflammation process (hopefully didn't rip/tear anything in there) that is causing swelling and releasing pain enhancing chemical.

See the How To Reduce Inflammation link/page in this thread.

Feb 06, 2016
Still have pain post-op 8 months!
by: Cheryl

I had surgery on June 5th. The Dr. removed a bone spur, some heel bone (haglunds deformity), and debrided and reattached the achilles.

I was non-weight bearing for 10 weeks. I did start PT before that, as far as stretching, etc. After 6 months, still having PT.

I went to see the DR. to see if I was ready to go back to work. My foot still hurt, even in places that had nothing to do with the surgery!

Seems I had overdone the PT. I have a very physical job, and the Dr. told me to push myself, which I did. I stayed off work another month, without PT, to give my foot some rest.

I returned to work right after Christmas. I still have major pain in the heel bone, and sometimes, even sharp pain in the back of the heel. The Dr. says I need to take it easy, but I have to work! He said it could take a year to completely recover! I have to work almost 3 more years until retirement, if I make it.

Jan 06, 2016
Achilles tendonitis and bone spur removal
by: gary

I had surgery on Achilles for tendonittis and bone spur Jan 2015 and went for my year check up with lots of pain still. very tender and stiffens up everyday. The bonespur is gone according to xray.

The Dr. suggested that we go back under the knife and get it repaired and see what the heck is going on. After a year i should be able to touch heel without pain and swelling should be gone right?

PLease tell me your experiences if you have had the same.

Dec 28, 2015
Nerve Damage, Shattered Heel and Repaired Achilles Tendon
by: Mister C

1st of all your story touched my ❤ and made me 😢 as I 🙏 that you have a healthy 💯 recovery💪!!!!!

I Originally Shattered my Left Heel and Snapped my Achilles Tendon due to being a Firefighter while fighting a fully involved house fire. It was my 6th year as a Firefighter and I was on the 2nd floor with a 2nd year kid. You're not suppose to walk in the middle of the floor during a fully involved house fire because that's the weakest surface, you're suppose to move around the edges of the walls. He walked right into the middle of the floor I hollered at him as he was turning around to face me the floor caved in as I grabbed him with my quick reflexes he climbed up over the top of me and while he did that he was pulling and putting too much pressure on my SCBA Tank.

He made it to safety and the floor beneath me caved in.

I tried to land on my feet and all of my force came down on my Left Heel on a dining room table on fire, I broke my heel and snapped my Achilles tendon. I lost my light box as the only thing I could see was flames and smoke as I started crawling towards the front of the house it seemed like it took me forever just to make it to the living room. I ran out of air, unhooked my hose from my tank and tucked it inside my coat so I can breathe.

That didn't last too long from me using my strength to make it out and I blacked out then passed out. I remember seeing bright lights as I was only 23 as my Deputy Chief pulled me out from what I was told. I received CPR and a charcoal treatment to throw up all of that smoke inhalation, had my fireboot cut off of me as my foot looked like 2 Softballs side by side and was flown to the hospital immediately.

I wasn't in much pain because I still had adrenaline running through me although I passed out in the house fire. The doctor was a hack as he just reset my heel and put a cast on it, when in all reality I needed an MRI along with the xrays. After 8 weeks he took the cast off, he told me to start walking on it again and gave me paperwork with a plan.

Within 1 year I went from wearing a size 9 to a 10 and then an 11. Because of a bone growth on the back of my heel. 3 years after that my boss told me that my foot didn't look normal 1 night after work and told me to have it checked. An orthopedic surgeon checked me out as I had a 2 inch bone growth, nerve damage around the left side of my foot into my pinky and ring toes, my heel was shattered as it was separated from the top and the bottom as it was split in half and never mended and my Achilles tendon originally snapped in that house fire 4 years before my reconstructive surgery as it grew back and attached itself in the wrong place.

That's 1 of the reasons why my foot would swell up during work from being on my feet all day. Well my surgeon was great as I had reconstructive surgery 17 years ago as he did everything in 1 surgery. He repaired my nerve damage, but my toes will never be straight again like the rest of them as they hook in severely and I have to get shots in between the toes at times due to severe arthritis! He removed the 2 inch bone growth off the back of my foot, snipped my Achilles Tendon and ReAttached it in the right place.

Then he put a plate in between the top and bottom of my heel for it to mend back together as my heel is being held together with Anchors.

And here I thought that nobody else can or could never have the same or similar injuries that I received and live with for consecutive years.

Oct 24, 2015
Update #4 - 10 weeks post op
by: Mike

Had my 10 week follow up with the Orthopedic surgeon this past Monday.

He was very pleased with the foot, incisions have healed up completely.

I still have a little bit of foot swelling, and some occasional heel pain when walking.

My operative leg and foot have a long way to go in rebuilding strength. It felt really wierd to try walking again without the walking boot. I have a ways to go to regain normal walking gait.

The Dr. told me it was time to start walking in a lace-up shoe or boot, and gave me a script to start physical therapy for 6 weeks. He left it up to me if I wanted to continue using a heel pad in the shoes, so I'm using a 5/16" heel pad for the next couple weeks, I want to see how I do with physical therapy.

I can also start using a recumbent exercise bike again, which is great news. I've put on 10 lbs. since the surgery, no exercise is killing me!

I'm also still wearing a compression sock at night, and using ice packs occasionally if the foot gets tired, and some ice water baths in a bucket sometimes too. Thanks for all the advice here. I know I have a ways to go now, but starting to see a light at end of the tunnel.

Return to see the Dr in 6 weeks.


Joshua Comments:

Great! Keep us updated.

Sep 28, 2015
Toe pain
by: Tish

I hurt myself pretty bad from falling...knee still a bit swollen and bruised. I walk around house with walker and or crutches. Even take a few steps to bathroom with no assistance..

But most of my pain is nerve related... In my toe and ball of foot and top of foot. Heel pain is if on it too much....and around incision sight. I take my boot off 3 times a day and massage toes and foot and wiggle it around.

I am not instructed to do any exercises at all. But yeah swelling is rough!!!

Sep 24, 2015
Foot swelling & post op exercises
by: Mike

Sorry to read of Tsh's accident with the knee scooter. Don't know why you're feeling pain/numbness in the toes from falling on your knee. I can tell you that in the 6 weeks I was NWB post-op, I had a total of 4 incidents at home where I fell or slipped off the knee scooter. Twice it was caused by a small area rug, I fell to the floor and momentarily put weight on my operative foot in the cast. Pain in the heel for a day or so was worse. The last 2 times my knee slipped off the knee scooter and I put body weight on the toes on the operative foot, those 2 times were actually worse as far as pain, I had pain in the toes for a day or so. My suggestion is keep your foot elevated as much as possible til the pain diminishes.

My question today for Josh is what else if anything can help speed up getting rid of the foot swelling? From what the Dr said, and what I've read, any foot surgery results in swelling in the foot for several months. I elevate the foot, use compression sock, ice occasionally. Any other ideas? Ice water bath for the foot okay?

The other question is on which exercises are best at 6 weeks post-op for my procedure. Are thera-band (green) exercises for strength okay now or wait a couple weeks? I'm doing some simple ROM and theraband exercises, and squeezing the towel on the ground with the toes now. Is it okay to do the exercise bike for 10-15 minutes yet with the boot on?

thanks again!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Mike.

Ice Dip. Ice dip like crazy. 10-20 second dips as high up the lower leg as possible. Ice packs are basically a waste of time.

Elevate is good too.

Doctors say that swelling is normal for months because A. they know that surgery is a significant injury and B. they don't somehow know about ice dipping.

You have to test out what you can do, movement/exercise wise. If you can do the bike, go for it.

Pay attention, don't do too much, but DO keep the structure(s) moving. Even small movements, often and a lot throughout the day.

Sep 23, 2015
For Mike
by: Tish

I am 4 1/2 weeks out...

I feel off knee scooter..hit a damn pebble in a parking lot and feel over handlebar right onto sore leg..knee took the blunt of it, but now knee is sore no knee scooter for a couple of days. Be interesting in the exercises....

Woke up in huge amount of pain in my a burning numbness. Rubbed toes....didn't help much. What causes that?? Had to take 2 tramadols to get rid of the pain.


Hi Tish.

OUCH! No more falling!

Note: I removed your email, as various unscrupulous parties scrape websites for email address and then will spam you. Sorry for the inconvenience of Mike not being able to contact you, but I don't let emails on here as an overall safety precaution.

Sep 22, 2015
Haglunds surgery now inflamed tendon
by: andy k

I had surgery in April and surgeon stated he removed bone spur and only 5% partial tendon removed during procedure.

Then had bad swelling in foot follow by bursa behind tendon, injection to reduce bursa and told during ultrasound that lots of microscopic tears in tendon.

Surgeon told physio to stretch foot during rehab.

Then given course of shock treatment that seems to have made it worse.

Now told I needed surgery to repair damaged tendon that was ok pre surgery

Has he messed up the surgery?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Andy.

I have no way to tell if he screwed something up. Maybe he did, maybe he didn't, but there's a lot of factors at play, including:

* your overall health
* your overall nutritional status
* how 'well' the surgeon cut things
* how your body deals with inflammation process
* etc, etc, etc

Having said that I'm generally against this kind of surgery for a variety of reasons including:

A. the downsides of the side effects of surgery (significant wound to the body and an already aggravated pain dynamic) and

B. surgery ignores the factors that originally caused the problem that surgery was implemented to try to fix.

Meaning, surgery can make things get worse, and it doesn't fix the initial cause of the problem, so those factors still exist.

I feel ya, that's a terrible thing to hear that you need another surgery to fix something that theoretically was fine when the first surgery happened.

