Torn Achilles Tendon
How Fast Do You Want To Heal?

All right, you have a Torn Achilles Tendon. Meaning, you have a small or large tear, but not a complete tear, which technically is an Achilles Tendon Rupture.

How fast to you want your Achilles to heal? You have some options.

First you look at the reality of the situation, understand the mechanics, and then make your best choices for how to get back to being active on your feet again.

Achilles tendons tear all the time. It limits a lot of people Athletes and people with active jobs will be most effected, and most motivated to heal, and heal fast.

The question is, if you tore your Achilles Tendon, how motivated are you to heal?

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Torn Achilles Tendon
How Did It Happen?

Why did my tendon Tear? How did my tendon tear? What's was wrong with my tendon? What causes a torn achilles tendon?

Tendon tears happen for one and only one very simple reason.

Your muscles weren't firing how they're supposed to be firing, so they couldn't absorb force, and all that force goes -somewhere-. It went to your tendon, and your tendon tore.

There are a lot of variables, sure. Maybe you had pre-existing Tendonitis and/or Tendonosis.  

See:  What Is Tendonitis

Hopefully you didn't have Levaquin Tendonitis, because that's a TOTALLY different conversation.

But without a doubt, your muscles were (and still are) TOO TIGHT, your connective tissue was (and still is) too tight.

Predictably you had some previous injury big or small (a sprained ankle when you were young, for instance) and developed compensation pattern and electrical disruption in your musculature system.

This all combines to keep your muscle from absorbing force. Like a shock absorber, muscles are supposed to perform work and provide bounce, basically.

If force absorbtion is not happening correctly, then force transfers (elsewhere, like) to your tendon, and tendons are not designed for that.

So you did whatever you did, which may have been athletic or just walking up the stairs or down the street, and you suddenly got a Torn Achilles Tendon.

This can also slowly happen over time, getting worse and worse. In this case you have all the same Downward Spiral mechanism of Pain Causing Dynamic.

There's nothing mysterious about torn Achilles tendons. It's a predictable mechanism once a tear happens. Unfortunately there's no way to predict -when- an achilles tendon will tear.

Big Tear, Little Tear, Tiny Tear,
Or No Tear At All?

Do you know the size of your tear? The -exact- size doesn't matter so much as the -seriousness- of it.

Should you worry about your Achilles Tendon tear? Probably, mostly likely, yes.

Complete Achilles Tendon Tear

If you have experienced an Achilles Tendon Rupture, that is a COMPLETE separation of the tendon. That's bad news.

You have only two options:

#1. Achilles tendon reattachment surgery

This consists of cutting through flesh to surgically reattach the ends of the tendons.  A tendon graft may be required.

The longer it's been since the rupture, the more they have to shave/cut off the ends.

Surgery shortens the structure even more, and doesn't deal with the causes of the rupture.

completely torn achilles tendon rupture graphic

#2. The ARPwave System.

With the ARPwave System you can potentially avoid surgery and help the tendon reattach and heal. It depends on your exact scenario though.

Other than that, surgery is the only way to reattach the tendon.

That's an 8-12 month recovery, at best, and is unlikely to ever be as good as new.

It's a 6-8 week recovery with the ARPwave System. And that's a FULL recovery.

If you have a rupture of the Achilles tendon, this requires serious attention. Sitting around on the couch hoping for it to heal is a BAD strategy.

Big Achilles Tear

Let's say, 25%-85% tear. Meaning, that much of the tendon has separated. Which, by the way, greatly increases the chances of soon experiencing a complete Achilles separation. Hopefully that's obvious.

 Just standing requires a HUGE amount of force/torque to be absorbed by the lower leg structures.  If there's a big tear in the tendon, that's a problem, as the torn tendon has less structural capacity to handle the load.  When that capacity is overwhelmed, the structure gives way.

See the commentary for Complete Achilles Tendon tear, above.

Little Achilles Tear

'Little' counts as a torn Achilles tendon 25% or less.

25% is still pretty significant. It will hurt, probably keep you from any athletics. Can you heal it yourself? Probably, if you do all the right things. Will it take a long time? Yes.

In this scenario self treatment consists of learning How To Reduce Inflammation, and making your TOO TIGHT muscles and connective tissue soft and loose. Plus increased nutritional intake, and self massage to reduce the negative factors of scar tissue formation.

Can it be done? Yes. My Reversing Achilles Tendonitis ebook will show you how.

Would I try the ARPwave system to be fully recovered in 6-8 weeks?

I would.

Tiny Achilles Tear

This is microtrauma. Little teeny weeny invisible tears.

This is how bigger tears start, for the most part. Force transfers to the Achilles tendon, structurally it begins to weaken, like spiderweb cracks in a window from impact.

Torn achilles tendon page tendonitis graphic

These tiny Achilles tendon tears add up, and scar tissue covers them, and that scar tissue tears. That's the 'lump' people sometimes feel on their tendons.

This microtrauma can and is present in many cases of Achilles Tendonitis.

These dynamic creates pain, inflammation, Tendonosis, etc, and can lead the way to a bigger tear.

This is what the Reversing Achilles Tendonitis ebook is designed to deal with, along with the category of Achilles tendon pain below.

Achilles Pain But No Tear At All

Just because you have pain, does NOT necessarily mean that you have any injury or torn Achilles tendon.

For instance, Vitamin D deficiency can cause pain. Magnesium deficiency can cause pain. Vitamin B6 deficiency can cause pain.

A good Vitamin D choice
Magnesium for Tendonitis
Inflammation Causes Vitamin B6 Deficiency

As your muscles become too tight, they tug on the tendon 24/7, and this causes irritation and pain. Which then makes muscles tighter. Thus the Downward Spiral of more pain, more tightness, more pain, more tightness, etc.

That leads to microtrauma sized torn Achilles tendon, which can lead to bigger tears in the tendon of the Achilles.

Debilitating Pain Without ANY TEAR AT ALL!

You can have -debilitating- pain and have ZERO amount of rip/tear.  That's the joy of the Pain Causing Dynamic.  When the factors involved get too far into the negative, you feel pain and problem.

That's the joy of Tendonitis!


For a slightly different take on this Torn Achilles Tendon topic, see Achilles Tendon Tear.

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