Disabling Achilles Problems Including Bone Spur and Small Tear

by Brian

I've been suffering from Achilles Pains for 12 weeks now, with most of the time on crutches.

I started out with a biking injury in Sept 09', resulting in achilles pain where it attaches to the calf. After some weeks of self-rehab, I began exercise. Mid Nov 09', I woke up with a lot of pain in my achilles (at the heel bone). It got worse and worse, and eventually landed me with the Dr and Physical Therapy, a month later, seemingly doing better I took a turn for the worse.

At this point I wore a boot the Dr gave me (which had no heels lifts). A week or so into the boot and now I'm in extreme pain and my time with crutches start.

I now see a Specialist, who diagnosis (ultrasound) with Heel Spur, Tendonitis and a small Tear in the achilles. I was given a different boot (with lift), but still I would rest for a week, feel better, then walk in the boot for 2-3 days, and pain would return. The pain I suffer is not with movement, but just a building of inflammational type pain eventually to the point that any touch causes pain.

The Dr just wants me to wait longer, but can't understand why I can't walk in the boot. After all this, I decide just to try walking in shoes, and by Superbowl I felt great, walked a ton, figured I'm cured.

But then the pain returns (rubbing on back of shoe?)... anyway now I can't seem to get healthy to walk again, first I feel almost like a small tear on the side of my achilles at the bottom which gets worse with stretching, and now I suffer from what feels like a bad calf pull that started when I tried to walk again.

What am I doing wrong.


Joshua Answers:

Hi Brian.

You didn't leave your email or click the check box for notification. I hope you find this response.

What are you doing wrong?

While it's great you got back to walking etc, here's a concept that you're missing.

The Achilles attaches to connective tissue and muscles of the back of the lower leg. It's all too short and tight (or there's specific parts that are too tight) and it's putting too much tension on the Achilles attachment.

Since the musculature is too short and tight, it can't do it's job, which is to absorb force. All that force has to go somewhere, and it's safe to say it's going to the non-flexible heel attachment, and it's obviously pulling away from the attachment.

No amount of Rest is going to cure or reverse your issue.

Traditional stretching is no good. It just pulls on it more.

Wearing the boot, and heels, are horrible, because that just shortens the structures. Can take pain away because it shortens and thus removes the tension which causes the pain sensation. But connective tissue shrinkwraps and muscles shrink to match the new shortness.

Walking got you..well...walking again because it fired and lengthened the structures and you body compensated...for a while until it couldn't win the battle anymore, and thus pain is right back.

You HAVE to open up the structures of the back of your lower leg.

Granted I'm biased and think that you should get my Reversing Achilles Tendonitis ebook. It's got a complete plan and bigger explanation than I'm going to do here.

But basically you have to knock out the inflammation process and open up the tight/short tissue.

Do you know How To Reduce Inflammation?

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Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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