1. What self care have you been doing post-surgery?

2. IMPORTANT QUESTION: How do they know that there is damaged tendon that needs to be repaired?

Sep 22, 2015
Update #3 - 6 weeks post op
by: Mike

Had my 6 week post-op visit with the Dr yesterday. (achilles tendon debridement & heel bone spur removal surgery on 8/11/15). NWB for the last 6 weeks. They removed the cast, and Dr said the surgical site looked good. Still a little swelling in the foot, but he was very pleased with how things looked.

So now I'm in a foot to knee "walking boot", and he put 2 heel pads in the boot. Gave me a set of home exercises for the foot to do the next four weeks, do these 3x per day. They are the same type exerices I've done in the past for achilles tendonitis, so I remember these type exercises!

Tsh asked some excellent questions on "how much should we push the walking in the boot at this phase? how much weight to put on it?" Sounds like we may be at a similar stage in recovery. I felt sore yesterday in the foot after using the walking boot in the afternoon.

My Dr said a little pain is okay, don't push it past "3" on the 1-10 pain scale. I walked in the boot yesterday a bit after leaving the Dr's office, and I kept my knee scooter at least for another couple weeks to be safe. I'm not ready to walk all the time yet, that's for sure! So I'm getting started with the exercises today.

As far as bathing, the Dr said shower is okay, be cautious in the shower not to slip and fall, I'm still using a shower chair. He advised against long soaks in jaccuzzi yet, not there yet. He said ice is okay if it feels like it would help.

My biggest "surprise" yesterday after they removed the cast was just how much my calf muscle had shrunk, and how weak that leg had become after 6 weeks NWB. Must be a bit like an astronaut returning to earth after 6 weeks Zero-G!

Thanks Josh for offering great tips and comments here!



Joshua Comments:

Thanks for the update, Mike! Glad to hear that things are progressing.

Ice dipping will definitely help.

As far as muscle loss....yeah...use it or lose it. Immobilization has it's own downsides.

Sep 18, 2015
One more question
by: Tsh

Well I have had no weight baring at often and how long should I be up and walking?


Joshua Comments:

Start with little tiny bits. Don't suddenly go 50/50. Do a little bit with partial weight.

See how it goes. If that's ok, do a little more.

Pay attention. Only push it appropriate amounts.

There is no official 'do this much'. So use common sense, take into account that you have healing wounds from surgery and that too much weight/use too fast will do bad things.

Go conservative, start small and build up a little more every day.

Sep 18, 2015
4 weeks out
by: Tish

Just had 4 week check up and Doc said 50/50 weight bearing with boot on with walker or crutches.

So does that mean still more weight with walker and light weight on foot.

And put a lift in my boot. Said take foot out of boot 3 times a day for 30 minutes and massage and rub foot and toes. But seems like I am doing good. drive at my own will.



Joshua Comments:

Yes, that means you can start slowly increasing the amount and duration of load/weight on the foot.

That's great you're doing well. Definitely get the foot out and rub it and what not, and might as well ice dip as per the How To Reduce Inflammation link you'll find in this thread.

Aug 29, 2015
Achilles debridement & bone spur
by: Mike

Update #2

I had surgery 18 days ago. Achilles tendon debridement for a small tear near the heel bone, and bone spur removal from back of heel. The surgeon detached the achilles tendon during the procedure, performed debridement and bone spur removal, and then reattached the achilles to the heel bone with sutures.

The Dr said he prefers not to use screw anchors in the heel bone, just in case he had to ever go back in there if any complications were to occur. He runs the sutures thru the tendon and the heel bone, with small incisions on inside and outside of the lower heel area. The suture areas looked fine, and swelling had gone down quite a bit, almost to normal size after 2 weeks.

I returned to the Dr 4 days ago (2 weeks post-op), when they removed the splint and exterior sutures. Dr said the incision sites looked good, so they put me in a cast from foot to knee with foot in neutral position.

The Dr will leave the cast in place for 4 weeks, then I return for cast removal and evaluation.

The plan is to go into a walking boot when cast is removed, and possibly begin PT.

I'm still experiencing intermittent pain in the heel area. Originally took Norco for 4-5 days post op, then switched to Xtra Strength Tylenol.

After they put my foot in the cast 4 days ago, with foot in neutral position it seemed like more pain returned in the heel area, I'm guessing cuz it was stretching the achilles-heel junction a bit more from being in neutral position.

I find the heel pain is quite a bit dependent on how I position the foot. Last night had some trouble sleeping, so had to take a Norco this morning and the pain is okay now.

Anyways, this is all new to me, and the pain is not going away as fast as I would like, but I'm staying optimistic.


Joshua Comments:

Keep us updated!

Might want to, as a rehab practice, keep the foot 'active'.

Meaning, wiggle your toes. Move the foot around inside the constraints of the cast.

Not a lot, don't 'push' against the cast, but fire the nerurons and get muscle fibers contracting and relaxing.

It's a small thing (but in the long run is/can be a big thing), but it keeps things active in there, helps the brain retain awareness of the billions of little moving parts that move a lot less when immobilized.

Aug 27, 2015
Tingling and twitching after removing three bone spurs and reattaching achilles
by: Tish

I had surgery a week ago to remove 3 bone spurs and reattach Achilles' tendon. They did a knee block...I am now in a boot for 4 weight bearing (nwb)...but today in a lot of pain.

Incision hurts.

Throbbing...toes tingling ankle pain.

Is this from surgery or from knee block?

Keeping my leg elevated as much as possible.

My knee cart has been a life saver. Just curious about the pain, is it from surgery or from knee block?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Tish.

I don't know which it's from. Could be any degree of one or both, depending.

But the surgery was a major trauma/insult to the body, so it's no surprise at all that there's a lot of pain etc a week out from surgery.

Aug 23, 2015
Found help!!!!!
by: Angie

Hi, just wanted to say thanks for having this page! It's helped so much! I FINALLY found a Dr to help me.

I had posted before my Dr had said "if you find a Dr that will do surgery you better run" well I found out he is an arnp and my Dr NOW says that's probably why he said that.

I had a tear in my achillies, my heel bone was fractured and bone spurs. The Dr said one of my bone spurs was the biggest one he EVER SAW.

He told me he always cuts them top to bottom but had to do this one side to side. I had my surgery on Aug 12th so far so good except having quite a bit of nerve pain on left side of the foot.

It tingles really bad. Surgery was on left foot also. They had problems doing the nerve block (thick legs, I say fat legs) I just want to know if the nerve block would have anything to do with this and if it will go away!

Thank you again and God bless you for all your help!!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Angie.

A nerve block can absolutely cause lingering nerve issue.

Will it go away? I have no way of's either from the nerve block (should go away) or new compression (maybe/maybe not go away) or a nerve was cut some amount (maybe/maybe not go away).

Keep us updated!

Aug 20, 2015
Achilles debridement & bone spur
by: Mike

Hello, I just discovered this website. Had the achilles tendon debridement surgery, with removal of a bone spur on back of my heel, on Aug 11th (9 days ago).

My history has been a recurrence of achilles tendonosis over the last 6 years. I'm 61, and have done a lot of backpacking on the Appalachian Trail, the tendonitis would usually flare up from doing too many miles a day on hilly terrain.

I had 2 cortisone shots in the heel in Nov-2014 from a local podiatrist.

During my last hiking trip in early May 2015, the pain became so bad I was limping the last 3 days on the trail. When I got home, I went to an ankle-foot orthopedic surgeon, at a well regarded orthopedic clinic. He recommended trying phys therapy for 6 weeks. That did not help at all.

Had recurring pain on inside of my heel with walking. The MRI showed a tear in the achilles tendon on the inside of the attachment to the heel bone (same spot where I got the cortisone shots 6 months earlier).

I'm now 9 days post-op. I'm Non Weight Bearing (WNB) for first 6 weeks. In a splint first 2 weeks. Tying to keep my foot elevated above the heart as much as possible, and using ice packs on my thigh too. I go back to get stitches out next Monday. Then I will be in a foot cast for another 4 weeks. Not supposed to start any PT til 6 weeks post-op.

My concern, and my question, is about the post-op pain. I had to take Norco the first 3-4 days post op. But I still have pain in the heel area, not as bad, but still comes and goes.

Is the pain supposed to be gone by this time post op?

My biggest concern is that I fell off my knee walker about 3 days post op, didn't step my full body weight on my foot, tried to do a judo style roll onto the floor. My mind is going crazy now thinking maybe I did some damage to the surgical site. I hate the thought of having to go thru surgery again for this same problem, my mind had a recovery schedule in mind.

I am guessing my orthopedic doctor will be able to tell if any damage was done when I see him next Monday to get the stitches out.

argghhhh!!! good luck to everyone here. Comments welcome!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Mike.

Still having pain 9 days past a major surgical wound/insult, that's not particularly surprising. It's not ideal, obviously.

There's no way to tell if the fall ruined the reattachment surgery aside from an mri...

Did you just have debridement, or was the achilles detached (doesn't quite sound like it), or was there a tear they debrided and reconnected?

And bone spur removal, that's painful stuff and not particularly quick to 'feel good'.

See the Bone Bruise and Bone Spur links in this thread.

Jun 06, 2015
Same pain
by: Cherie

I also had haglunds surgery back in March 2014. I had a reaction to the sutures and had a second surgery which was a removal of the achilles again in December 2014.

I am now 6 months out and have the same pinpoint pain on the inside of the heel. I noticed someone else has the same pain. I have tried everything to fix it.

