Achilles Tendon Tear

An Achilles Tendon Tear can be much more serious than Achilles Tendonitis.

There are a few factors to take into account here:

1. How big is the tear?

2. Was the tendon weak because of Tendonosis?

3. Levels of activity and physical health (including overall health of your structural tissue)

4. Was there a dynamic of Achilles Tendonitis already in place?

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Achilles Tendon Tear
Causes of Tendon Tears

Achilles Tendon Pain comes from a few different directions.

If you have a torn Achilles tendon, it didn't just happen out of the blue.

And it's unlikely that your Achilles was PERFECTLY strong and healthy and you jumped or ran and the tissue tore.

It can and does happen if the force applied is great enough, but chances are your tendon, over time, weakened, and then couldn't withstand the tension/pressue and tore.

So let's talk a little about the factors that went into a weakened tendon.

1. How big is the tear?

More on this farther down the page. I'll circle back around to it.

2. Was the tendon weak because of Tendonosis?

Tendonosis is a condition where the tendon doesn't get enough oxygen and other nutrients due to lack of circulation, thus the tedon degrades as parts of it literally die.

For the most part, we all have a certain amount of this going on. It just happens, and for most of us it never gets bad enough to cause pain or problem. Our bodies are VERY good at compensating and continuing us along through the years as our bodies slowly....well...die.

That's a little bit philosophical, let me say it again.

Over time, our tendons can slowly degrade. This makes them weak. Then you go running or jumping or just standing up off the couch, and BAM, the compromised structural integrity of the tendon literally falls apart.

The question is, is it a big tear in the tendon, or a small one, or a tiny one?

The more degradation you had going on, the less force it will take to cause a big(ger) tendon injury.

3. Levels of activity and physical health (including overall health of your structural tissue)

If you are an athlete of any age, then you put strain on your tissue. This makes your tissue stronger, more able to hold up against the forces you place upon it.

If you're a lifetime couch potato, your connective tissue is structurally weaker. It will take very little to make this kind of individual sore, as small exertion can cause microtrauma to the tissue.

However, athletes aren't safe from injury, as we all know. Partly because they put LOTS of stress on their tissue. Some athletes put on more stress than others.

Too much of a good thing, as they say.

So what happens when you ongoingly overstress your tendons? Microtrauma can lead to trauma that can lead to an injury, including Achilles Tendon Tear.

And what happens when you're an athlete (or a couch potato) with Tendonosis slowly eating away at your tendons?

Yep. Torn Achilles tendon.

4. Was there a dynamic of Achilles Tendonitis already in place?

The Tendonitis dynamic consists of progressive muscle tightness, connective tissue constriction, and a Process of Inflammation.

Regardless of whether you're an atlete or an average joe, over time muscles get tighter, connective tissue shrinks down, and pain and the body's response to it (Inflammation) kick in.

You can have firmly entrenched Achilles Tendonitis long before you ever feel pain, including scar tissue build up over repeated microtear.

Also, if you do have an Achilles Tendonitis dynamic going on (whether you currently feel pain or not) then your muscles and connective tissue are CONSTANTLY putting too much tension on your Achilles tendon.

This means there is CONSTANT strain on the tendon. Just this can overstress and ultimately weaken a tendon.

So imagine that your tendon is already TOO TIGHT, and then you go running or jumping or getting up off the couch.


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Achilles Tendon Tear
How Big Is The Tear?

And here we are, back at 1. How big is the tear?

The size of your Achilles tendon tear can depends structural health of your tendon.

Compromised tendons will tear easier than healthier tendons.

Great, so now you know all that.

But if you currently have an Achilles tendon tear, that may not be what you're interested in.

You want to know how bad it is, what your future is, will it heal, etc.

Great questions.

I can't tell you -your- specific situation is, but here's some things to think about.

Microscopic Achilles Tendon Tear

This happens all the time. No problem as long as you know how to keep the structure healthy and happy. This is part of the Achilles Tendonitis dynamic.

I can show you how to deal with that.

Minor Achilles Tendon Tear

A tiny to small rip.

You HAVE to get the tension off you tendon. This can heal on their own, and you can run and such again, IF you help the tendon heal optimally.

If you just stay off your feet, that's not likely to serve you very well.

I can show you how to do that.

Major Achilles Tendon Tear

This is a significant tear to the tendon. Significant can be a small tear, or almost all the way through. There's some range there, but you can imagine the minimium size of a tear that counts as significant.

And you know what bigger tears mean.

I can't help you here directly. These can require Achilles tendon surgery, and rightly so.

I'm not a big fan of surgery, but this is one of those that you may just have to do. ESPECIALLY if you want to run/be athletic in the near and far future.

Achilles Tendon Rupture

Ouch. Complete separation of the Achilles tendon. Feels like you get hit with a brick, and it's likely you fell down and now can't walk, seeing as how the structutre that holds your foot/leg upright is no longer connected.

The muscle rolls up into a ball at the top of the lower leg.

Ouch. Ick.

This REQUIRES Achilles Tendon Surgery. Like right now.

And then I can show you how to heal faster and better from the surgery, and help you get back on you feet faster and safer.

The ONLY other option is to shoot for a 6-8 week full recovery (possibly avoiding Achilles tendon reattachment surgery too) with The ARPwave System.

Achilles Tendon Tear
Deal With It And Help It Heal!

If you have any amount of Achilles Tendon tear, I suggest that you get my Reversing Achilles Tendonitis ebook.

It has what you need to reverse the Achilles Tendonitis dynamic. Than same information can help you heal effectively out of a small tear in an  Achilles tendon.  And it can very much help post-surgery recovery after surgery for a larger tear.

Maybe you'll have to have surgery, maybe not. MRI's are good here to see exactly the extent of any tear.

A torn Achilles Tendon is nothing to mess with. Help it heal as fast as possible (which includes dealing with the factors that CAUSED the tear.

If you don't, it can slowly tear away more and more causing a bigger, even harder to heal Achilles tendon injury.

And if you want to pull out the big guns, check out The ARPwave System


For a broader take on the topic of Achilles Tendon Tears, see this page: Torn Achilles Tendon

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