Achilles tendonitis from driving and running

by Dann

Hi Joshua

I changed my job 4 months ago. My new job involves an increased amount of driving and running.

I have done plenty of walking the last 2 years but not too much running as my previous job took up so much time I stopped.

After doing the job for six weeks I suddenly had a pain in the back of my foot. I had to stop running and had to just walk for about 10 days.

The pain has faded quite a bit but I do have a little swelling on my achilles tendon just above the heal. Not sure if it was the amount of driving or the running up steep streets that did it.

I got the Tennis Elbow DVD in the summer which was great. Do I have to use the same methods on my ankle as I did the elbow?

Also should I carry on walking, it doesn't hurt when doing that but wondered if that might aggravate it. I have not risked running on it yet.



Joshua Answers:

1. Yes, absolutely keep walking. Movement is great for mobility and necessary circulation.

2. Essentially, yes, you can use what you learned on the DVD and apply it to the Achilles and heel. 5 gallon bucket
for ice dipping.

3. I wonder if the pain spot on the heel is from resting your heel on the floor as you use the gas pedal, assuming it's the right side?

4. Achilles tendon-wise, the running stairs or driving didn't do it, it was always in process of 'developling' with the Pain Causing Dynamic.

The stairs and/or driving likely pushed it past a certain threshold so now you feel pain.

5. If you're getting Tendonitis in multiple areas, we need to start looking at magnesium deficiency and protein deficiency.

Magnesium for Tendonitis

Bone Broth as the best Tendon Supplements, and increase your protein intake, potentially your calorie intake so your body can burn the extra and utilize the protein.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Sep 20, 2010
Achilles Tendonitis Pain only while driving to work
by: Adam


I was doing some research about achilles pain while driving and I came across this post. The one thing that you said that really caught my eye was point number 3.

"I wonder if the pain spot on the heel is from resting your heel on the floor as you use the gas pedal, assuming it's the right side?"

I've been driving to/from work for the last 2.5 years and recently I have achilles/leg pain. There's a lot of traffic so its stop and go and its about a 40 minute drive each way. Once I get out of the car, the pain goes away. Also, I only have pain on the way to work. I have no pain driving home.



Joshua Comments:

Hey Adam.

Is it stop and go traffic on the way back too?

I wonder if you have pain on the way TO work for psychosomatic reasons, not wanting to go to work? :) (I joke, but it could very well be true, except it would be Tension Myositis Syndrome as opposed to something just in your head.)

So yeah, it could be years of essentially bruising your heel where it rests on the floor, then the body goes into it's Downward Spiral and Tendonitis dynamic of ever increasing tightness which sooner or later causes pain, and then chronic and increasing pain.

So it makes sense if it only hurts when you drive, as it's SITTING on the bruised connective tissue (way worse and different than a skin bruise). Get out of the car and the trigger is no longer being pulled.

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