Jun 05, 2015
THANK YOU for this site.
by: Josie (again)

Question: assuming all healing goes well normally of the ankle bone spur debridement and tendon split of my right ankle, what's your best guess that I can resume driving?

Plan: October surgery to remove growing ankle bone spur, debridement, tendon split.

Podiatrist, director of Kaiser orthopedics, says about 4 weeks in a cast followed by PT.

I really appreciate having a place like this to help address questions and concerns. Learning from others as I review the blog. THANKS!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Josie.

Well, it just all depends on a variety of factors including your nutritional status, how well you heal, the state of your circulatory system, the factors going into causing the symptoms and bone spur growth, etc.

Surgery will remove the bone etc (which is a painful wound causing bone bruising etc), damage tendon, etc. It doesn't help any of the factors that cause the development of pain, etc, so the hope is that it affects the symptomology enough to get you out of pain as/after you 'heal'.

So it's tough to say how long it will take. Some people end up worse off. Some people have little issue after surgery and are back on their feet with little/less complaint in the predicted time span.

Mostly, it's a see how things are and assess as you go along.

That may not have been the most helpful answer ever, but there really is no way to predict the outcome.

I would definitely be ready for some rest, and diligent self care.

Ask more questions if you have them.

May 21, 2015
plzzzz help
by: angie

I'm sorry it took so long but I lost the site on my phone!

I have tried all the walking boots night splints shots in my foot oral meds foot in cast meds to rub on foot.

The Dr's just keep telling me they don't know why it won't heal. Its so painful at times I just sit and cry.

I TRY and keep going but its very hard. I been in nursing for 24 yrs I work 2 jobs and I'm at the end of my rope. All I know is there are multiple bone spurs also.

My foot will even pop up with random bruising for no reason.

Plz do you have any other ideas? God bless you.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Angie.

1. Did you read through the entire thread?

2. Did you click on/follow the links and read those pages?

3. Have you tried ice dipping as per the How To Reduce Inflammation page?

4. When surgeons said there's not surgery they can do (wow, THAT is a rare statement!), say more about that.

5. I'm not clear. You have or have not had surgery? I'm thinking not but am not sure.

6. What's your vitamin D level? If you don't know, find out asap.

7. Have you ever taken a fluoroquinolone antibiotic like Cipro or Levaquin?

May 19, 2015
3 months
by: paul

I had Achilles decompression and debridement surgery on Feb 27th, two weeks on crutches non weight bearing then two weeks air shoe.

Started physio after that and after two months stretching and training I am still in severe pain when walking, stairs are a nightmare and I get swelling around my ankle.

I suppose it is getting better little by little but I thought I'd be a long way more mobile and healed more than I am now.

It is mentally draining as every time I think it's ok, it will break down after walking.

Any advice or other experiences on this would be appreciated.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Paul.

What exactly did the surgeon do, as far as 'decompression'?

May 07, 2015
Still Pain After Achilles Debrident and Haglund's Removal
by: Anonymous

I had my procedure on 12.18.14.

Procedure consisted of an Achilles debridement and Haglund’s deformity.

My background is an ex-collegiate football player. 36 years old. For the last 2-3 years I dealt with heel pain after playing softball until it got to the point where I couldn’t take it anymore.

Most pain came the next morning when I would get out of bed or after sitting for an extended period of time. A sports medicine doctor performed my surgery.

I was in a splint for 15 days and my foot was totally immobilized. From there, I was in a walking boot for about 5 weeks. 2 days into the walking boot I had totally ditched the crutches but definitely still felt some tension when walking.

At the 6 week mark I started PT 3 x week. I’ve definitely noticed improvement, but I thought I would be further along than what I am. I am walking on the outside of my foot which I think is causing calcaneus pain.

I also have a super tender spot to the touch on the inside of my heel which is the same spot that originally brought me in for surgery. My doctor and therapist insist that the tender pain will go away but we shall see. Coming up on the 5 month mark.

Apr 21, 2015
Ankle Spur Tendonitis - Swimming
by: josie

My painful ankle spur on the back of my right heel continues to grow. I am considering after swim season is over to have surgery to remove the spur and thereby have the tendon cut.

Sounds like I'll be experiencing the same rehab as others have mentioned on this thread. BTW, in desperation looking for something like this thread and glad that it's here for me to learn from others so I can ask the right questions of my doctor later.

Question: since any weight bearing exercises are curtailed, how about swimming gently? The swim technique of Total Immersion is very gentle for a 66 year old woman as myself.


Hi Josie.

1. Read through the tread and find/follow the Quiz Your Doctor link.

2. "Weight bearing" isn't the problem. The problem is that the structures aren't functioning optimally (and that's helping to cause the bone spur formation).

The bone spur might not even be causing any pain, it's more the other factors that surgery isn't going to address.

But yes, I see no reason why you shouldn't stay active in a pool.

Apr 07, 2015
Bone spur and damaged Achiles tendon
by: Susan W

I started having pain in m left heel over a year and a half ago. I kept putting it off because I am a manager in retail and couldn't take the time off.

When I finally went to doctor he did have to take my achilles tendon out and scrape the one done and reattach the tendon.

After 4 weeks was having bad pain in leg and was found to have a blood clot in leg, so took cast off. I have been non weight bearing since the surgery.

The incision is healing good but there is a lot of swelling at back of heel and around ankle still. Dr is wanting to start pt next week but I am concerned about the swelling and I have no feeling in heel and ankle area.

I didn't even feel them take out the stitches. Do I need to wait on pt and stay off my foot to let the swelling heal?

When would be ample time to go back to work?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Susan.

That's not ideal that you have numbness to such an extent. And, there's nothing in particular to do about it.

The blood clot has been 100% resolved, yes?

Did you have the Bone Spur removed?

What exactly was the scenario that the surgeon 'had to' separate the achilles tendon from it's attachment?

There's no set amount of all depends on your exact scenario.

I'm guessing the surgeon didn't give you any good self care and was just hoping that 'time' would take care of everything.

Since 'rest' isn't the best plan, what exactly have you been doing for self care?

Mar 19, 2015
plzzzzzz HELP!! :(
by: angie

I know this may seem unreal BUT I have had Achilles tendonitis for going on 10 YEARS. there is nothing I haven't tried. Been sent to Dr after Dr after Dr. BTW its in both of my feet!! I keep being told there is no surgery for this WHAT?? I have read 100's of stories about surgery.

Am I missing something?? I'm at the point where I just give up, I can barley walk at all at this point.

Plzzzzz someone help me even if its just a prayer.

Thank you


Joshua Comments:

Hi Angie.

What exactly do you think surgery would do, exactly?

How would it fix anything?

What is wrong, exactly, causing the symptoms?

Surgery is not magic. So yes, you're missing something. :)

1. Read this thread.

2. Follow the links in this thread and read the pages they point to.

3. Then come back and let me know some of the things you didn't do when you were 'trying everything'. (Your doctors only told you certain things, but nothing that had much if any chance of helping).

Mar 04, 2015
Post Haglund's surgery
by: Chris (Dublin, Ireland)

I'm literally hours out of a 4 week cast after Haglund's Deformity surgery, with a major lump of bone removed, & have had little or no pain since surgery.

I've been given an air boot, but nothing prepared me for the shock at seeing how much my right calf had withered.

I'm told by my surgeon I can put weight on it while in the boot, but I'm REALLY anxious about putting my foot flat to the floor, even in boot, & would appreciate any advice from those who have gone through similar surgery & are back walking normally on how, along with physio, to build muscle back & how to gain confidence & get over fear to finally start walking normally again.


Joshua Comments:

I'd worry about healing first, and then putting muscle back on and returning to function.

After the incisions seal/heal, ice dipping, and keep the ankle moving even just a little bit (meaning, even just a quarter inch in any number of directions).

I'm curious what other people have to say.

Dec 13, 2014
Tend on me someone! Achilles debridement and wrong discharge advice
by: Chris

I started with pain in my right achilles tendon 8 months ago (september 2011). In November 2011 I saw a physio (initially for terrible shin splints, but he gave me an exercise for my tendon too - using the edge of a step and tip-toeing up then down to the heel going past the step to stretch the tendon).

Despite doing this exercise, by february I had seen a consultant, as the pain was terrible when on the treadmill running. I had an ultrasound which showed I had a poor quality right achilles tendon. 7 days ago I had a decompression and debridement operation.

The OT gave me my crutches before my operation and both she and the discharge nurse at the end of the day (I was a day case) told me I should be weight-bearing on my right foot, using the crutches when I needed them. By wednesday I was walking OK but with a limp, on the thursday I re-roofed my shed, and by Friday evening I was in exruciating pain that the declofenac, dyhydrocodeine and paracetemol was doing little for.

I endured this pain (was now unable to bear weight) until sunday morning. Went to A & E. A new plaster was put on and I was told by the plasterer that I should not have been weight bearing and that I should have been resting it in an elevated position.

I get the stitches out on friday. Will post an update with pictures then. What have I learned so far??? Well in the NHS in my area, I signed a consent form and had the operation, but my contact with the consultant who arranged the operation lasted 3 minutes in the fracture clinic before he rushed to the next bay ... and the next ... and on the day, I filled in a brief history form, but I wasn't actually told what was going to happen THEN I was discharged with the wrong advice.

I'm reflecting at the moment in pain thinking 'how stupid am I?'.

Dec 06, 2014
Been 5 weeks and still in severe pain after achilles tendon 75% detachment and 5 anchors
by: Mike

I am a 28 year old active male, and I had my Achilles 75% detached, scar tissue removed from between the Achilles and heel bone, a bone spur shaved down and then 5 anchors into my heel on 31 October 2014.

