Chronic Tendonitis

Chronic Tendonitis is the term for a tendonitis problem that just sort of lasts over time. Maybe it gets a little better and a little worse, but chronic means it's a nagging, lasting issue.

The bad news is that humans are VERY good at living with certain amounts of ongoing pain. It's only when that chronic tendinitis pain spikes towards disabling that people do something about it.

The good news is, is that tendonitis, chronic or otherwise, is pretty simple to get rid of, once you learn how to do it.

Do you know why your chronic tendon pain is chronic? If you want to be pain free, you must understand why you're hurting in the first place.

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Chronic Tendonitis
Why, Why, Why?

"Why won't my tendonitis go away? It's been hurting for years!"

Yep. And it's predictable that it will continue to hurt.

That's just how Tendonitis works. And there's reasons for it (reasons your doctors just don't understand, for some reason).


Why Do I Have Chronic Tendonitis?

It's simple. Because:

** Muscles get tight and stay that tight.

** Connective tissue shrink wraps down and constricts.

** Inflammation continues to pump out chemicals that enhance your sensitivity to pain.


It really is as simple as that. That's why chronic tendon pain stays in place over time.

It doesn't mean that you're injured, it doesn't mean that you're broken, it just means that things are too tight, and that you're stuck too tight.

And when things are too tight for too long, that not only causes pain but it causes the pain to remain.

If you want to know why Tendonitis develops, and why it stays in place, understand the Pain Causing Dynamic.

If you don't already know what the Tendonitis dynamic is, see: What Is Tendonitis

Along the lines of the two items above, a primary factor of chronic tendonitis is the ongoing Process of Inflammation that is in place and that keeps -itself- in place once it's going.

Chronic Tendonitis and Acute Tendonitis
What's the Difference?

What is the difference between acute tendonitis and chronic tendonitis?

In short, 'acute' tendonitis is the label for the scenario where you were fine, then something happens (or not), and all of a sudden you have bad tendonitis pain.

Acute Tendonitis

In short, 'acute' tendonitis is the label for the scenario where you were fine, then something happens (or not), and all of a sudden you have bad tendonitis pain.

The dynamic was there previously, but all of a sudden you hurt, potentially hurt a lot, and then the pain subsides.

We're used to this, and as humans we assume that if we hurt right now, sooner or later the pain will subside and go away, leaving us good as new.

But the older you get, the quicker you learn that the body really doesn't work that way....

Acute tendonitis is short lived (but if things get bad enough, it can last years). Mostly we call it 'acute' if it's new, and we call pain 'severe' or 'injury' if it's bad and long lasting.

It's important to know that if you have acute tendon pain right now, it is very likely going to turn into chronic tendon pain. Even if the pain goes away totally, the MECHANISM of Tendonitis is alive and well.

Chronic Tendonitis

Chronic Tendonitis is the name for the ongoing tightness and pain ranging from mild to severe. If it lasts more than a couple weeks, we call it chronic tendinitis. If it lasts for years, we call it chronic tendinitis.

Chronic is as good a description as any.

Remember what Tendonitis is? It's tight muscles that stay tight, and slowly get tighter. It's connective tissue shrink wrapping those tight muscles. It's the inflammation process.

What doctors fail to ask is WHY you have chronic tendon pain. And they somehow fail to realize that even though it's the tendon that hurts, the tendon is not the problem. Tendon pain is just a symptom.

It really doesn't matter a whole lot whether your tendonitis has been chronic for a few weeks, a few years, or a few decades. Same goes for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, De Quervains, Tenosynovitis, and Tendonosis.

All you have to do is understand WHY you have tendon pain, and then give yourself the RIGHT tendonitis treatment.

Chronic Tendonitis Treatment

How do you effectively treat chronic tendonitis?

The same way you treat acute tendonitis.

Here's how you DON'T treat chronic tendonitis if you want it to go away:

(When I say 'doesn't fix anything', I mean it doesn't reverse the progressive mechanism of increasing tightness and dysfunction)

Anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen just dull the pain some (not a bad thing) but they don't fix any of the factors that cause tendonitis.

Corticosteroid Injections may temporarily knock the pain down (which allows you to go use your body and cause more pain and/or damage without feeling it), but again, it doesn't fix anything. And it can make pain etc worse.

New Ergonomics Definition is needed. Ergonomics can have your body work better and more efficiently, but if you already have a chronic problem, perfect ergonomics aren't likely to fix you. May make things better though, but I wouldn't put any money on it, personally.

a href="">Rest reduces new irritation to the already irritated dynamic. But it doesn't fix anything. You could take a year off, and come back to the activity that caused the problem and before too long you'd be right back where you started.

Wrist splints and braces (I'll use wrist splints as the example) don't fix anything. They're fine in the short term to get you through a day of work or whatever, but some people wear splints and/or braces for years. They're not really a treatment. They're barely a bandaid. But doctors love prescribing them anyway.

So How Do You Fix Chronic Tendonitis?

It's pretty easy, really, when you know how.

It'll take some time and a little bit of effort, but mostly it takes a willingness to pay attention, some exploration, and some discipline to do what's required on a regular basis to cause beneficial change.

A little bit of motivation to get pain free never hurt anyone, either.

Over to the right you'll see my various ebooks and DVD's (that come with Quick Start Companion ebooks). Those are the complete 'how to self care tendonitis' programs.

And you'll find various very helpful info on the website if you look around (and follow the links you find on this page).

In short, to effectively self treat tendonitis you need to do three things:

1. You need to lengthen constrictive/shortened connective tissue structures and loosen tight muscles.

2. You need to reduce and dial down the inflammation process.

3. You need to make sure your nutritional bases are covered. If you have various nutritional insufficiencies/deficiences, then you literally can't accomplish #1 and #2 above.

Along those line's, here's two links to follow. Don't say I never gave you anything!

See: How To Reduce Inflammation

See: Magnesium for Tendonitis

It's up to you whether your chronic tendonitis stays chronic or not.

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