Bank teller with wrist pain on the backside right in the middle...

by Valarie


I have had this wrist pain for at least 10 years now. When the problem first started, I went to the doctor & I was immediately tested for carpal tunnel. The test said that I was negative for CTS.

I also had bloodwork done about a year ago to rule out rheumatiod arthritis.

So I have just been living with this pain, but it's getting to the point now to where it's affecting my day to day activities. I have it in both hands, but moreso in the right one. It's on the backside, right in the middle of my carpal bones.

It hurts to flex my hand down, causes weakness to grasp objects at times & now the pain seems to be going up to my middle & ring finger nuckles.

At times my pinkie finger feels colder than the others. I have no pain in my thumb or up my forearm to my elbow. I am a bank teller, so I do a ton of repetitive movement counting money & on the computer.

I do notice that it gets aggravated at times the days following a grocery shopping trip by pushing the shopping cart. Do you have any thoughts?

Thank you!



Joshua Answers:

Hi Valerie.

What you describe is exactly why I talk about the Tendonitis -dynamic-. It's the factors that are involved that are important, not so much the specific spot of pain.

Because it's the factors that cause the pain.

You don't technically sound like you have Tendonitis/ But you do have all the same factors: muscle tightness, connective tissue constriction, chronic Process of Inflammation, etc.

See: What Is Tendonitis

It very much makes sense that the symptoms are spreading. That's how the Pain Causing Dynamic works.

And it makes sense that bending your
wrist causes pain, as too tight structures on the back side of your forearm get overstretched when you bend.

If it were just one wrist I'd wonder what would happen if you found a good chiropractor to adjust your wrist. But as it's in both...that could still be a factor since the body like to mimic the other side.

But perhaps that's just your particular flavor of pain. Everybody is different. I'm positive that if I poked on your forearms for 30 seconds I'd find tight, bandy muscle/connective tissue, and many sore/painful spots.


1. 10 years, you say? Did it start slow, or start fast?

2. Is it always the same, or does it ebb and flow?

3. Gotten your wrist bones adjusted?

4. What's your vitamin D level?

5. Is there any reason pushing a shopping cart around should aggravate things? Do you grip really hard? Bend your wrists a lot an push? Etc.

6. At the end of a work day, do things hurt more or less?

7. What have you done for self care over the last many years? What worked, what didn't?

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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May 10, 2012
Re: bank teller with ganglion cyst in the wrist
by: Valarie

Thanks for getting back to me. Since my first email to you, I have gone to an orthopedic surgeon. He had me go get an MRI. This confirmed that I have a Dorsal wrist ganglion cyst. Now my options are to get either a cortisone shot or to have surgery to have it removed. (btw I developed bump on the top of my wrist in a matter of three weeks-all this pain for 10 years & 3 weeks get a bump!! Strange).

I have been kind of nervous about both of my options. So I have been going to my chiropractor.

He has been working on both wrists, but now trying to pop the ganglion. The pain in my left wrist has gotten so bad that I finally scheduled to get the cortisone injection. I'm doing that this Monday.

Do you have any experience with these ganglion cysts? I'm really torn between the two options.

Pretty much all of the research that I have done & read, suggests that the surgery is probably the better option...but I don't like the total recovery time up to a year or so. Any thoughts?

Thank you!


Joshua Comments:

A year to recover from removing a ganlion cyst?? Geez. Are they using a chainsaw to do it?

1. A Corticosteroid Injections is not going to get rid of a ganglion cyst. Not even maybe.

Will it decrease pain? Only one way to find out.

Will it decrease pain for more than, at best, a couple months? Almost certainly not.

Can it make things worse? Yes.

You'll have to make the call on the surgery. It just all depends on how big the cyst is, if the cysts itself is actually causing the pain, etc.

I'd Ice Dip like crazy till Sunday and see how things feel. See: How To Reduce Inflammation

BTW, your third option is to make the ecology of your forearm(s) more healthy, and that very well may A. make pain go away and B. Keep the ganglion cyst from getting worse.

Also, google ganglion cyst iodine. I know the right kind of iodine can work wonder on a variety of cysts, not sure about ganglion cysts.

May 11, 2012
Re hitting ganglion cyst with a bible
by: AnonymousValarie

What about curing it with a bible? Or hard book? Does that really work?
I guess that I should clarify...14 days recovery from surgery in a splint. Up to 6-8 months for regular healing...but up to a year for total usage back to 100%. May have to go thru therapy too. All for a I'm told!!
Thanks! Valarie


Joshua Comments:

That's what they used to do in the old days!

Google 'bible cyst' on youtube (I just did) and you'll see a bunch of videos of people smacking other people on the wrist/ganglion cyst. Kind of funny.

One says "I asked a doctor for advice and he told me there is no problem with smashing ganglion long as you don't break your wrist in the process."

So, you know, don't break your wrist.

Would I hit it with a bible before having a surgeon cut into my flesh? I would.

It depends on the cyst, of course. And if it's a lipoma (benign fatty tumor) instead of a cyst, then it's not going to 'pop'.

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