I was in a splint for 1 week, hard cast for 2 weeks and in a boot now but not walking on the foot. The Dr has me keep my boot off when I am at home and move my foot back and forth as much as I can without causing myself any pain.

Moving the foot back and forth isn't painful, but throughout the day when I am not moving my foot, regardless if it is in the boot or not, my foot is in a good amount of pain, even while I am still on pain meds.

i am wondering if it is normal to still be in severe pain 5 weeks after surgery? I know the recovery is supposed to take some time, but I did not expect to have throbbing, sharp stabs of pain this long after my surgery. There is no swelling, but I am still icing my foot and keeping it elevated.

Is this all within normal limits? Or should I be worried that something is wrong?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Mike.

Imagine getting hit in the bone with an axe.

That's basically what happened. Sure it was a 'grinding' and not such a gross impact and they sewed you up afterwards, but bones DO NOT like being damaged. It hurts, and can hurt a long time.

Essentially, aside from the damage and trauma to the bone you also got a Bone Bruise.

I'm not at all surprised that you're still in pain. Partly because that 75% achilles cut is a major injury (even if they put it back together).
Partly because bone bruises and bone damage are painful and slow to recover.

And partly because the doctor didn't give you any self care that is effective at speeding a recovery up.

Is it within 'normal limits'? Probably yes, doesn't sound out of the realm of normal to me.

Is it ideal? Obviously not. Is sitting around another couple months going to help? Probably, but who wants to do that?

As a tip, personally I'd switch to ice dipping as on the How To Reduce Inflammation page.

That will overall help more than 20 minute icepacking (which I presume is the icing you're doing).

Nov 05, 2014
Achilles Bone Spur Debridement on Oct 16, 2014
by: Want to Walk

I had the Achilles Debridement on Oct. 16,2014. The Achilles was cut, the surgeon removed a "whopping" spur and a pump bump, the tendon was cleaned, stretched and screwed down.

I was in a large splint for two weeks, now in a hard cast for four weeks, no weight bearing. Then, will be in air cast walking boot for about four weeks and starting PT. Will gradually add weight bearing. Surgeon says it will take one year before foot is back to normal and there would be some pain, burning and other sensations within that healing period.

Keeping faith that I will be able to walk and exercise again!!


Joshua Comments:


Thanks for sharing! Here's hoping for the best!

How was the post-surgery experience?

Oct 21, 2014
Still having issues after bone spur removal surgery in July
by: Terri

I had surgery on July 21, 2014.

I had a bone spur on the back of my heel, a little higher up than usual, according to the doctor, and shredding my achilles tendon.

The doctor removed the bone spur with an incision down the inside of my achilles, then across the lower portion of my heel. The achilles itself was partially torn and repaired with anchors.

I was non weight bearing with a boot for 6 weeks and on a knee walker. 5 weeks into that I developed a blood clot behind my knee and placed on blood thinners. Three days later the clot broke loose, passed through my heart (forunately!), and lodged in my lungs.

I have two clots in my right lung and one in my left. I was in intensive care for three days, and moved to a regular room for three more, all while on a Herarin drip. I am now on Coumadin for nine months.

I recently ended my second 6 weeks with the boot, and have been out of it for 6 days. However, I feel like I am still having problems. I have a knot on the INSIDE of my heel, and that is where ALL of my pain is...not in my achilles in the back of my heel.

It is not a completely constant pain, but it does ache most of the time and at times is extremely painful.

I also have extreme swelling around my ankle and even up into my calf area. My doctor has said that he is not sure what the knot is, and hopefully it is just part of my healing, and that he is a little concerned and we will watch it.

I limp quite a bit, and I HATE uneven ground because it is very painful. Just hoping and praying I do not have to have another surgery!!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Terri.

What would another surgery do for you??

You had a (relatively) major injury to your body...the surgeon got in there and slashed up a major tendon, etc.

Pain and resulting problem is to be expected.

If you had a fraying tendon and a bone spur, that is a clue to me of other health factors that could be slowing your healing, that surgery can't address:

1. Too tight muscle and connective tissue of the lower leg. Which is still pulling hard on that tendon.

2. Nutritional lack. If you don't have the necessary building blocks to lay down new tissue optimally, then the body can't. If you don't have enough magnesium, muscles literally can't relax. See: Magnesium For Tendonitis

3. Chronic inflammation process (which also eats up nutrition). This was inplace before surgery, and dialed WAY up after surgery.

So...what are you doing for self care now to help lower pain and increase healing etc?

Oct 14, 2014
haglund surgery anchor causing pinpoint pain
by: Cherie

I had haglund surgery in march of this year.

I had a bone spur pointed and sharp to the touch that was cutting the tendon.

They did 85% detachment. I was 6 weeks non weight bearing then a boot. I was doing very well and have full range in a few mon th s and back playing softball within 3 months.

I have been having pinpoint pain in the heel. The doctor said I am having a reaction to the anchor used.

Do many apoplectic have this issue? I may have to have it removed if still having problems after 8 months, the time period it should dissolve in.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Cherie.

I don't know the numbers so can't answer your question. But if the doctor is accurate (how does s/he know that's the issue?), then I'm curious what's going on in there with the anchor, and with the injury healing.

Having said that, grinding off bone from one's bone is a painful ordeal, and then there's the issue of how well the severed tendon reattaches, and then there's the issue of all the pre-existing factors that caused the problem still existing and causing problems post-surgery (since surgery doesn't touch those at all).

Here's a randomly grabbed excerpt from this study: Operative treatment of acute Achilles tendon rupture: Open end-to-end-reconstruction versus reconstruction with Mitek-anchors (google it)

"Results: From a total of 40 patients, twenty-eight (68% of total) underwent classic repair and 12 (32%) were treated by the Mitek-anchor system. Median age was 43 years (range 29-63). Median post-operative follow-up was 29 months (range 17-40). Median time to resume work was nine weeks in the classic group versus 12 weeks in the Mitek-group. Median time to resume sports was 19 versus 31 weeks respectively. Wound infections occurred in five percent of the total (one in each group) and rupture recurrence rate was three percent of the total (nil in classic group, one in Mitek-group). Loss of strength in the injured leg compared to the non-injured leg was greater in the Mitek-group than in the classic group."

Oct 02, 2014
Interesting info in your site
by: Alice

I am scheduled in November for Achilles debridement and calcaneal exostectomy and your blog has answered many of my questions but raised concerns as well.

I have had ongoing foot problems for many years and can no longer wear anything but the tennis shoes that have no heel covering. My right is significantly worse than the left but both are painful.

Thanks for offering a source for information about this procedure.


Joshua Comments:

You're very welcome!

Sep 28, 2014
by: Anonymous

Thank you, for sharing. My surgery is scheduled for next Friday. I am nervous, but so ready to be out of pain and wearing shoes. I have worn flip flops for 2 years and winters here can be harsh.

Sep 18, 2014
Can I get back to Crossfit after bone spur and achilles surgery
by: Sean H

Hello all, I am about to have the kind of surgery you all had. My question is- I am very active. I do a lot of hiking and even more crossfit. My concern is that the recovery will not allow for crossfit or running again.

Crossfit has been a huge part of my life for over 4 years and from what the Doc told me - the spurs and achilles have been there a lot longer than that- "they just chose now to cause the problems".

I,since 2002 have been fighting achilles pain issues. My question is can I get back to a modified version of crossfit and run again??? Thanks in advance for your comments.



Joshua Comments:

Hi Sean.

1. Find another doctor. Any doctor that says "they just chose now to cause the problems" is nothing more than a witch doctor. Now, I don't have anything against witch doctors, but misrepresenting one's qualifications is not cool.

They did not just 'choose now' to cause problems. There are predictible and well known factors at play, and your doctor doesn't know any of them, apparently.

2. Maybe you need surgery. Maybe you don't. Personally I'd go all in on the non-invasive and $20 Reversing Achilles Tendonitis ebook and see what happens.


3. Because surgery is serious business (that happens no not fix any of the factors that caused the pain and/or bone spurs in the first place).

Grinding off a bone spur....bone does not like that. Ouch.

And depending on what they do with the achilles (detach it partly or completely or or or....), then it's a tough row to ho to get back to high levels of activity....

4. To answer your actual question...the answer is yes to the first part and maybe/probably to the second part.

But just how modified it has to get, depends on a variety of factors (age, what they do during the surgery, how you recover, the self care you do, whether surgery actually targeted anything that ends up helping, does surgery make symptoms worse, etc).

Again, I don't know your specific situation, but that's generally the bulk of my answer regardless of your specific scenario.

Here's some things to ask your doctor and/or surgeon. Quiz Your Doctor

Aug 15, 2014
5th operation on the Achilles, superior wedge removal was the last one
by: carolperry

I'm now on my 5th operation for achilles. I've just undegone a superior wedge removal 4 weeks into recovery and still in a lot of pain fitted with an airboot still very swollen hoping this will eventually be the last operation i need.


Johsua Comments:

Hi Carol.

I hope so too!

Though I wonder...if the last four didn't work, why would a fifth?

Same surgeon/doctor?

Aug 14, 2014
Achilles tendon debridement/repair and calcaneal exostectomy
by: Roger

I've been reading with great interest all the comments and honestly I feel extrememly fortunate. In Feb 2012 Duke Medical completed my left Achilles and on July 14th, the right Achilles and I feel just great.

I had some issues with the left in that I did have a small infection which cleared in only a few days, then came the recovery. 2 weeks soft cast, 3 fiberglass, walking boot for 4 more weeks. At 5 months I was walking great, then one awkward step and I was in tremendous pain.

Suffered for several days and found a PT that peformed massage for two weeks. Honestly, after just three days the pain was gone, she thought I had a capatured nerve.

