Does tendonitis include snapping and clicking at the elbow?

I have been an office manager for 18 years. Due to having a desk job, I suffer with pain in my elbow, shoulder, rotator cuff & shoulder blade.

With this includes inflammation in my forearm. I have dealt with these pain issues for over 2 years now.

Physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage, sports injury clinics & naturopathic visits have brought temporary relief, but not a cure.

I have been trying your ice dips and notice some relief, though again, just temporary. I wake up in the morning feeling fine, but after dressing & getting ready for work my pain starts to come back.

By mid-afternoon, I back to full on pain.

I have a lot of snapping and clicking at the elbow when I bend my arm. If I bend and click my arm, I actually feel some relief from the pain that has built up. It has now become a habit to bend and click throughout my day for relief. I have a feeling that all the snapping contributes to inflammation.

I have never had an x-ray to confirm my issues, though most agree that it is tendonitis.

I am interested in purchasing your DVD but don't want to waste more money and time if in fact my issue is something else. With all that I have read with regards to tendonitis, never has it mentioned anything about the tendon repeatedly snapping and clicking.

Can you confirm that this is part of tendonitis and if your DVD will help me with this problem too?


Joshua Answers:

Helly Snappy Elbow.

Yes, Tendonitis can include clicking, snapping, and self adjusting of the elbow.

Specifically for you, Tennis Elbow tendonitis.

As you said, you've hunched over a desk for years. Shoulders forward, neck forward, low back/hips flexed, lots of use of the hands and arms held in a specific position.

That's bad posture, and over time bad things happen.

So it's no surprise that you are experiencing chronic pain, and while some snapping when moving the elbow isn't super common, it's also not at all rare.

The clicking in your elbow is likely due to: too tight muscles and too short connective tissue holding your structure/bones in such a way that you're a bit out of alignment, especially with movement.

When you bend/straighten your arm, your joint no longer follows a smooth flow, it now grinds a bit and has to 'pop'.

Snapping the elbow gives some relief for a variety of reasons, kind of like a chiropractic adjustment.

May or may not be causing inflammation.

There's ALREADY a Process of Inflammation in place, and it 's been there a long time. See: Pain Causing Dynamic.

To the extent that I can without having seen you in my office, that certainly sounds like a Tendonitis -dynamic-. Tight muscles, tight connective tissue, a history of poor posture and repetitive motion, tried everything your doctor has prescribed you and still hurting, etc.

One of many great things about my The Tennis Elbow Treatment That Works DVD is that there's a no questions asked money back guarantee.

Send it back for a full refund if you don't get benefit from following the plan.

Plus if you need some fine tuning once you get well into it, we can do that.

It gives you a complete plan that covers all the bases. Granted you have to do the work, but it's not complex or incredibly time consuming. Having said that, you will want to invest some time and effort into it until you're over the hump, so to speak.

More questions, more answers.

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Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Nov 03, 2010
Thank you.
by: Lynn

Thank you for your advise and quick response to my concerns with snapping and clicking due to tendonitis...much appreciated.

I plan to invest in your DVD and I look forward to its' benefits and relief from the pain associated with it.

Regards, Lynn.


Joshua Comments:


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