4 years of tendinitis and I'm only 20...

by Shaun
(Portland, OR)

I marked the painful spots in red

I marked the painful spots in red

I was diagnosed with tendinitis in my right elbow at 16, and spent a short while in physical therapy until the insurance company said I was done.

I'm not sure what specifically caused it, but at 16 I went from couch potato to working 22 hours a week, plus school, and commuting 7 hours a week in a stick shift (40-year-old VW bug). I have tried my best to cope with the pain, but as a student (art major) it makes taking notes and keeping up on assignments very difficult.

Over the last couple of months, the pain has gotten worse and more persistent. I have pain in the base of my thumb, both sides of my upper forearm and above my elbow.

I have tried pain meds and braces without relief. I was forced to drop my drawing class at midterm because I couldn't keep up on assignments due to the pain. I'm in pain from the time I wake up, and it?s at its worst when I'm taking notes in class. My only relief is when I numb it with ice.

I am at a loss with what to do.


Joshua Answers:

Hi Shaun.

1. Did you ever break your arm?

2. Fall on it badly?

3. Get yanked around as a small child?

It's possible that it was going from couch potato to heavy worker, plus writing/drawing, etc, and that irriated it and
now it's stuck at the bad end of a Pain Causing Dynamic.

The Tendonitis dynamic won't die down for a variety of reasons, including nutritional.

Clearly your youth isn't doing the job for you here. You need some help.


1. Learn How To Reduce Inflammation.

2. Understand Magnesium for Tendonitis.

3. More protein. More good fats.

4. Might as well get The Tennis Elbow Treatment That Works for a complete plan.

The reality is, you likely have nutritional and and physical tissue elements at play. Gotta cover all the bases.

Answer the above questions, and we'll go from there.

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Mar 27, 2011
Broke wrist - 4 years of tendinitis and I'm only 20...
by: Shaun

I did break my wrist when I was in elementary school. I tried to catch a dodge ball and it bent my hand back so far it broke my wrist.


Joshua Comments:

Fall --> break --> nervous system freaks out, starts a Process of Inflammation --> muscles get tight --> muscles stay tight --> connective tissue shrink wraps down --> less circulation = waste product and irritant trapped in, new blood/nutrition trapped out --> time passes --> muscles and connective tissue continue to get tighter --> tight muscles use up more Magnesium than you take it --> = ongoing Pain Causing Dynamic --> ongoing and increasing Symptoms of Tendonitis.

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