Left is great now, no issues, I had the full surgery, sacrifical tendon, SS screws, etc. Right foot was partial detachment, no sacrifical tendon and the foot already seems ready to support after just 4 weeks.

I'm probably being optimistic, although this surgery period is just so much better.

Aug 02, 2014
Achillies tendon surgerym the recovery takes work
by: jane

Hi Had Achilles tendon surgery in 2013 I found it very painful and what more it not the surgery that get you back on you feet it the work you put in AFTER you have had surgery I my only now truly back on my feet but it took a lot of work to get there.

I have Achilles tendonitis in the other one but I also work on that as I do not want to go down the same path as before surgery is only one small part in the whole process of get back to walking and doing things you like.

I wish both of you well.

Jul 28, 2014
Achilles Surgery on June 20 cast off July 25, pain and devastated
by: Anonymous


Get ready for a long and painful recovery. I am on my 4th surgery on right heel and achilles after a botched first and second attempt and I still wonder when it will be better.

Jul 27, 2014
Achilles Surgery on June 20 cast off July 25, pain and devastated
by: Denise

I had Achilles tendon surgery June 20, I had a large spur that had grew into my tendon. I came home with a splint and wrap for a week, he then put it in a hard cast for 4 weeks.

I went in on Friday July 25, excited to get my cast off and maybe able to start bearing weight.

He took the boot off and the staples out (one had broken and my wound is not healed completely) wrapped it out and put me in a walking boot that goes almost to my knee, he said I could start walking with the boot.

I got up out of the chair and tried and was devastated I can not walk, then pain and balance is unbearable. Please tell me it will get better. feeling hopeless at this point :(


Joshua Comments:

Hi Denise.

Unfortunately I can't say anything as I know hardly anything about your specific scenario.

The wound wasn't fully sealed/healed after a month in the cast?

As far as still being in pain 5 weeks later, you just experienced a MAJOR wound from the surgery. Big cuts and grinding -bone- off.

That's going to hurt. And hurt for a while.

Have you been doing any nutritional self care to help yourself heal more optimally?

What self care are you doing now that the cast is off?

Jun 19, 2014
Debridement of Haglunds Deformity & Achilles tendon surgery
by: Heather

I'm so glad I found this, for years I thought I was the only one! I just had my 4th surgery on Tuesday, 6/17/14. I've had 2 previously on the left heel, and this was the second on the right. My sutures come out 6/30/14 & the doctor says I should walk out of there. I'll admit I find that hard to believe, the first two were 8 weeks each & the last one ended up being 16 weeks!

My pain is under control now & there appears to be little to no swelling. I will update.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Heather.

Please do keep us updated!

May 28, 2014
can the bone spur grow back?
by: donna

They don't know how I got it don't even know if its a bone spur or not I was sitting down with sandals on and my heel turn beet red, the swelling and inflammation went away if I wore sandals.

Don't have much money so did not seek help. Can the bone spur grow back? On disability now just have Medicare limited funds, the pain in the heel is incredible. You are amazing story and sharing is very kind of you.

I was just concerned that or can the bone spur grow back? I am so happy for you please keep us posted. may god bless you.


Joshua Comments:

Yes, bone spurs can grow back. All (or at least the majority of) the factors in play that caused growth in the first place are still in play.

Learn Process of Inflammation. Do that for a week or so and let me know what happens.

See: Bone Spur

Apr 27, 2014
Achilles Tendon Lengthening Surgery, hopeful for recovery
by: Angel

I just had this surgery done on april 21 waiting to see the outcome hopefully it helped.


Joshua Comments:

Let us know how it went, and how it goes.

What are you doing for post-surgery self care?

Apr 23, 2014
Achilles tendon Graft
by: jane


I had an Achilles tendon Graft march 2013 and since then I have put in so much work into stretching the tendon out but it now has gotten to a point where I have been told I will not get any more Stretch out of my tendon it has shortened?

And I much as I try I lost movement in my foot due to the short Achilles and scar tissues that I have worked on so much to break it up and get the tendons moving again they now have make orthotics to got in my shoes that help me to walk better but I find now I have lost balance I have trouble with both tendons but only one did they repair (I would never have the other one done knowing what I do now).

Once your tendon has shortened is there anyway I can get them movement back ??


Joshua Comments:

Hi Jane.

1. You don't want the tendon to stretch. Tendon is steel cable. Muscle is bungie corde.

The tendon was shortended due to surgery, and that's an issue. Now the entire structure has to readjust. And it's going to need some help.

But that help does not consist of 'stretching the tendon'.

The entire structure is tendon and the muscle and connective tissue it's attached to.

You need to LENGTHEN the muscle and connective tissue attached to the now shortened tendon..that muscle and connective tissue is now being PULLED ON, a lot, so it feels tight etc.

It needs to be relaxed, lengthened, and retrained to accomadate a new tensile arrangement.

Eccentric Heel Drops is one tool.

Effective massage and/or self massage is another.

You definitely do want to make the scar tissue and constriciton from the surgery and reattachment more mobile and healthy (that makes it stronger and less prone to tiny micro-tears that keep the body thinking there's an injury there).

Apr 23, 2014
Haglunds response
by: Dan C

I am on my 4th surgery and finally, 7 months after my last the pain is starting to die down. Takes time and a lot of self remediation.

Dan c


Joshua Comments:

4th surgery? On the same spot?

Apr 23, 2014
How long will I have pain while walking after Haglund's Deformity surgery?
by: Tonya

I had surgery for a haglund's deformity 3 months ago (December, 2012) and was wondering if anyone could tell me when the pain of walking will go away.

The surgeon had to detatch part of the achilles tendon to remove the deformity. I was in a boot for five weeks and went through four weeks of PT (twice a week) after that. Wearing shoes that cover the heel is still painful and walking is extremely difficult despite doing stretches and exercises regularly. I still have sharp pains shoot through my heel a few times a day as the nerves regenerate.

I'm also curious to know when the daily swelling will stop. My heel looks pretty good in the morning, but by evening (I even have a desk job) it's pretty swollen.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Tonya.

How'd your recovery go? How are things now?

There's no way to predict how long Haglunds deformity surgery side effects will last. It depends on how extensive and traumatic the surgery was (detaching your achilles tendon and carving off bone is a major trauma), it depends on your overall health and vitality, it depends on your nutritional status, it depends on how good of a healer you are.

The best way to deal with it is to combat all the predictable repercussions of surgery (inflammation, tightness, pain, etc) so recovery is as fast as possible.

Mar 09, 2014
2 years out after achilles tendon and heel debridement surgery on both feet
by: Anonymous

After Achilles' tendon and heel debridement surgery on both legs 2 years ago, I can honestly say I would do it again.

My quality of life had been suffering- constant searing heel pain. I couldn't walk on any even surfaces or be on my feet for any length of time. 2 golf ball sized heel hoes were removed; a small tendon was taken from bottom of foot to reattach my Achilles and a small notch was made half way up my calf to help lengthen the tendon.

My tendons still feel tight but no pain. One ankle still has some swelling and consequently some tingling sensations in my foot. After another MRI it was determined scar tissue was causing it. Surgeon said he could clean it up but I'm not excited for more surgery. I recommend a foot and ankle orthopedic surgeon who is board certified. This surgery is too complicated for a podiatrist. I will say I suffered for years before I had surgery.

I tried physical therapy, stretches, shoes, meds, massage .

Mar 04, 2014
Is the next step achilles tendon and bone spur debridement surgery?
by: ForMyWife

This is actually on my wife's behalf...she was told about 7 years ago she had chronic tendonitis....bump behind her heal was tearing her tendon..the healing process then calcified the bump and made it larger...causing further damage to her tendon which equaled it was explained to us..

1st doctor wanted to perform surgery asap..we opted for a 2nd opinion...second doctor had her wear a boot with wedges and progressivly removed the wedges over a period of about two months...afterwards told her to wear shoes with at least 1 1/2 inch heels, this worked for a few years and the pain was tolerable...well the pain returned.

Went to Dr. #3 basically told her there was nothing he could do...he empathetically discouraged surgery as did Dr. #2.

So here we wife can't walk long distance or over a period of time without it being a painful exerience...a normal shopping trip of about an hour...and that is with pain medication...she is only 52....a little overweight....this is limiting her ability to perform daily taskes to allow for calorie burning and we are getting concerned for her quality of life....being held captive by her aching heels.

Any encouragement or guidance would be appreciated...thanks


Joshua Comments:

Hi ForMyWife.

My primary guidance is to get Reversing Achilles Tendonitis ebook and get to work.

Doctors and surgeons will tell you that the bone growth is the primary problem, but almost certainly the proglem is the chronic muscle and connective tissue tightness that is pulling on the bone and causing it to grow (to become stronger).

So while I can't help you with the bone growth that's already there, it's absolutely worth a shot to do all the self care possible to take the tension off the bone, which reduces the bone's ability to 'fray the tendon' because the tendon will be loose and mobile istead of taut with tension and grinding against the bone.

Mar 04, 2014
A year after achilles debridement surgery, still in pain
by: Karen

Last March 2013, I started noticing pain in my right heel, esp after driving home from work.

First I thought it was my shoes so I bought new ones. Didn't help so I bought the mule type. Did help for about a week and then the pain returned. Somedays it was all I could do to walk from the car to the front door. I finally gave in and saw an orthopedic. He had me to wear a walking boot 24/7 for 12 weeks then PT. The pain was better but only for couple weeks then right back were it was.

My PT recommended that I see a different orthopedic. I finally give in again after several months and did see an ankle and foot specialist after begging for a MRI that supposely showed nothing but inflammation, just continue with PT.

