At the end of my tether with Plantar Fasciitis symptoms!!

by Anne

I have suffered from p.f. for 7 years now, i have had laser treatment, utrasound, cortizone injection, acupuncture. I have been taking anti-inflamatory tablets and painkillers, anti-inflamatories are also for athritis, in my hips, i also damaged my knees in a car accident.

So walking is difficult at best.

I have been experiencing numb toes for some time now,doc says it could be reynauds, i'm wondering if this has anything to do with pf??

I'm so frustrated with all that's going on, i'm unable to work now, because i cant be on my feet for any length of time now!

I get back pain, foot pain also knee pain! Is there any answer other than surgery for me? I forgot to mention that my arches have now fallen also!

Thanx Anne


Joshua Answers:

Hi Anne.

1. Yes, numb toes could be from Reynauds. Do you have Reynauds Syndrome? Or is your doctor just trying to find an explanation for the numbness.

Numbness could also be from tight muscles and connective tissue constricting nerve down your leg, any and all where from low back, hip, to ankle.

You are essentially experiencing symptoms from a (large) Tendonitis dynamic.

See: What Is Tendonitis?

Muscles (specifically the Soleus under the Gastrocnemius muscles in the lower leg, and everything in and around the hips) are, and have been TOO TIGHT for
TOO LONG. Thus, you get a predictable, progressive Pain Causing Dynamic.

More tightness, more pain, more tightness, then BAM! your nervous system is shocked with a car accident. It clamps down even harder to 'protect' you. But it does that with MORE tightness and MORE pain.

Fallen arches are a function of a variety of things, including a lifetime of wearing shoes instead of being barefoot, lower leg muscles not functioning properly (over time), hips aren't working functionally, etc.

So, tell me more about your back pain. Is it disc related? Or?

There's a whole pattern there. So tell me more, and perhaps I can suggest something that will help.

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Comments for At the end of my tether with Plantar Fasciitis symptoms!!

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Nov 06, 2010
PART 2 - At the end of my tether with Plantar Fasciitus symptoms
by: Anonymous

Hello Joshua,thank-you 4 responding 2 my post. I think i maybe understand a bit more about what is going on with my many problems now.

Unfortunately no-one has taken the time to explain to me in the past! You are correct about the always wearing shoes and never going bare-foot!

I always wore my shoes and the higher the better as far as i was concerned (crank me up) springs to mind!

When pf was diagnosed i started to wear flat shoes,turned out that my feet got worse instead of better!

A friend bought me a pair of Croks which helped me i thought,they seemed to cushion the blow,so to speak,unfortunately they were backless, therefore were not supporting my heels.

My podiatrist recommended that i buy trainers.....not a good look with a business suit i can tell you! So i bought some Bounce trainers, again, they cushioned the blow when walking, but didn't really help with the back pain,which is quite a problem!!

The pain is low-back in middle of spine, pain starts after about 5-10minutes on my feet! It is not disc related!

I have suffered with back pain for many years, this started after having my first child 30 years ago! I always thought it was a result of having an epidural! I have had 2 give up my job as i was in sales, i done demonstrating which meant being on my feet all day!

Doctor just keeps prescribing pain-killers, as for reynauds, he has never instructed any tests or prescribed anything to help the situation.

I'm totally in the dark about this! I have recently moved house, therefor had to change doctor and podiatrist, i have been given an appointment with bio-mechanics in's hoping proper orthotics moulded and not just cut out from rubber sheets will help me!

Any advice you could give me in the meantime would be much appreciated!

I look forward to your reply Joshua.



Joshua Comments:

Hi Anne.

I hope those inserts help too.

I think a body mechanics practitioner would be a great choice for you.

Much of your symptoms, it's safe to say, are a long term function of various 'bad' biomechanics.

It would be interesting to see/know if that back pain is related to that epidural. Makes sense. Maybe not direct damage, but the body responding and getting stuck in a TIGHT pattern.

All goes downhill from there.

I think you'll find this site interesting. Let me know what you think.

Look at the lower leg/ankle. Tight soleus is a HUGE player in Plantar Fasciitis problems.

Jun 01, 2016
Plantar Fasciitis pretty much my whole life
by: Richard

I am 45, athletic build, firefighter and general contractor, gym rat etc.

So now you can see im a busy person, always on my feet and very active. My pain is in the arch more towards the heel, I have been given every reason to why I will always have this from me having a arch, you need to use orthotics etc.

So here is my story.

I have tried many things to fix this over the years such as orthotics, massage and therapy. To be honest the pain has only gone away temporary when a therapist used heavy massaging, taping and ice. She told me if I didn't do it regularly, 2-4 wks, it would come right back. So the area I described, if u run your thumb pressing on the arch from the bank of my foot to the heel, it will feel like there Is a thousand peebles in there. I have had them rubbed out, iced and made go away but it's extremely temporary.

So I have also tried using a wood roller that is supposed to help remove the knots, eh kinda works, hurts like hell but if it is the solution so be it.

Then I have tried using a night time brace as well.

So I have dealt with the pain all my life, if I was to give the pain a number I would go constant is 7 and depending on how much I been on my feet it is 9-10.

I was told many yrs ago by a friend who was a retired surgeon, he said whatever u do,NEVER let anyone cut on ur feet. So, recently I heard about the pain could be coming from the lower legs.

I saw your replies Joshua on others and you seem very versed in this subject. So what is the solution besides just dealing with it??? Please help me figure something out. I'm off for a month due to a back injury and would love to be able to fix this while I'm off my feet.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Richard.

Yep, it's all(mostly) about the lower leg(s). It is good and fine to work the feet, but they are just a symptom.

Arches are GOOD! You are supposed to have arch. But the muscles in your lower legs aren't working optimally, you have a chronic process of inflammation in place, and I'm comfortable betting that you are short on various nutrition that is necessary for muscle function, fighting inflammation, etc.

And if the lower legs aren't working right, then force transfers up to the back....

I agree, I wouldn't get Plantar Fasciitis Surgery for Plantar Fasciitis.

Cutting the structural supports of the foot structure seems like a really bad idea, especially when the structural supports aren't the problem nor the cause of the problem.

The benefits of foot massage would be temporary, again, because the foot/feet aren't the (cause of the) problem.

'...just dealing with it' isn't any kind of solution, and in my opinion not an option. That's default for what you do when you don't know how to effectively reverse the issue.

When you said 'knots', where did you mean?

When you said 'most of my whole life' what exactly did you mean?

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