Aching and painful wrists since age 14

by Emma

I have been suffering with wrist pain since I was around 14 years old. I have been to the doctors on and off about this and they have tested me for various things. The tests I have are as follows:

- Blood tests
- Plaster cast
- Physiotherapy
- Ganglian injection
- Mri Scan
- X-ray
- Anti inflammatory tablets

And after all this they couldn't find the route of the problem so said they could refer me to a pain clinic.

The pain I have gets worse usually during the colder weather and the only thing to help is to wrap something warm around the painful area. They ache continuously throughout the year but I tend to ignore the pain as I have lived with it for so long. I do wear splints when they are really bad which can help but doesn't solve the pain.

I get it worse in my left wrist than my right (I am right handed) but both do get bad and I have a small lump appear in my wrists (on the top).

I do have small wrists and when the x-ray was done it did show that I had an extra piece of bone in my wrists so it looked broken. The pain tends to be a dull ache which turns into a more severe ache and some shooting pains into my thumbs on occasion.

Sometimes it gets so bad that I struggle to drive and excessive writing or any kind of repetitive movements using my hands makes it really painful.

I used to go kickboxing but had to give up as this made my wrists increasingly worse and my hands would shake for at least half an hour after each session despite them being wrapped.

Other than this I have never done any other exercise and can't think of any reason why it flared up in particular.

I have been
diagnosed with IBS and this probably came about around the same time. Although I generally eat a healthy and balanced diet I still have problems with this area. Not sure if this could be connected in some way?

So any ideas?


Joshua Answers:

Hi Emma.

Yes, I have PLENTY of ideas! :)

1. That extra bit of bone is kind weird.....but I don't believe in 'small wrists' being a factor in Wrist Tendonitis or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

2. YOu said Ganglion injection. Do you have a ganglion cyst?

3.Primarily, I'd say we're looking at Gluten Intolerance and nutritional insufficiency/deficiency.

Vitamin D deficiency causes the kind of symptoms you describe. (Levels decrease during winter, thus the pain gets worse...that's one clue)

Magnesium insuffiency/deficiency causes the kind of symptoms you describe.

IBS, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome, is a function of being Gluten Intolerant. Both cause nutritional deficiency an malabsorbtion of food/nutrients.

The physical things I'd suggest for Tendonitis may help a little, but at this point I think your primary CAUSE of chronic pain isn't physical per se, it's more of a gut/systemic issue.

Which makes sense why all those other things failed to help.

Get in contact with Kerri at

While there, also take a look at her Magnesium Dosage page. She's also got ALL sorts of information on Vitamin D, Gluten Intolerance, etc.

Also, you may find this thread helpful and/or interesting: Wrist Tendonitis Problem Grad Student Levaquin May Be Involved

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Jun 20, 2011
by: Anonymous

hi check out your vitamin b12 level,that may be the


Joshua Comments:

I'll counter that with, 'start supplementing with B12 methylcobalamin and see what happens'.

That's the truest test of whether B12 is the issue or not. If you take -enough- for 2-4 weeks and get no benefit, that's a sign that B12 isn't the primary problem. The reverse of that is true too.

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