I have been taking anti-inflammory for past 2 yrs for hip tendonitis, so how in the world could I still have all that inflammation!

Had my achilles tendon debridement with heel spur removed, which I was never told about one week after seeing the new doctor. It has now been 8 weeks and still having pain, swelling and limited ROM.

I'm starting to think I may have done more damage by waiting so long. I wonder if I will ever be able to return to my job as a nurse.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Karen.

Anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen don't actually get rid of inflammation nor the causes of that inflammation.

So if you've been taking anti-inflammatories for 2 years, there was never a chance of it fixing your hip tendonitis.

The debridement is a signifigant injury to bone, as it's cutting/damaging bone. Bone does not like that, and it can hurt for a LONG time. Plus, bone spurs aren't usually an actual cause of pain with achilles tenodnitis scenarios, so the surgery didn't necessarily do anything to inmprove your achilles tendonitis.

Which is not a popular thing to tell surgeon, of course.

Dec 19, 2013
Achilles tendon Graft
by: jane

I have been have massage on it everyday day fight up my leg so on calf as well and Achilles I have been to physio and she has shown me thing to do to stretch the calf muscles and I have been doing them for months I go to the pool and walk up and down it this help me put my foot flat on the ground without so I walk as normal as I can also get all the muscles work in my calf.

but like I said I get pain where they attached the tendon back to my heel in the bone and not matter how much work I do in the day in the morning it is very stiff until I get it moving again feels like all the work I did each day has been for nothing when I wake up in the morning until I put my shoes on I limp badly.


Joshua Comments:

1. If you're not ice dipping, start. See the link to the How To Reduce Inflammation page in this thread.

2. If your nutrition is not up to snuff, then your bone/tendon will have a harder and slower time healing (well).

3. That's good that you're massaging. Do that. Stretching may or may not be good, depending on what and how you're doing it.

4. I'm a big fan of my Reversing Achilles Tendonitis ebook, as it's all the same stuff for your scenario (and I can give you some fine points specific to your surgery.

Point being, surgery causes it's own problems, and in a perfect world you'd heal fast without any effort...but it's not a perfect world...

You are putting in effort, and, it's a matter of fine tuning what you're doing to help your body help itself, and so your body -can- help itself.

Dec 17, 2013
Achilles tendon graft
by: jane

Had an Achilles tendon Graft in march this year its been over 9 months now since I had it done and to be honest if I had Known what it would do to my foot and ankle would have just left it the same way it was and put up with the pain.

They took a bit of tendon from my big toe and make new tendon where it was shredded

Nine months on and lots and lots of work on it, it is still not that good when it comes to walking on it without no shoes on which have things inside them to help my Achilles but it hurts in the bone where screwed it back to my ankle and it also feel very stiff still cant do stuff I use to be able to do before to be honest it they asked me now knowing what I know now I would have said no thanks I will put up with it the way it is and still would have been able to do more they said (THE DOC)that it would take 12 months to heal and not limp but I doubt I ever get my foot back to the way it was I have done pool work on it had my calf worked on and the scar its self everyday

I work on it but I now seem to have hit a wall
think before Surgery if it is worth it...for me I would say no.

Has anyone else had this happen to them?? and any tips to what I can do to get my foot working 100% again




Joshua Comments:

What specifically have you been doing on it since surgery, self-care-wise?

Dec 07, 2013
Achilles Surgery Went Great, But No 50 Yard Sprints
by: Chris

I had my achilles repaired about 3 years ago, it was completely torn in half ( playing basketball) i fell down tried to get up and fell again, i just fell there was no pain when I did it or before I had surgery it just wouldnt work.

The surgery on other hand did have some pain of course like any surgery but not unbearable. The bad part about it is recovery time, probably a full year before I felt safe on it, it carries most of a persons weight.

I was scared of reinjuring it but all in all it is good now gives me no problems what so ever, so if you have to get it done get it done, it is not that bad at all just a lenghty recovery, now I feel great on it I can do anything on it although I wouldnt try and do a 50 yd dash I cant tell the difference or it was ever injured unlesss you look at it.

It has a hump on it, but trust me no one will ever notice. Good luck to all of you going to have it if you have any questions just reply to this blog I would love to be able to help you and ease your mind.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Chris.

That's great recovery has gone well. No 50 yard sprints, but are you still playing basketball?

Nov 30, 2013
by: Anonymous

Had my surgery 10-28-13. Was in splint non-wt bearing 10/28-10/31. New splint applied 10/31-11/11 still non-wt bearing 11/11-11/25 hard cast non-wt bearing. Wahoo!! 11-25 hard cast off in cam walker x 2weeks. Starting therapy 12-2. A lot of pain and swelling tonight.

Hard relying on everyone and being on crutches. Ins wouldn't cover knee walker. I live on the 2nd floor so I needed crutches anyways. Glad I was able to ditch the crutches on Monday after my appointment cause I can be full weight bearing now! YEAH!!!!

Oct 14, 2013
Oh boy..the Pain!!
by: Ashley

I am two days post-op from a heel spur removal and resection of my achilles tendon. Lets just say Im on 2mg Dilaudid every two hours but the pain is still excruciating! Has anyone else had this problem? I expected some pain but not like this.

Between the nausea since surgery and this pain...I feel like death warmed up!!

The doctor said to not put ANY weight on my foot for 2 months and then he will do a second surgery after the two months to remove the screws and washer he used to reattach my tendon. Can anyone tell me if the second surgery is just as painful?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Ashley.

Your experience is definitely not in the 'best results possible' category.

How's your pain tolerance usually? How does your body usually respond to stress and or injury? Some bodies deal with it better than other.

And when a body isn't nutritionally sufficient, it has a hard time dealiong with stressors (like the injury caused by surgery), and the drugs used, etc.

Let's hope it's that and not the doctor messing up somehow.

Having said that, it sounds like you had nuts and bolts forced into your body. That is insult and injury to the body, so it's not particularly surprising that you have pain (then again, some people have little problem with it [I probably would not be one of them]).

So you gotta give it at least a week to settle down. If it doesn't, or if you have other pain, talk to your doctor, not that there's anything in particular they can do but prescribe more drugs, but they need to know. And you need to know how they respond to that (professionally, helpful, tell you it's all in your head, etc).

Are you in a boot or a cast?

Sep 08, 2013
Achilles reattachment surgery after volleyball injury caused tear
by: Kori

I am someone who has always been active.Currently, I own and operate my own equine facility and also help coach my daughter in athletics. I have played sports all my life - even through college and I am active every day with the daily operations of my equine facility.

In a freak accident..... all of that was put on hold. The other volleyball coach stepped on the back of my tennis shoe as my body was moving forward. It felt as though the meat was pulled from my very bones.... very painfull! I held my tears back so all of the 9 year old kids wouldn't worry; but, I knew something was very wrong and it was definately not a sprain.

I went to an Urgent Care...they gave me a splint and an xray and sent me on my way. It wasn't until a Radiologist saw some fluid on the x-ray (4 weeks later) that I was asked to get an MRI. After the MRI... I heard absolutely nothing and I decided to see my primary care doctor because I knew if I had just a sprain...then surely I would be better by now.

Turns out that 90% of my tendon was ruptured and the 10% was hanging on barely !! I was rushed to an Ortho doctor and had surgery in 2 days.

The surgery turned out just fine and no other tendons were needed to bridge the gap that had now formed due to the length of time that had passed because of a mis-diagnosis as a "sprain". I just have a bigger scar than if I got surgery right after the accident, but I feel great and am doing exceptionally well.

In my opinion, the worst part was the nausia from anethesia and I didn't like the cast after a week (showering was a challege). I am happy with my decision to get surgery and I was lucky to have an excellent surgeon !


Joshua Comments:

Hi Kori.

Surgery is definitely a good idea sometimes!

May 09, 2013
Had Achilles Graft, still hurts 2 months later, sure it was the right thing to do
by: jane

I have been having trouble with my right Achilles tendon for 2 years but in March this year they did an Achilles Graft have to say that its only 8 weeks in but I am happy that I had it done.

The Doctor that did it said my Achilles was a mess at the bottom and that it would have never heal up with by the way they did try for 16 months before this op so it not as if they rushed in to this op and I would say to anyone don't rush in to an operation unless you have just about done everything possible first.

With me it now up to me it work on my Achilles to get full movement back so I can walk again and they say that going to take 6 to 12 months work on it ....

Yes the operation was painful and yes it's painful now but I am 100% sure it was the right thing for me everyone is different.

May 07, 2013
Retrocalcaneal spur and achilles debridement
by: Anonymous

My levels if vitamin d and magnesium are sufficient and at optimum levels. I do not have any deficiencies in that regard. I have supplemented with both for years. The implants seem to not be sitting well in my calcaneous and it is definitely holding me back. I am in month 9 and feels like I did before the surgeries. Anyone have similar problems?

Dan C

May 04, 2013
Retrocalcaneal heel spur removal, 2 surgeries with continued pain and bone anchor problems
by: Dan C

Hi all.
I recently posted that I had 2 surgeries to remove a retrocalcaneal heel spur with Achilles debridement in August 2012 and removal of a lost suture excessive scar tissue And bone regrowth in feb 13. Since that time I have had increased pain in my heel bone which I believe is due to the four bone anchors that were and planted to hold the Achilles tendon down. The pain can be described as very ask you sharp stinging pains whenever the heel bone is tapped it vibrates into specific spots and my surgeon explained that those are the spots where the anchors are placed. He seems reluctant to remove the bone anchors since there is a possibility that he may have to cut the Achilles again however I cannot progress any further with therapy with the pain that I am feeling. Has anyone experienced this type of discomfort from implanted hardware. Also I was never given blood work to be analyzed to see if I was allergic to the alloy that was implanted.



Joshua Comments:

Hi Dan.

Your message looks a little messed up. If it's good enough, no problem. If you want to correct it, just do a whole new comment and I'll delete the old one.

Having said that, get your vitamin d level checked and then get it up and take magnesium.

If you don't have enough of either of those two, you can't utilize your calcium optially and metal implants in bones can have problems healing/holding.

And it can't hurt anything to get a test to see if you're allergic to the implant materials...seems like they should have done that pre-implantation....

Feb 16, 2013
Retrocalcaneal spur exostosis and Achilles debridement
by: Dan C

I had this surgery done in August 2012 recovery for me was extremely long and painful and today I am still going to therapy I am unable to put pressure on my foot and just last week had to go in again to remove more calcification that was forming where the old bone was removed the doctor told me that my bone was so dense he needed assistance. Also one of the bone anchors stripped going in. I just had additional surgery feb 1, 13 to remove a suture and shave down more calcification that grew back only 5 months from initial surgery. I am still unable to walk without alot of pain and limping and I am very sore to the touch. I had no choice to have this done as the Achilles was calcifying and I couldn't walk at all. I am very frustrated with this.
I need my dr to just fix this!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Dan.

It looks like your doctor can't fix it. He doesn't have an explanation for why the calcification is happening, why the stripping of the anchor happened, nor why you were hurting in the first place.

You may want to look into the connection between magnesium and bone density.

1. Learn How To Reduce Inflammation

2. Start with Magnesium For Tendonitis

Feb 04, 2013
my point too!!
by: Lucie

Hi that is my point too and when I asked why they said that the MRI showed bone that was not there the last time I had MRI to now and that is what is stopping me from walking and wearing shoes that they will not know about what damage its done to the tendon until they get in there but the bone need to be remove.

I have spend many a sleepless night thinking if this should be done or not but if I am to be honest with myself it has got worse not better and you can see the bone on the MIR that needs to be removed I am just so fearful of operation that I would like to think I do not need this one! but on saying that I am in pain a lot and it needs to be fixed.

And yes this is the only way it can be fixed I asked that question too.


Joshua Comments:

Well...they don't know why the bone is growing. They don't know if it's actually causing any damage.
Surgery absolutely will cause damage. They say it's the only way the problem can be fixed, but it's their only tool and they offer no guarantee (moneyback or otherwise) that it will work.

They haven't suggested you try any nutrition, the lack of which can cause bone spurs to grow.

They haven't mentioned that it's possible to have bone spurs and no pain or other symptoms.

They haven't suggested relaxing the muscles attached to and pulling on the Achilles tendon, which cause bone spurs to grow.

They've been wrong so far about everything else they've prescribed. Perhaps they will be right about the surgery.

Feb 03, 2013
Achilles tendonosis
by: Luice

Hi in answer to your Question yes I did answer the questions that you put to me
they say that it will not get any better after 2 years of just about trying everything else But an Operation ..Physio pool work podiatry things in my shoes a cam boot for six weeks.

I have had Tendonosis in both Achilles for some time but it is the right one that has the bone bump and I cant wear shoes any more I want too cos it hurts so much also the bump is pressing on a never some where which sends stabbing pain into my heel also tingling too the op they will do is remove the bone bump and fix the tendon which they say is damage and show up on MIR.

It just I know this will take a long time to heal they also told me that 12 months before it really right and 6 weeks in cast ..They would not operate if they did not think they could fix this as they have like me put this off for as long as I have they now say that it will not fix it self no matter what I do.I just hate operations.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Luice.

I hate operations too, except when they're A. necessary and B. effective.

Why do they think surgery will work when everything else they prescribed did NOT work? That's a pretty low success rate they've established.

Feb 01, 2013
Recent surgery to remove thumb sized bone spur on heel
by: Anonymoukathys

I had my surgery to remove a heel spur behind the Achilles' tendon on January 11, 2013. I am still in the boot cast and have been told to apply NO pressure to that foot for at least six weeks.

I am halfway thru that today, my 3 week anniversary, at this point there is only an occasional twinge of discomfort and I assume that must be the nerves reattaching.

The Achilles' tendon was severed and a piece of bone the size of my thumb was removed and the tendon reattached with four pins. Other than the fact that I can't get up and down by myself and the long recovery I am still very optimistic that this was the right thing to do, after all you can't dissolve bone any way that I know of!

Still praying that six weeks will put me back on my feet PAINFREE!!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymoukathys.

Wow, that's a big piece of bone (or you have small thumbs).

Did the doctor give you any self care suggestions while in the cast for nutrition or anything?

Keep us updated.

Jan 28, 2013
Achilles tendonosis surgery and bone spur
by: Lucie


I have had this problem for some time and am booked in to have an operation on it as they say now it will not get any better.

But I am not sure about having a operation on it as I am fearful they will make it worse not better maybe I heard to many stories but the closer it get the more I think I will just put up with it that. I could not stand it if they made this worse.

Yes it gives me a lot of pain I just feel very lost as to what to do next ??? please can anyone make sense of this and how I feel as I feel that I want to get rid of pain but do not want them to stuff it up doing so?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Lucie.

1. How do they know it won't get better?

2. Clearly they don't have anything to offer that will make it better other than the promise of surgery. Which explains why they are sure it won't get better.

3. I appreciate your concerns about a surgery potentially making things worse. Let's investigate that:
A. Describe, in detail, your symptoms
B. Tell the story of how all this came about, and progressed.
C. What have you done for it, self care, to try to make it better?
D. Why do you call it Achilles Tendonosis?
E. What are they going to do during the surgery.
F. Did you ask any of the questions on this page? Quiz Your Doc

Jan 27, 2013
Achilles tendonsis Surgery and bone spur removal coming up in February
by: Lucie

Just want to thank everyone who shared there story on here as I have the same thing and am going into hospital on the 18Th Feb 2013 I am feeling very nervous about it but it is the pain and the fact that I can't ware shoes much anymore that Pushed me to get this fixed.

I get pins and needles in the heel too they say that it will go as it is the spur pressing on the nerves. I too am not look forwards to 6 week in a cast but I have put this off for 2 years now until I can no longer stand the pain they always tell you what can go wrong when they book you in

I know they have to do this but I wish they would not as I am not a great person for any kind of operation think if you don't have to have it don't!

again thank you to everyone who shared on here this makes me feel a bit better those I will not be happy til is over!

Jan 06, 2013
Fall post achilles tendonosis surgery concerned about pain and rerupture
by: Neil (uk)


I have had the achilles surgically repaired 3 weeks ago and had the stitches out and new cast last Thursday. I had a fall hours after the new cast with all of my weight going onto my bad leg and had pain for a while after. Is there a chance of a re-rupture whilst in a cast or is the cast to prevent this?

Bit concerned as still have pain in the calf area?



Joshua Comments:

Hi Neil.

It's certainly possible that the forces triggered in the lower leg by a sudden shifting of weight onto the 'bad' foot/leg could cause enough force to separate the tissue of a fresh surgery.

The foot still pressed down into the case, as if it would be pressing down into the floor. The cast just keeps the angle of the foot from changing, but doesn't keep the muscles from firing.

An MRI is the only way to tell for sure.

1. How bad does it hurt?

2. Does it hurt differently after the fall as before (post surgery)?

3. How exactly did you fall/what exactly did your body do, motion-wise?

Oct 31, 2012
How much is too much & When to call it quits?
by: Belinda

Not real sure where to start, so I guess with surgery #1. Had a bone spur removed from the back of my heel the achilles was wrapped in it so they had to do a complete detachment.

Reatachment meant 2 surgical titanium screws in the bone to suture back down to. Fast forward a year and a half still in extreme pain...went to an orthopaedic specialist this time only to discover through the MRI that my body was rejecting the metal implants.

Further testing revealed that I am allergic to metal. AWESOME! So revisionary surgery to remove the hardware that also included 6 procedures to try and fix some of the damage the metal had caused. I am now a year out from that operation and having the same issues all over again, MRI done again and facing the grim fate that the last MRI showed which is that my body is now rejecting the plastic implant device.

Wonder what is in store now? If they can't use metal and can't use plastic what then or just have them take it out and the tendon is not attatched at all anymore. can you go the rest of your life with the tendon detatched? So many questions just don't know if I am the only person that has been through this kind of ordeal and wanting some feedback.

When do I say enough and fold my hand and file for disability. I have not worked in over 3 years now because of all of this but haven't went the disability route thinking that I was going to get better. My husband cannot handle the financial responsibilty alone forever.

Any thoughts??


Joshua Comments:

Hi Belinda.

Yikes, I'm sorry to hear that.

A couple thoughts:

1. Maybe you're allergic to metal (and plastic?) implants, I'd need to hear more about that.

I'd be more concerned about your Vitamin D level and Magneisum intake, as both of those are required for Calcium utilization. What I'm really saying here is that if you don't have enough of the right nutrients, you don't heal right/bone can have a hard time healing/accepting implants.

Did your doctors take ten seconds and test you/supplement you for either of those? Highly unlikely.

I don't really have an opinion about the whole disability thing, as I just don't know.

Assumably it's still attached right now with plastic?

I'd hit up the Vitamin D and Magnesium PRONTO and see what happens.

And I'd get The ARPwave System. If anything can set things right, the ARPwave (and nutrition) can.

Also, from a work perspective, I am a huge fan of having a website for income (like this one, only about a topic you're interested/passionate in). Email me re: that if you want.

Oct 15, 2012
One month post op achilles surgery
by: Anonymous

I had a bone spur removed with the Achilles reattached and lengthened at the calf. I was in a splint for 1 week with no weight bearing.

They removed that and put me in a boot with gradual weight bearing as tolerated and flexing exercises... No boot needed in bed. With the boot I have found it to be so incredibly uncomfortable with pressure points and a cutting feeling at the Achilles incision, so I felt better off just keeping my foot elevated and using the wheel about all the time.

I have found that I'm tolerating weight bearing quite well at 4 weeks - much better than with the boot on ... Around the house I quit wearing it all together and only put it on to go outdoors .

Am I causing any harm to the heel, Achilles repair or the calf lengthening by doing this?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

Unfortunately, I have no idea if you're causing more harm than good by pushing it. There's a lot of factors involved.

The surgery caused injury. You've got to heal from that, and hope that immobilization and then adding activity to it has everything work out.

I would expect that you would feel pain and discomfort. The question is, is that sharp feeling 'too much' pull on the severed/injured tissues, or is it just getting pulled on and sending a pain signal but not making things worse.

Sep 22, 2012
Achilles heal
by: Della

Hi I had my surgery in march 19th I had bone spur removed and Achilles' tendon re attached and I was pain free straight after surgery I was six weeks in cast then one week none weight bearing then walking after that and I carnt believe how good it feels I hope my bone spur doesn't grow back and even my plantar factious has gone .


Joshua Comments:
Sweet. Rock on!

Sep 16, 2012
achilles debridement
by: Anonymous

Hi. I had my surgery on Aug. 7, 2012. I was in a stint cast from surgery 1 wk, foot too swollen to put cast on, so put another stent on. Then in cast 3wks. Just got cast off and supposed to use walker with my blk boot. Cannot put weight on it it hurts so bad.

Will call pt tomorrow and am hoping that will help. So discouraged at this point.

Is it unusual not to be able to bear wt at this point after six wks post op?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

It's not particularly unusual. It's also not a particularly good sign.

What are you doing for post surgery self care?

You should definitely learn How To Reduce Inflammation

Sep 06, 2012
How long before I have my other ankle done?
by: Linda

It's been two weeks since I had a bone spur removed and my Achilles tendon detached and reattached with bone anchors on my left ankle. I have to have the same thing done on my right ankle and was wondering if anyone else has had both ankles done. I am still non-weight bearing and will be until I'm at 4 weeks post surgery.
I was placed in a cam walking boot, but take it off at night and when I am not moving around. My doctor just told me to be careful. That seems a lot less conservative than other's stories I have read.

Has anyone else gone without the boot this much? I am using a knee walker and plan on returning to work next week.

May 11, 2012
troublesome foot ! More surgery required.
by: carol perry

i have had 3 operations so far on my right foot for achilles tendon repairs and calcium growths i have now been referred back to my surgeon as it is looking highly likely i will need yet a further op

i had my last op in november last year and have been in pain ever since my foot is very swollen all the time and i am having throbbing and burning in it all the time and now looks like the growths come back yet again my surgeon is now talking about taking a wedge like shape out of my heel but says its a much longer recovery period


Joshua Comments:

Hi Carol.

Ouch, that doesn't sound fun.

Give me a more detailed account of the history and symptoms leading up to this, and description of overall health (digestion, energy levels, sicknesses, etc).

May 11, 2012
A Gilles heal bone spur operation
by: Willow

Well after having surgery on my Achilles heel bone spur I've been pain free had my cast removed after six weeks and it now been off 10 days started weight bearing with crutches but my foot and leg all way up to knee is going bright red swelling and burning hot as anyone else experienced this or should I go to see my consultant when I rest it calms down again


Joshua Comments:

Yes, go ask why your surgeon why it's hurting like this, and make him/her give you some adequate self care/rehab to do.

Apr 30, 2012
by: Long 2 years with achilles

I had a bone spur and slight rip in my achilles tendon on my right foot.It all started in Oct, 2010. I worked in a factory using a foot peddle for 8 hours. I used a walking cast for 3 1/2 months to try to correct the problem. Well I still had pain. So me and dr. decide to have surgery. My surgery was in Feburary 2011. Well I did 8 week in the cast, non weight bearing.

In the 9th week I got the walking cast. And was starting therpy. Well I had pain in my ankle. I could not flex my foot with out pain. I couldn't walk.

So my thepist looked at my scar, it was a keloid, and I had alot of scar tissue. So we decide to do the surgey again. I had the surgery on January 2012. The dr. debried the scar tissue,
cut out the keloid in a diamond shape cut.

Well, 5 week later, he took the stitches out. And the top half of my scar had not healed. So he cut that part of my skin out. He wanted to check for infection. Well no infection. So he suggest a skin graft. Well the skin didn't come for me. I had a aphligraf. Well to my suprise it is healing beautifully.

I'm 15 week in and I'm just having stiffness. I ging to theapy twice a week. I can move my foot up and down. I make a good decison. So hopefully I be back to normal in a few months. I wouldn't wish this pain on anyone.


Joshua Comments:

That sounds like quite an adventure!

Keep us updated on your recovery!

Apr 30, 2012
Achilles heal bone spur removed
by: Willow

Well today I've has my cast of after six weeks I've has a bone spur removed and achilles tendon re attached my consultant had to take some of the tendon away but from day of operation I've has no pain I start phyiso on thurs my consultant reckons I will be back at work in three weeks which am surprised at am hoping this bone spur doesn't grow back and I can a last be pain free.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Willow.

I hope so too.

See: Bone Spur

Apr 26, 2012
Achilles bone spur
by: Willow

Ive suffered 4 years with achilles tendinitis and a bone spur this year my only option was surgery as all my heal and bottom of foot has swollen and I couldn't weight bear at all I had surgery 19/3/12 and got one more week in cast left even straight after operation I've been pain free so hoping this continues will keep you updated


Joshua Comments:

Please do keep us updated!

Jan 22, 2012
reply to joshua
by: carolperry

my surgeon didnt explain as to why i keep getting ruptures and calcium growths but said its highly likely they will return he did however say if the growth had been removed on the first operation i most probably would not have need the second one the only problem ime suffering

at the moment is stiffness around the tendon but this is probably due to scar tissue but now it is looking highly likeley that i will need surgery again on my right foot as it looks like the calcium deposit is growing back hense my tendon is very painfull once again


It would be very useful for your doctor to know what is -causing- the bone spurs etc. If he could stop that, he could stop the need for future surgery.

Jan 22, 2012
3rd Time Luck With Achilles Tendonitis surgery and Bone Spur removal
by: carol perry

i have had three operations in total first was to repaire a ruptured tendon the second was to remove a calcium growth wich developed after the first operation and the third was to remove both a calcium growth and another rupture i now have anchors in place and a metal plate i had my operation on 23rd november 2011 and was back in my high heels by new years eve i only had a bandage on leg after the op and found it a much quicker recovery than the first time when i was put in a plaster cast.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Carol.

I'm curious as to why exactly you keep having ruptures and bone spur growths.

Did the doctors give you an explanation as to why?

And also, why do you think your most recent surgery had a easier recovery? Are you just getting used to surgery :) or was it less invasive, or?

Jan 16, 2012
2 surgeries including bone spur removal, tendon reattached, and calcaneus cut
by: Anonymous

I had bone spur removal, tendon reattached and the calcaneus cut like you did, after I was finally in a walking boot ,then I fell off my knee walker and totally shredded my Achilles, i had surgery all over again, with a graft from a tendon in my foot and have been in the cast 6 weeks now. I don't recommend the knee walker if you have any inner ear problems or labyrrhinthitis or dizziness.

I totally pulled the tendon from the insertion and it was shredded about 6 cms, it was a difficult surgery. This week they put me in a boot and hopefully get the physical therapy started. It's been a long haul, I just pray I will be able to walk again.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

If you have any inner ear issues, I HIGHLY recommend you greatly increase your Magnesium intake.

Sorry to hear about the fall and the shredding. Yeah, that's pretty bad news....

I HIGHLY suggest that you up your nutrition to give your body every chance to heal optimally.

And the only thing physically I can REALLy suggest, if you want to actually heal as optimally as possible and quicker than you might think possible is to check out The ARPwave System.

Sep 15, 2011
Similar surgery - Achilles Tendonosis Surgery and Bone Spur Debridement, happy and ready to do it again
by: Anonymous

I just had the same surgery on my left foot on 9/6. I started with plantar fascitis last January that I thought would get better but got worse by June and my painful walk and heel spurs caused tedonitis in my Achilles tendon.

I learned the hard way not to ignore foot pain. I have a post-op appt with my surgeon 9/19 and hope that I am healing properly (I have followed post ops instructions to the letter).

I was surprised to read the length of time of your healing process. I thought that I would be able to start putting weight on my foot next week. I am 64 and knew that I could not use crutches so have been using a walker and wheelchair.

I will look into the kneeling walker - I do not like to depend on a wheelchair. Thanks for sharing...Virginia

Jan 19, 2011
kentucky doctor
by: paulette bryan

I had surgery on my Acehilles and bone spur on Oct.21st.2010. I'm healing very well and will be going back to work soon. Dr Lawrence at UK sports Medicine Clinic did my surgery. He's great! Let me know how it goes. Good luck.

Jan 05, 2011
Information Please!
by: Mary

Your story and nightmare sound all too familiar. I have identical issues. I however have not found a surgeon....and after reading most of the stories I am very scared.

I live in Kentucky, Please send me your surgeons name and contact info.. I would like to contact him and ask if he could recommend someone in my state.

Thank you and best of luck.

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